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  1. Hey, im plaing on mounting my gpu verticaly didn,t really think it trought yet, so if anyone could share their diy solution that would be helpfull THX BTW Have anyone managed to fit 280 mm ran into NZXT 200i ? i got Corsair 110i /in total its 322mm long/ and im notshure if it will fit.
  2. When i watch a video on youtube, pause, next and prev video "buttons" are showing up all the time (talking about the buttons u see for few seconds when u touch the screen). It was not workign for a long time then it worked for a while and now it doesn,t work again. Im also having issues when i pull down on my screen to see notificatons they immediately roll back up...............i was thinking thes issues could be caused by the same "thing". I was thinking it coulb be hw thing cause when i watch yt video the "time line" slider thats u can move blinks like "something" is taping the screen really fast (btw i reinstaled youtube did,t help)....thx for ur time and suggestions and sorry if this is worng forum for this stuff -i have honor 8 running Android 7.
  3. Hey, im looking to buy some "gaming" notebook to play games from time to time. By most completed i ment - Good cooling, if posible not loud /so the cpu/gpu doesn,t throttle - Great display /don,t care about the colors/ 120+Hz 15" or 17" - 4c i7 , GTX 1060 if posible GTX 1070 - Something u consider a good keyboard /never had a notebook/ - if its posible to have a good batery life /not while gaming ofc xD/