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  1. Thx for the confirmation right to the point. I've asked this question multiple times cause I kept getting conflicting responses, but I think ill just go for it now before the chips go out of stock. Thx for the responses
  2. I have already discussed this question is a separate thread but it wasnt completely focused on that discussion so i wanna take the time to delve into it. In the previous thread i was talking about this a lot of people were saying that the 3300X is far superior to the 3500 and its almost on par with the 2600. So I started researching about these CPU's and all I found was that the 3500 was quite a bit better than the 2600 mainly because of the architecture. And when compared to the 3300X it was neck and neck only losing in the more single threaded games and workloads. It also seemed that the 3500 had better streaming quality than both these CPU's. But the thing is, I cant find any reputable youtube channels taking about the 3500 maybe because its completely overshadowed by the 3600 for its price. Honestly I only asked this question was because I found a 3500 in my area on sale for $131 and it was the cheapest out of the 3300X and the 2600, it was even cheaper than some of the 3100 i saw for sale. So I wanna know if the people saying these two CPU's were better than the 3500 were actually right or they were estimating the performance it would deliver thinking that because it didnt have SMT it was the worse pick of all of these chips
  3. I was referring to the 3500 not the 3600
  4. I was checking out prices for CPU's in my area, and i realized that the 3300X is more expensive than the 3500 over here. The 3300X is $150 and the 3500 is $131. Is the 3300X worth the extra bit of money over the 3500, or is the 3500 way better than the 3300X. Also which one has better streaming performance
  5. That kinda stuff isnt always made exactly the same, i dont know the technicalities so i cant tell you why, but the best way to know is just trial and error and if you are trying to get the absolute best frequencies, its gonna take a while.
  6. Oh I hadnt checked the price lately on that one yet, i just associated it with the old price here which was extremely overpriced at $240 cause of how many people were buying it and the demand here was waay too high I think I might go for that board
  7. A lot of them are priced under $100 which i think is a very good deal
  8. Im pretty sure the TUF B450M-Pro Gaming supports PCIE 4. The only reason i dont want to buy a B550 board is mainly because of how much it costs. i just think that the price isnt really justified for a B series board. Also the fact that i most likely wont be buying zen 3 any time soon (unless they release an amazing performing Ryzen 3) is another reason I dont really want it. If you know any incredible value B550 boards I'll try do some research on it and see how it fits the specs i need
  9. I was planning on building a budget PC for a friend and I was thinking because his budget is really tight, that maybe if I buy a B350 or X370 board for a zen 2 processor, that it would be better than spending more on a B450. I found a Biostar X370 for quite a bit cheaper than a B450, and most other X370 where i am are the same price as the B450. So going off of support and specs which motherboard should i go for and is there an X370 board that supports PCIE 4
  10. Actually the 3300x where i am costs $160. I think it might be due to how new it is but it also might be because there is a very limited supply here
  11. $105. Im not sure how much the 3600 costs wherever you are or even in the US, but where i am the 3600 costs $253 and theres a deal for a 3500 for only $105
  12. thanks for the response, i think i might go for the 3500 since i found a deal for less than half the price of the 3600
  13. nono i do have case fans and my hardware isnt running that hot even when slightly OC'ed, thx for the confirmation
  14. I have been told that ryzen 3000 doesnt work on a B350 MoBo, but i was looking at the compatibility of my MoBo which is the MSI B350M PRO-VDH, and on the list it practically listed all the ryzen CPU's plus some Athlon ones as well. I looked at it and i thought maybe they made a mistake but when i searched "Do B350 motherboards support 3rd gen ryzen" I saw a few articles saying that it does. So instead of continuing google searches i wanna ask this forum cause generally the info here is very accurate. So the question is, if i install a Ryzen 5 3600 in my B350M PRO-VDH, would it work?
  15. Yea i agree, i think you should just try to squeeze out the last bits of performance from your existing rig and once 4th gen comes out you'll be able to compare all the different options and you'll be able to make better judgement later on. Also it seems like you dont really mind the pricing of the RAM so I cant really recommend something for you to do (since if it were me i would definitely save that money to make sure it doesnt go to waste), so thats my recommendation but of course at the end of the day its down to u. Oh and i have no idea how to underclock CL sooo yea.