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  1. Definitely came out of the blue. I've got the A7rIII that I'm quite happy with. It's only been two years since the A7rIII came out. Sony's really moving at a blistering pace. But I don't think we'll see the IV being adopted as widely or quickly as the III. The III solved most of the gripes about the A7 line, like bigger battery and dual card slots. The resolution lovers will love the IV, but I see it being a more specialised tool.
  2. Just watched the latest episode of Techquickie on 5G and cancer. Best segue ever at the end of the video, Linus!
  3. TBH, I'd go with the Pixel 3a first and see if it meets your needs. If you find it's not enough, then start looking at "proper" camera. While a dedicated stand alone camera will always be better in terms of pure image quality, smartphones have been at the "good enough" level for most people for a while now. What camera is right for you is a mix of objective and subjective. While there's always an objectively better camera or lens out there, it's about finding what works for you and at what point you're satisfied with the photos you get. The point at which you're satisfied is going to vary highly from person to person. So try to the Pixel 3a first. It may be all you need. If not, then reassess what your smartphone is lacking and how and to what degree you want to remedy that. It may be as simple as getting a compact camera like a Sony RX100, diving head first into full frame, or finding somewhere in the middle.
  4. I'm a FF guy, always have been ("always" meaning "since 2003.") I remember some rough patches years ago where I'd get random crashes, but FF has been great for years now. I don't trust Google. Period. I've tried to divest myself of it as much as possible, though migrating out of Gmail has been difficult and it remains the last vestige of Google, at least for personal use. I have to use Chrome for work and, tbh, I don't like it. I find it very buggy with no shortage of random errors, crashes, and freeze ups. I know I'm biased as I'm kind of anti-Google and a long-time FF user, but I just find the FF experience superior, at least to me. I will acknowledge that there's a certain degree of subjectivity in all this.
  5. I've got a Lenovo T450 with a 1600x900 TN display and looking to upgrade my screen to a 1920x1080 IPS display. The Lenovo part number is 04X5916, but to buy from Lenovo is quite expensive. So I'm looking for a reliable and reasonably priced third-party sourced or manufactured solution. I've found a few options on Amazon, but I don't know whether they're good or not. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  6. As much as I recommend Sony, I'd hesitate on the A7II. Autofocus and battery life are both issues. I second a Nikon D750. What kind of night photography are you doing? Are you shooting the night sky?
  7. If you're looking at something pocketable, one of the Sony RX100 cameras would do well. APS-C, I'd go Fuji XT-3. Full frame, Sony A7rIII. It really depends on your particular uses and what you want out of a camera.
  8. I'd personally go with the XT-3. Sadly, I can't say I have experience with it. I switched from a Canon 5DmkIII to a Sony A7rIII and have no regrets. If possible, try renting one for a day and see which one you like better.
  9. My sense of fashion hasn't budged an inch in over 20 years; it basically froze in the late 90s. So khakis and t-shirts or polo shirts most of the time.
  10. I thought as much. He reminds me so much of a good friend of mine who also didn't finish his engineering degree. The resemblance is uncanny. No disrespect, though. I know a lot of people who are extremely smart despite, and perhaps even because, they didn't go to or finish uni.
  11. Is Alex an engineer? Or at least an engineering student or dropout?
  12. I found something similar happened to the youtube channel Scishow after they started doing a video every day. While I haven't grown weary of LTT, I found Scishow's deluge of content overwhelming and I stopped watching. Not to mention they have a newer host I can't stand.
  13. I recommend irfanview (free) for viewing raw photos like cr2. I believe you need the plugin set (also free) for cr2s... but I'm not sure. I use irfanview as a viewer. https://www.irfanview.com/64bit.htm Also, did your camera come with Canon's Digital Photo Professional (free) raw conversion and editing software? It's a bit crude compared to Capture 1 and Lightroom, but I used it for basic raw conversion for years and got great results. If it didn't come with your camera, you can probably download it, though you need a serial number for that (which is on your camera so it shouldn't be a problem) http://pdisp01.c-wss.com/gdl/WWUFORedirectSerialTarget.do?id=NGE4MjA5ZTgx&cmp=ABR&lang=EN
  14. I jumped to Linux Mint 17.3 back when the whole Windows 10 curfuffle started back in 2015. Four years later, I'm running Mint 19.0 and couldn't be happier. I never thought I could be enthusiastic about an OS, but I love Mint.
  15. It also depends on your viewer and the colour profile it uses. This is why I gave up on Lightroom 2 way back in the day because I was getting super weird colours and no one could figure out why. In other words, colours can vary from programme to programme.
  16. I just a ColourMunky Display for my calibration needs.
  17. I think it's a bit deceiving, tbh. Yes, it's technically full frame, but APS-C cameras like the Fujis will likely provide better IQ across the board. It's a quality over quantity issue. So I'd argue that the full frame the RP provides is of little to no benefit when compared to something like a modern Fuji at a similar price point. Despite being more expensive, the A7III offers significantly more to justify the price and still be considered a great value-for-money bargain. To me, the RP is like an 80 inch TV with a max resolution of 720 and 24hz for half the price. People get excited by the "80 inch" and "half the price" and it distracts them from the massive caveats. Hence why I really have difficulty recommending the RP over other similarly priced cameras.
  18. My concern with the M50 is the uncertain future the M mount faces. I wouldn't be surprised to see Canon abandon it. I'd probably go with a Fuji XT20 with a kit lens instead. There are some good deals on BH right now, like this one: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1311279-REG/fujifilm_16542880_x_t20_camera_with_xc16_50mm.html That leaves enough left over for accessories like SD card and a spare battery. The Fuji X-mount has more lenses than the M mount, so there are more options for future lens upgrades and the X-mount has a more certain future, meaning more options for future body upgrades.
  19. I'm pretty meh on the RP, particularly about the sensor as it reuses the 6DmkII sensor, which was already pretty meh when it came out, even compared to the original 6D sensor. I'd push someone towards the Fuji XT3 or XT30 instead of the RP; the Fujis are totally superior despite being APS-C. The lack of dynamic range on the RP would be a problem for landscapes. I used to use GND filters for my landscapes on my 5DmkIII, but my Sony A7rIII has so much dynamic range that I can often get it all in one shot. What's your budget? That's the key. I think the A7III is probably the best value for money camera on the market if we're talking full frame. As far as lenses go, that new Tamron 17-28 2.8 would pair well with it and work well for architectural and landscapes. A 50mm or 85mm prime for portraits and you're golden.
  20. My 5D actually got soaked through while it was in my panniers as I was cycling through a torrential downpour. The thing was practically waterlogged with visible moisture inside the viewfinder and visible on the sensor and internals. I popped the battery out, took the body cap off, and left it as open as I could and left it in my tent (which is a cold weather tent and consequently is an oven in the summer) for two very sunny and hot days and basically just baked the moisture out of it. It worked fine after that and served me well for another four years, which was when I upgraded to the 5DIII. Now, I wouldn't recommend putting it through that kind of torture, but it worked for me.
  21. Sony A7III and XT3 are both good choices. The XT3 does have a smaller battery and lacks in-body image stabilisation. The battery life can be mitigated w/ a grip and a USB battery bank and the lack of IBIS can be mitigated w/ a gimble or a tripod, but that depends on your shooting style. Can't go wrong w/ either, imho.
  22. Depends on the conditions, really. A light drizzle shouldn't be a problem. My original 5D wasn't weather sealed and I put that thing through hell without issue.