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  1. If i have my sim card in, when I turn on my phone, it says Samsung with a unlocked lock and then word custom beneath it, then the wavy samsung screen, then the at&t screen(which takes longer then wit no sim. If the sim card isn't inserted, then it boots normal, says Samsung galaxy S4, then the wavy screen, then the at&t screen. And I can'tell make calls or texts because of sim not provisioned mm #2 error. Please help. All replies appreciated.
  2. The Cheeto Bomb

    RX 580 bottleneck?

    I plan on upgrading to a 2600x later some time, then putting the 2200g in simple pc for my brother, and maybe a 1050 ti.
  3. The Cheeto Bomb

    RX 580 bottleneck?

    I was planning to get a 580 to go with my 2200g
  4. The Cheeto Bomb

    I need new phone...

    previous phone broke, and I want a new one. Under $200 usd, would be nice if it had a camera that's fairly decent in low light, android, yeah can't really ask for a whole lot for under 200. all suggestions appreciated.
  5. Changing your dns settings isn't "hacking"
  6. Note: I'm not good at this Tech News section. I'm just trying to spread knowledge and info.
  7. Take-Two Interactive obtained a search warrant to search the homes and computers of the people allegedly behind the 'Infamous' mod menu Image: Rockstar Games Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Grand Theft Auto's publisher Rockstar Games, continues to go after cheat developers. In Australia, that recently included obtaining a court order to search the homes and computers of the alleged developers of the “Infamous” mod menu cheat. The developers' assets were also frozen by the Australian government. The searches, first reported by Torrent Freak, targeted five individuals alleged to have been behind the Infamous cheat for GTA Online: Christopher Anderson, Cyrus Lesser, Sfinktah, Koroush Anderson, and Koroush Jeddian. The search order identified two Melbourne locations to be raided, allowing lawyers to enter the target residences and vehicles to search, copy, and remove all relevant evidence, computers, or storage devices related to the Infamous cheat. Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games are both identified as "applicants" for the search order. Two lawyers from the Bird & Bird law firm representing Rockstar and Take-Two were part of the "search party" that was allowed to look through their computers, along with independent lawyers and an independent "computer expert." The Infamous cheat allowed players to effectively do pretty much anything they could imagine in game, from quickly accessing the best vehicles, weapons, and perks, to making blood, guts, and fireworks magically erupt from in-game character models. The court orders in question also prohibit the mod makers from creating or using game cheats under risk of imprisonment, and placed a freeze on the developers’ assets, Paypal, and cryptocurrency accounts, prohibiting them from withdrawing anything more than modest living expenses. “You must not remove from Australia or in any way dispose of, deal with or diminish the value of any of your assets in Australia (Australian assets) up to the unencumbered value of AU$286,609.80 (the Relevant Amount),” the order states. While the cheats can be entertaining for users, they can obviously undermine enjoyment for users playing fairly in online modes. Such cheats can often be quite profitable for developers, who can charge everything from a one-time fee to a subscription rate. Unless they use a PC, users also need to buy a modded last-gen console, running anywhere from $200 to $500 (US). Take-Two Interactive has been historically hard nosed about shutting down cheats, going so far as to even shutter programs that modify Grand Theft Auto’s single player mode. The entertainment industry at large has also increasingly tried to claim that single-player cheats and mods violate copyright, a claim copyright experts routinely contest. In contrast to Take-Two’s more scorched earth approach to the problem, Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games has sometimes taken a gentler approach. It has occasionally intervened to stop Take-Two from shuttering free single-player mods and cheats that can actually improve the in-game experience without ruining GTA Online for non-cheating players. Sourced from https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/yw949v/lawyers-for-gta-online-get-court-order-to-search-homes-of-alleged-cheat-makers
  8. The Cheeto Bomb

    Amazon's Alexa Microwave Is as Dumb as It Is Brilliant

    No, they didn't get the broom closet.
  9. AMAZON Amazon's Alexa Microwave Is as Dumb as It Is Brilliant Bryan Menegus Yesterday 5:32pm Filed to: FOOD ROBOT LOSS LEADER 22.1K 581 Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo) A voice-activated microwave is a terrible idea and a pointless frivolity, a device which solves a problem almost no one had. Why trust your lying eyes? Amazon’s Basics microwave (with Alexa!) is no such bauble, and as silly a creation as it may appear, it’s the company’s cutthroat business as usual. What I can almost guarantee—and what Amazon is most likely banking on—is that very few people will be buying Amazon’s food reheating box because of its voice assistant integration: They’ll be picking it for the price. At $59.99, it’s cheaper than almost any other microwave on Amazon’s marketplace. And what do you know, searching “microwave” on the site turns up the Basics model as a sponsored result in the very first slot. (An EU probe is currently attempting to determine if Amazon uses seller data to give an unfair advantage to sales of its own products.) Is the company selling this device below cost to push out the competition, as it so successfully did in the books market? The manufacturing cost isn’t apparent, nor something Amazon was willing to comment on, but clearly it’s offered at a very competitive price—one that not only squeezes sellers already on the platform, but seems positioned to capture dollars that could have been destined for Walmart’s coffers instead. Walmart’s customers, research shows, earn less than Amazon’s, though both companies are vying to expand their core demographics. The microwave works just fine without voice controls. It never needs to be a metal box you shout “ALEXA, REHEAT YESTERDAY’S PASTA” at through a connected smart speaker. But once the Basics microwave is already bought (“It was pretty cheap, and the reviews were good!”), there’s considerably less friction to invest in an Alexa-powered speaker. Other smart home systems—the Philips Hue, Nest, or even the Ring smart doorbell (bought by Amazon for $1 billion)—cost anywhere from $80 to several hundred bucks. But weighed against the $50 Echo Dot, this unbelievably cheap microwave still costs more. The consumer arithmetic starts to look like a no-brainer—if a constant level of home surveillance doesn’t make you a bit queasy. I don’t mean to suggest that the AmazonBasics microwave is a good thing for, uh, the microwave industry (??) or the state of Amazon’s stranglehold on ecommerce. Just that what on its face is a farcical creation is a remarkably considered, diabolical play on the part of a company known for being considered and diabolical. Speaking of: If you sign up for Amazon’s Store Card—a credit card with a 27.74% APR, in case you’re keeping score at home—the microwave is essentially free, locking you further into the company’s data and finance ecosystems. Did I mention the popcorn function is linked to a Dash button that reorders popcorn? Can we begin to see “frictionless” as synonymous with “helping part people faster from their hard-earned money”? Homeware essentials may not be a glamorous category to own, nor the most obvious to integrate with a voice assistant, but as long as Amazon wins on price it’s all part of the long game. With wages stagnant, most consumers won’t think twice about helping them win it, too, when it means a small savings in the short term. As to what the plan is for that goddamn clock, that’s anyone’s best guess. Source: https://gizmodo.com/amazons-alexa-microwave-is-as-dumb-as-it-is-brilliant-1829207809
  10. The Cheeto Bomb

    Why is there no screen tearing on consoles?

    Can you unlock the framerate?
  11. The Cheeto Bomb

    Computer at 48 - 51c at idle. Is that bad?

    Doesn't ryzen have a purposely put temp offset? Or is that threadripper?
  12. The Cheeto Bomb

    Is my case ugly? :(

    My case: Theremaltake View 28 Not my hardware inside, but I can't get picture rn.
  13. The Cheeto Bomb

    What are these? Came with case fans.

    Thank you.
  14. The Cheeto Bomb

    What are these? Came with case fans.

    I installed my new case fans today, and in the accessories bag were these rubber things. What are they? There's more than pictured.