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  1. Nice, ima watch some benchmarks of it and plan to buy it i guess Thanks alot.
  2. True, *Powerful, newer architecture, more vram, faster clock speeds* seem good reasons to get the 1650 Super, would it fit in my pc though?
  3. Budget (including currency): Can afford Both. Country: Pakistan Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: For GTA V, PUBG Lite, Android OS Emulation on PC (e.g Bluestacks), Rocket League, and some other triple a titles maybe. AND Video Editing and Visual Creation in After Effects. Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): --> Alright so, I have a Dell optiplex 7010 Mini Tower PC, with a core i5-3470 and 6gb ram, no GPU. I have been wanting to buy a GPU to put into that, but a few months ago the 275watt power supply that it had broke, and now that i got it replaced with a 520watt power supply i got two 6 pin power connectors which is awesome! Previously i didn't have any power connectors so my choice was limited, i opted to go with 1050ti. But now, Linus posted a video with Dell Optiplex 9010 Mid Tower with the same case of Dell Optiplex 7010 (The Dimensions are in the Images below). He recommended a 1650 super and 1660ti. I can't go with the 1660ti, as it goes out of my budget. But i can go with the 1650 super. But now i am stuck in one thing, and that is, Would 1650 fit in my PC or not? and Secondly, is it worth it? I mean, choosing 1650 super over 1050ti. And if so, what of what company should i get it from (e.g gigabyte, msi or what). And i got no amazon in my country, nor i got ebay, gota go to the local market to buy it. So please help me out. Here's my PC: And here's Linus's Dell Optiplex 9010 Specs: Thanks for reading, it would be cool if you can help me out. (I do alot of motion graphics and editing, music visualizer creation, so yea).
  4. Bro show me the solution of phoenix os resoulution please 

    1. Den-Fi


      This person has night signed in in almost a year.... 👀

    2. Abdouziane


      Oh okey but any soulutions i stuck at this problem long time 


    3. ThatOneLEo


      Oh well, sorry man, i didn't come on the forum for ages. 

      The solution is using EasyBCD to boot it, You can see the woltrx ROC topic on how to install Phoenix OS Using EasyBCD, and that works.

  5. Actually i've been using phoenix os for a long time, and i switched to ROC a few days back. I Followed all your steps and installed Phoenix OS Roc using the Ext4 method and it worked. I booted into it, worked fine. But after a few days, when i tried to boot into it, it says "Emergency Remount R/0", system restarts and Phoenix OS ROC doesn't boot. This occured to me a few times in previous versions of phoenix os when i installed it using an iso. But in newer versions, it works fine. The only possible way for me that i know was to reinstall windows and then install ROC again, and it works but then this error again shows up after a few days. Can you please tell me the cause and the solution of this problem.
  6. So.. how do i find out that it won't cause any problem?
  7. funny thing, he asked the question and answered it himself. I just confirmed it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. it never had any issues before and upto now, its working fine. I don't think that the PSU would cause a problem or the Motherboard.
  9. I think the Motherboard is dead, cause i had the same issue. The PC is unable to send signal to the Monitor, and hence, the Motherboard is dead. Do check that if any of the other components are faulty.
  10. So it means, i do not need to change my PSU to 300watts? and the Graphic card would work on 275watt?
  11. So, Hi There! Thanks for clicking here, now here's my doubt, which i really need your help to clear. I have a dell optiplex 7010, the medium sized tower version i think. Its serial number is 724WF2S. It doesn't have a gpu in it cause its a prebuilt system, but it does have a slot for a gpu and there is a three pin connector somehow. I was wondering if i could put a GT 1030 OC 2gb GDDR5 64bit memory (https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N1030OC-2GI#kf) would work in it. It doesn't need a connector though. The link to the graphic card is down below. Now, this PC has a PSU, but idk of how much voltage/capacity or whatever it is. You get the idea. On the PSU it says this *Total Watt = 275watt*, now i think that the PSU is of 275watt. The main doubt comes here, will the graphics card work in the PC with this PSU? The recommended PSU is 300watt for this GPU, but i am not really in the mood to change the PSU if this PSU works anyways. I calculated the total usage of the components of my PC including the 60watt+ of the GPU from the Gigabyte website(idk if that was the website was gigabyte or not but it is used to calculate the total power usage), and the total power usage turned out to be around 250-260 watt. Does it mean that the GPU would work without issue? The Specs of my PC are as following. Again, the serial number of my PC is 724WF2S. Intel Core i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHZ 6.00GB DDR3 1333hz Ram x64bit Windows 10 Pro (OS) No GPU in it right now. Its a prebuilt system by Dell Though, it is Dell Optiplex 7010. It does have a PCI Slot, idk if it is PCI-E or PCI-E. I have checked the dimensions of the case, the Graphic card can fit in it. AND, it doesn't have RGB ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks for Reading this!
  12. So, wait, my samsung s5 is actually samsung s5 late version, i.e Galaxy s5 G901 , why does mine have 4.4.4 kitkat then, and why am i not able to update it? and also, why doesnt it connect to my laptop
  13. Hmm, so i have a laptop, specifically, HP Probook 6460b, on which i have installed phoenix os (latest version) by using the phoenix os installer, One day, my laptop screen broke, but the whole system does work fine except the screen. Phoenix OS is very important to me, so i had an old Monitor, A Square Monitor you can say, 5:4 aspect ratio (1280x1024), and on the other hand my laptop is of 16:9 ratio screen (1366x768) resolution. So, what i did was connect my laptop to the monitor using a VGA cable so that i can use the monitor and external mouse pad and external keyboard with it and keep my work on phoenix os going. But here comes the problem, when i boot into phoenix os on my laptop, with the monitor attached through vga, i close my laptop screen down, so that the output is only through the VGA cable onto the monitor, but on the monitor, the Screen is cut, Phoenix os doesnt recognize the ratio of the monitor as 5:4 and still keeps its 16:9 aspect ratio.. and the screen appears to be cut on the monitor.. Basically, phoenix os just mirrors the laptop display onto the monitor, but my monitor being 5:4 ratio instead of 16:9 ratio, the display doesnt appear fully. Hence i cant see the whole screen. I tried changing resolutions but doesnt work. I think that phoenix OS isnt forcing the display onto the monitor only, but is mirroring it. I just want the display on the monitor only, and the display on the whole screen with no screen cuts, etc.. probably by forcing the display on the monitor only, but how do i do that? or is there any other solution? Please Help. Thanks in advance.
  14. So, When i connect my Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G901F) to my laptop, through a USB cable, it charges, but it doesn't shows me any options for file transfer or MTP or Camera Images transfer, infact the PC does not even recognize the phone when its connected. I have tried switching usb cables, but it doesnt work.. It started happening since i was trying to root my phone by flashing the rom, but it resulted in failure, it was stuck on the logo screen while booting, So, i used a program called "Phone Paw" and i fixed the phone being stuck at the logo while booting. The Phone then worked as normal, except that when i connected it to my laptop or pc via a usb cable, the pc wont recognize the phone, although the phone does charge... but there are no options of MTP or FTP transfer etc, on the phone.... It only charges.. Also, i tried to do a software update to fix it, but when i click on software update, it says that "operating system has been modified in an unauthorized way, please install updates using samsung kies". I thought, ok well, thats confusing.. so i went to my laptop and downloaded samsung kies, and connected my phone to my laptop to see if it was worth anything, but again, the laptop didnt recognize the phone, but wait, whats confusing is that, on samsung kies, it was saying "Connecting to Phone"... it was stuck on that note for a while, and afterwards said that the phone isn't supported, "try samsung smart switch". So i downloaded samsung smart switch, but same problem, laptop didnt recognize the phone, and on samsung smart switch, device not supported.... Please, please tell the fix, i want to upgrade my phone from android version 4.4.4 to lollipop, and also want to transfer stuff, but because of this problem, i am stuck... Thanks in advance. :)
  15. No case of Spoon Theft now?! xD