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  1. 1) The rule they were deemed to break was vague and basically gave Activision Blizzard the right to kick out anyone they didn't like for doing anything they didn't like. 2) Banning the broadcasters is also bullshit. 3) Activision Blizzard's lying when they say they care about human rights. They only care about money and if that means siding with a brutal, oppressive regime then they'll gladly do it if it means a few more billions. 4) Is there some other planet I can move to? Maybe join Elon on his ride to Mars? Unlike Elon, I'm not so insistent about not dying on impact.
  2. I figured it was. I let the IT guys know. I also checked haveibeenpwned.com and it says my work email hasn't been pwned. Weird. There was no way I was going to send them money anyway!
  3. So I got a rather strange email today on my work's outlook inbox. It was from my work email address claiming that they have total control of my Outlook account due to malware installed when I visited an unspecified adult website. It says to send them around $800 in bitcoin or else they will release video of me "satisfying myself." Personally, I think it's BS since the content of the email doesn't mention me by name or anything about my organisation and I have electrical tape over the webcam of my laptop, so I don't know how they could possibly have obtained any video of me. But, I thought it worth asking. What say you? Did I get hacked? Do I have something to worry about? Or is this just a bunch of hogwash trying to scare me into sending them money?
  4. *shrugs* I like the extra horizontal screen real estate over more vertical.
  5. I've found that the extra horizontal screen real estate is more important and useful than extra vertical screen real estate.
  6. Sorry, I was distracted by those sandals and socks. Just... yummy.... I actually misspell "Linux" as "Linus" all the time. Derp.
  7. I haven't worked with DaVinci Resolve. I, for one, find GIMP an incredibly frustrating piece of software to use. So much so that I think it makes more sense to stick with Windows for photo editing. I keep a Windows partition on one of my machines specifically for that purpose.
  8. I run Linux Mint (MATE), started at 17.3 now running 19. Here's why I use it 1) Great for breathing new life into old machines. It means I can buy cheap refurb laptops, install Linux, and away we go. It's saved me a lot of money because I need to upgrade less often. One of my laptops ran for 10 years, four of those on Linux after it just couldn't run Windows 7 any more without freezing up and crashing all the time (Lenovo T500 2009-2019, RIP). I also imagine it's better for the environment that way as you get a longer usable life out of your computer. 2) Free. 3) Gets you away from Windows' data mining. So I find it's nice for the privacy oriented. 4) Unless you're into gaming or specific use applications (video editing, photo editing, etc), I find it's really all you need. If you're something looking to browse the web, watch netflix and youtube, and do some word processing and officey kind of stuff, then you need look no further. So I think a significant number of users could switch to Linux and not be left wanting. 5) Non-intrusive updates. I can download and install system updates without needing to pause what I'm doing or restart the machine. 6) There's a distro for everyone and you can try them out risk free. I settled on Mint because I was coming from Windows and it felt very familiar and it's ready out-of-the-box. 7) Doesn't seem to slow down over time the way Windows seemed to. 8) It actually detects external harddrives and USB sticks when inserted on the first try. Windows seems very flakey by comparison. 9) Tonnes of useful free packages. I've downloaded some very useful PDF tools for merging and cutting up PDFs and it's been a huge help compared to Windows where you either have to buy software or put your faith in some really dodgy free software. I do want to clarify, though, that I don't think Linux is for everyone. If you need to edit video, depend on third party peripherals, or have some other use case that relies on software or hardware that needs tinkering to get working on Linux, then it's probably not for you as Windows or MacOS would likely be just more convenient than tinkering or setting up a VM. But, I think a significant number of people use their computers for basic stuff like web browsing, media consumption (netflix, youtube, etc), and basic office productivity and those users could use a distro like Mint and never look back. I never thought an OS could get me excited. Linus Mint changed that.
  9. Have you looked at Cactus? Probably a little bit more expensive, but not unreasonably so.
  10. That picture of Linus in the thumbnail looks kind of like zuckerbot's more charismatic cousin
  11. I swear by Thinkpads. I've got a T500 from 10 years ago that I still use (though it's largely just for media consumption now) and a T530 that's still my main photo editing and mission-critical work machine after 7 years. My current casual machine is a T450 (refurb) and so far so good, though I have been having problems with the right mouse button. It's specs won't blow anyone away, but it satisfies my needs. But to each their own. The Razer seems like a nice powerhouse of a machine, but for me, personally, I wouldn't buy a laptop from the same manufacturer if I only got two years out of the last one, especially given how much Razer laptops cost. Longevity is a big deal for me. Fancy screen and powerful hardware, not so much.
  12. Definitely came out of the blue. I've got the A7rIII that I'm quite happy with. It's only been two years since the A7rIII came out. Sony's really moving at a blistering pace. But I don't think we'll see the IV being adopted as widely or quickly as the III. The III solved most of the gripes about the A7 line, like bigger battery and dual card slots. The resolution lovers will love the IV, but I see it being a more specialised tool.
  13. Just watched the latest episode of Techquickie on 5G and cancer. Best segue ever at the end of the video, Linus!
  14. TBH, I'd go with the Pixel 3a first and see if it meets your needs. If you find it's not enough, then start looking at "proper" camera. While a dedicated stand alone camera will always be better in terms of pure image quality, smartphones have been at the "good enough" level for most people for a while now. What camera is right for you is a mix of objective and subjective. While there's always an objectively better camera or lens out there, it's about finding what works for you and at what point you're satisfied with the photos you get. The point at which you're satisfied is going to vary highly from person to person. So try to the Pixel 3a first. It may be all you need. If not, then reassess what your smartphone is lacking and how and to what degree you want to remedy that. It may be as simple as getting a compact camera like a Sony RX100, diving head first into full frame, or finding somewhere in the middle.
  15. I'm a FF guy, always have been ("always" meaning "since 2003.") I remember some rough patches years ago where I'd get random crashes, but FF has been great for years now. I don't trust Google. Period. I've tried to divest myself of it as much as possible, though migrating out of Gmail has been difficult and it remains the last vestige of Google, at least for personal use. I have to use Chrome for work and, tbh, I don't like it. I find it very buggy with no shortage of random errors, crashes, and freeze ups. I know I'm biased as I'm kind of anti-Google and a long-time FF user, but I just find the FF experience superior, at least to me. I will acknowledge that there's a certain degree of subjectivity in all this.
  16. I've got a Lenovo T450 with a 1600x900 TN display and looking to upgrade my screen to a 1920x1080 IPS display. The Lenovo part number is 04X5916, but to buy from Lenovo is quite expensive. So I'm looking for a reliable and reasonably priced third-party sourced or manufactured solution. I've found a few options on Amazon, but I don't know whether they're good or not. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  17. As much as I recommend Sony, I'd hesitate on the A7II. Autofocus and battery life are both issues. I second a Nikon D750. What kind of night photography are you doing? Are you shooting the night sky?
  18. If you're looking at something pocketable, one of the Sony RX100 cameras would do well. APS-C, I'd go Fuji XT-3. Full frame, Sony A7rIII. It really depends on your particular uses and what you want out of a camera.
  19. I'd personally go with the XT-3. Sadly, I can't say I have experience with it. I switched from a Canon 5DmkIII to a Sony A7rIII and have no regrets. If possible, try renting one for a day and see which one you like better.
  20. My sense of fashion hasn't budged an inch in over 20 years; it basically froze in the late 90s. So khakis and t-shirts or polo shirts most of the time.