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  1. overclock the GPU a little, or buy a vega 64/2070 GPU
  2. will my GPU lifespan degrade if I'm pushing my GPU power to the limits? My power limit is on max, and the core clock is also pretty high. I have a good GPU cooler and a good PSU, so temps and power isn't a big deal
  3. Sadly for me, i wanted a "clean" PSU, so i scraped all the stickers off
  4. I guess that the sound is coming from something inside the PSU itself.
  5. Okay everybody I just opened my pc, flipped the PSU, stopped the fan with a tooth stick, and the sound didn't disappear!
  6. The sounds only come, when the computer is under heavy load.
  7. yeah, i also was concerned that it was the hard drive, so i ran an S.M.A.R.T test, and the results showed that it was in good condition.
  8. I tried to stop the fan, but the noise was still there.
  9. my desktop is making a strange noise, please help. VID_20181207_231748_Trim.mp4
  10. when i mark things in the desktop, I don't have that blue box that i can move around. I have some sort of a glitchy line instead, can somebody tell me how to fix it thanks.
  11. Hi I'm planning to build a gaming PC, and this is my first time so I just wanted to make sure everything was ok. So can Somebody check my parts and say if they are a good choice. I'm gonna add more RAM and a larger SSD later./Abdulla https://pcpartpicker.com/list/VkYkTB