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  1. Hello fellows, so i lowered my ram timings to 12-14-14-32 and ran memtest64 for 20minutes and it was stable also my ram is ocd to 3333mhz. Could i go lower with the timings if it stays stable and what happens if the timings dont go correctly. Also do i need to touch on voltage? Need tips asap :D Ram: 2x8gb 3000mhz hyperx predator cl 15, 1.35v Mobo: z270 aorus gaming 7 Cpu: 7700k @ 4.8ghz 1.32v
  2. What would u suggest to stress with?
  3. @Stormseeker9 So 0% means its bad and 100% means its good ?
  4. so i clocked my 1070 strix (air cooled) and i tried the msi overclocking scanner and this is what popped up: 17:42:39 Connected to MSI Afterburner control interface v2.3 17:42:41 GPU1 : VEN_10DE&DEV_1B81&SUBSYS_85981043&REV_A1&BUS_1&DEV_0&FN_0 17:42:41 Core clock +220MHz 17:42:41 Start testing, please wait a few minutes 17:47:46 Test completed, confidence level is 0% So i peek'd at 2126Mhz and didnt crash at any point but when i do kombustor, it starts to flicker and do weird stuff. what does confidence level even mean in this context Should i keep it at that, can i push higher or lower the clocks? afterburner settings: Core Voltage: +100 Power Limit: 112 Temp.Limit 92 Core Clock +220 memory clock: 400 Fan Speed: Auto
  5. Hey so i was just wondering if i can use EK-CryoFuel Solid Electric Purple on my loop that has copper plate on the cpu block and aluminium radiator finns? i didnt find anything saying no or yes but it has the corrosion tests that say its corrosion protected against aluminium and copper and such.
  6. Hello so my pc started showing debug code 25 which isnt listed on gigabytes debug list so i was hoping to find some help here since google isnt helping too much. Also C0 debug is sometimes displayed but this is labeled as reserved. Iv tried: removing and reseating ram and gpu, stressed both without problem. Cleaned the pcie connectors and reseated gpu bracket. Pc runs fine but should i be worried? Pc sometimes crashes saying that FACEIT.sys caused it but this is faceit bug i think. Windows is activated. Mobo: aorus z270x gaming 7 Cpu: 7700k Ram: 2x8gb 3000mhz hyperx predator Gpu: 1070 strix Mods worth of notice: cablemod vertical kit, cablemod extension cables. Oc: cpu 5ghz 1.35v, ram xmp profile 1 running at 3000mhz and 1.35v
  7. Hello, so this might seem like a stupid question but i resently got a "new" motherboard Aorus z270x gaming 7. So i was wondering that does my motherboard affect the sound quality of my headset (Steelseries arctis 7), or does the headset have its own audio panel. i was trying to search google but couldnt find a simple answer to this question.
  8. Hello, so i had 2.5" samsung 850evo ssd and i replaced it with 970 evo 500gb. Well i didnt originally remove the 850 and i left it as a spare drive. Then i wanted to sell it and unplugged it from my system but my system wouldnt boot. It just said that check boot prio. Well i checked everything and i am 100%positive that all my files and windows is on the 970 and the 850 is completely clean. Why cant i unplug my old drive?
  9. Zysko

    27" or 32"?

    Rog swift 27" 2560x1440p PG279Q Ips,4ms,165hz,g-sync, Vs Acer predator 32" 2560x1440p Z321QU Va,4ms,curved,165hz,g-sync So which one should i pick for casual gaming, im not professional gamer so im looking for the "most comfortable" experience. Thank you for answers.
  10. Zysko

    1440p with 1060

    Thanks for the answers, i will probably go for the acer predator 27" XB271HU/HUA havent decided should i go for tn or ips, on the otherhand colours would be nicer on ips but tn is tiny bit smoother on csgo
  11. Zysko

    1440p with 1060

    Hello, i have been thinking of getting a new monitor and im stuck between 2 options, 1080p 144hz or 1440p 165hz G-sync. I run gtx 1060 6bg and i play games that arent too heavy, like WoW, osrs, lol and csgo. Would u recommend me to get 1440p screen to be "future proof" or stick with 1080p? Im planning of getting 1170 as soon as it launches. Thanks for answers.
  12. Okey i downloaded fraps and now consistant 400fps thank you all for assist!
  13. From graph and show fps and CAM all show same fps
  14. Yes its around 120to 140 all the time and doesnt change when i type fps_max 0 to console
  15. Yeah not the best cpu fps max is set to 0 and here is the settings