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    Ryzen 3 2200g
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    MSI B350M Mortar AM4
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  1. I simply don't like the epic games store, and I really hate the launcher. (well yeah it's really the launcher though).
  2. I downloaded GTA SA again, from the windows store, (deleted the first time cause it did this) and tried to play it and it looks like this. Any ideas?
  3. I figured it out. First time downloaded from msi website. Got mixed with some amd stuff, when I reinstalled that stopped working. Downloadedfrom msi site, now it's working again.
  4. It worked with the Windows default driver then I reinstalled the realtek ones and it don't work.
  5. Ok speed in task manager says 3133 now, which is what I was aiming for. Now my audio doesn't work! Fuck this
  6. Also should this be at peg or igd? Force, auto, or disabled? I'm assuming buffer size set low.
  7. I had considered an ol r9 390 or fury in the past but I don't think I really want to put anymore money into this for a while.
  8. 2666mhz, but I went into the bios to change xmp to 3133 but I don't think that xmp even changed the speed.
  9. Well fuck my life I knew this pc was a big waste of money and time anyway. thought it would be better than my Xbox one which I sold to help pay for the pc parts. Fuck.
  10. Since ram prices dropped more than half (for my kit) of what I paid for mine, I decided to buy some more. I have a 2200g and originallyset the amount to 1gb cause I only had 8. Now I try to change that amount to the maximum of 2gb, save and exit bios, but I still only have 1gb of reserved ram for graphics.
  11. If i have my sim card in, when I turn on my phone, it says Samsung with a unlocked lock and then word custom beneath it, then the wavy samsung screen, then the at&t screen(which takes longer then wit no sim. If the sim card isn't inserted, then it boots normal, says Samsung galaxy S4, then the wavy screen, then the at&t screen. And I can'tell make calls or texts because of sim not provisioned mm #2 error. Please help. All replies appreciated.
  12. I plan on upgrading to a 2600x later some time, then putting the 2200g in simple pc for my brother, and maybe a 1050 ti.