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  1. What the fuck are you talking about? "Higher impedance better" - why? Even a headphone with LOW impedance can sound much better than any headphones with "high" impedance. "bigger connectors always better" - Yeah, sure - they can last much longer. But... do you expect more "sound" coming through more surface of the headphone-jack? That's simply not true. "3,5mm connected headphones are toys, same goes for speakers" - one simple question: what the fuck? Read the text about "bigger connectors".
  2. Then just get a Creative Sound BlasterX G5. Or, if you want something cheaper, the FX-Audio DAC-X6.
  3. Try searching for the FX-Audio DAC X6. It's the same like Fosi Audio. Or just get an AMP, like the Sabaj PHA2 or SMSL SAPII. The SMSL is much more powerful than the PHA2 and also has an 3,5mm-line-in. You just connect the Line-Out from your PC or your PS4 to the Amp and connect your headphones to the amp. Most DACs are good enough these days.
  4. I would try the FX-Audio X6. It costs around 60$ and seems to be pretty good for the money. For the mic, just use a cheap USB-soundcard, the sound much better than most integrated ones: https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-External-Adapter-Windows-AU-MMSA/dp/B00IRVQ0F8/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1550315228&sr=8-4&keywords=usb+soundcard
  5. Modern mainboards already have pretty good onboard-sound, you won't hear a great difference between a dedicated soundcard and the integrated one. BUT: most mainboards lack of a good headphone-amp. Even though it says, that it can power "up to 600 Ohm" doesn't mean, that that really works. Headphones can sound different, if they're not getting enough voltage to fully drive them. Just get an headphone-amp like the Schiit Magni 3 (if you want to get the best for around 100$), or if you want to go cheaper, buy the Sabaj PHA-2. If you're not hearing any difference (besides getting louder volume) just return it.
  6. Most people don't even hear a difference between the onboard-sound and a dedicated soundcard. If you want to: try it. Just buy a Sound BlasterX G5 for example - it's a external sound card with 7.1-Simulation and many gaming-features, a very good DAC and headphone-amp. But you can also simulate the surround via Equalizer APO and Hesuvi - it's basically the same, if you know what to do. Most modern games already have surround built-in (look for a sound-preset named "headphones"), which already uses surround trough your stereo-headphones (only simulated though).
  7. If you already have a USB-soundcard coming with your HyperX, you just need to plug that in to an USB-port. If not, try the one @Max_Settings recommend.
  8. And when he doesn't like the DT-880 because of their sound? Audio is a subjective thing, as I said. Just because YOU like the sound of the 880 more than the 990, any other listener with his individual hearing (everybody hears different, because of his age, sex, and many more things) doesn't mean that everyone likes them more too.
  9. The optical cable is not subject to electrical interference which could happen via the USB, when you have badly shielded USB-ports. It even supports up to 5 channels - because the Katana is just an 5.1-soundbar, just use the optical cable and you'll be fine with that.
  10. Audio is a individual thing. Some like the DT-990, some like the DT-880. You could buy both, hear both and decide after that. But if you don't want to mess around, just buy the DT-990. You'll be fine. If you stumble across the so called "Beyer-Peak", just fiddle around with an EQ like Equalizer APO and adjust them to your likeness.
  11. If you use the FX-Audio, you need a virtual cable like Voiceemeter. You can just simulate surround via Hesuvi and Equalizer APO if you have a soundcard that outputs 7.1.
  12. You didn't even said why they all are junk. Can you explain that? You're writing just, that they are junk - but not why.
  13. And why did you quote me for my advice on soundcards and amps and said, that all of them are junk?
  14. You won't notice any great difference. And I wouldn't buy the GSX1000/1200. The integrated amp is very bad, it doesn't have enough power for any better headphones. I would try the Sound BlasterX G5/G6, if you need something new and need the options like Surround-Simulation and more power. CS:GO already has a very good Surround-Sound, just stick with that. Try to fiddle around with sound-settings in-game, change the settings to headphones. It will sound good enough.
  15. There CAN be a slightly difference when your headphones don't get enough power from the Onboard-Sound. But nothing you will notice very much, especially if you don't have an amp to try. I would just use the Onboard-Sound for now. If they get loud enough -> don't buy anything. If they are too silent (for your normal hearing levels!) -> get an amp.