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    What in the world is this?!?!
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  1. ...wow... just wow... like... wow also... china is first out there with new stuff, really shows society today
  2. SlimyPython

    WAN-like podcasts

    Best news ill ever see, hands down
  3. R.I.P Windows 10 mobile Your integration with your older sibling wasn't good enough 6/10/15 - 10/12/19
  4. SlimyPython

    EKWB Launches Classic Liquid Cooling Line

    oh cool
  5. SlimyPython

    Xiaomi's new in-display fingerprint sensors

    umm... so... this sounds like the epitome of clickbait right here bois...
  6. Parenting - The act of the word "whatever" and then regretting it
  7. SlimyPython

    773 Million Record "Collection #1" Data Breach

    HOLY $H!T - A huge breach has happened, Have you been affected?
  8. SlimyPython

    Nvidia to launch GTX 1660 Ti; 1060 Replacement?

    they thought it was still 2018
  9. SlimyPython

    New iPod Touch might be in the works for 2019

    so its just an i?
  10. I actually dont mind it, I personally use a thiccc phone and it has never bothered me... but then, who else uses both hands for their phone
  11. SlimyPython

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

    It may have to be an entirely new OS for arm im guessing
  12. SlimyPython

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

    Ok... but when, also if im right... x86 will be always more powerful then ARM, low powered servers are so power bill doesnt easily exceed revenue
  13. SlimyPython

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

  14. SlimyPython

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

    Though not desktops or gaming laptops... right?... right?... Im kinda worried here, Right?
  15. SlimyPython

    Intel buying out AMD rumors

    Though, I dont think ARM will be in any gaming rigs... ARM may be the dominator for the Laptop market though