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  1. Our Kiwi friend here is asking the real questions.
  2. I don't think the Canon M-mount has much of a future. It was Canon's half-hearted attempt at mirrorless before they decided get serious with the R mount.
  3. I just checked the team stats and we're in first place! Woot! I also clocked over a million points... I think. On the webviewer it says I'm at 887,075 points but when I look up my donor stats it says I'm at 1,340,787 credit. Not sure which is which...
  4. People are also colossally stupid. Stupidity is like jello: there's always room for jello.
  5. I hope I'm not breaking any rules here, but I'll tread carefully. I find it kind of interesting that these types of conspiracy theories exist, yet alone are so widespread. Because, on the one hand, they're clearly ridiculous and completely without merit. But, and this is where I find it interesting, in a very weird way I can partially see where these nutters are coming from. Governments and huge corporations have shown time and time again that they cannot be trusted. (I'm no libertarian btw, just someone with a couple of brain cells and a pair of eyeballs for peepin). After all, how many times have governments and huge corporations sworn up and down that they weren't doing something only for it later to come out that they were lying? (FB, google, prism, and so on) While I dismiss conspiracy theories, it's somewhat paradoxical given how many of them were later proven right. It's really weird. I suppose the best way I can put it is that I think governments and huge corporations have done more fostered this type of paranoia, a paranoia that isn't wholly unjustified, and manifests itself in things like this and other socially destructive behaviours.
  6. It depends on your grid. In the city, you're probably alright. My grandparents have a cottage out in the country and we've blown out a lot of electronics due to power surges. Again, this is going to be highly dependant on your area as just being in a rural area is no guarantee of danger. My house was once struck by lightning and a bunch of our electronics fried, but none of the computers. As a result, I unplug all my expensive electronics at night, but I'm probably overly cautious.
  7. Not good. It's not so much quarantine, but just life in general. I came of age in the shadow of 9/11. I graduated uni mere months before the stock market crash of 2008. Just as it seemed like I was starting to get on my feet, COVID-19 hits. I feel like at every turn I'm just beaten about the face by how awful the human race is. Sure, there are good people, but it seems that they are far fewer in number than the endless parade of idiots and downright evil people out there. I don't really want to die... I just want to sleep.
  8. I should try it out on my brother's gaming rig and see how it fares.
  9. Background: I've been using Photoshop CS5 and Nik ColourEfex Pro 3 to edit my photos for about a decade now. While I'm perfectly happy with my current setup, I have been curious about alternatives in the event that either CS5 or CEP3 stop working. I tried ColourEfex Pro 4 (currently offered by DxO) with Affinity Photo and CS5 and found it painfully slow on my current rig (a 2013 Lenovo T530, obviously not exactly a spring chicken or hardware powerhouse). CPEP3 loads in about a second and only takes a few seconds for the new layer to finish whereas CPEP4 takes about 15 seconds to load and then another 15 seconds for the new layer to finish. Trouble is, neither my CPU nor GPU come close to 100% utilisation, so there's no obvious bottleneck. I also checked ram and found that it wasn't being chewed up much either. So, with no obvious bottlenecks, what kind of hardware configuration would be necessary to crush ColourEfex Pro 4 in Affinity Photo with minimal load times?
  10. I'm seeing CPU WUs pretty consistently. At most I have to wait half an hour before another WU comes along. And, god damn, my old T500 has been chugging away for the last few hours at 100% CPU usage and it hasn't gone over 70C or throttled at all.
  11. So, current folding machines: Lenovo X1 Carbon (2nd gen) w/ i5-5300U Lenovo T450 w/ i5300U Lenovo T430 w/ i5-3320M Lenovo T500 w/ Core2 P8600 Dell Latitude 5500 w/ i5-8365U HP Pavilion somethingerother w/ i5-2400
  12. That's the point. So fire up that lenovo workstation and give er'!
  13. After one week of folding with 5 machines going 24h a day, I'm at 280,342 points.
  14. All my machines are pretty old. A lot of people are getting more points in a day than I get in a week. But every little bit helps.
  15. Success! Got the old Lenovo T500 up and folding. I had to reinstall Linux Mint; not sure why it wouldn't work the first time because this time it worked no problem. I'm up to six old machines folding 24h a day.
  16. I got up this morning and, after four days of folding across 5 machines, I've got 109,000 points. I thought that was cool, then I saw some people get twice that in a single WU. Oh well, every little bit helps.
  17. I'm at 109,295 points for Team LTT, if that makes it any clearer.
  18. According to my donor stats, I've done 50 WUs, but when I click on that number and it generates the certificate, it says I've done 1500 WUs. Ideas?
  19. What are the potential security concerns from FAH? A buddy of mine is worried about things like botnets.