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    PC's , Desktops , helping others.
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    I really like PC's . GPU's , CPU's, RAM etc... I am better at hardware rather than software.
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  • CPU
    Intel® Core™ i7-2600 3,40 GHz
  • Motherboard
    Hewlett-Packard 1497 Mainboard
  • RAM
    7GB DDR3 1333MHz
  • GPU
    Zotac GTX 750 ti 2GB single fan
  • Case
    HP COMPAQ MT 6200
  • Storage
    500GB ST500DM002 . 160GB ST3160812AS
  • PSU
    Stock 320W HP
  • Display(s)
    Samsung SyncMaster FX2490 5ms, 60hz
  • Cooling
  • Keyboard
    Some chinese RGB keyboard...
  • Mouse
  • Sound
    Custom made ...
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64-bit

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  1. FinishGamer86

    GPU usage percentile is 2% in game..

  2. FinishGamer86

    GPU usage percentile is 2% in game..

    I have deleted iGPU a long time ago. And it is my 750ti that’s being used
  3. FinishGamer86

    GPU usage percentile is 2% in game..

    I posted without completing the topic... sorry
  4. As the title says , I have this issue with Dragonball Xenoverse 2 . My system should handle this game very well even on high, but on average I have 14FPS in the title screen and 4FPS in the game itself. When I opened Task manager to see if something is causing some kind of problem (like not having enough ram) , all I saw was that my GPU and CPU were 100% under load. Even though in riva tuner statistics the gpu usage is 2% and cpu usage bounces between 88-95%. I have reinstalled the game, tried to reinstall the GPU drivers,i have delete iGPU,I even tried to force the game to use my gpu with Nvidia Control panel nothing has worked so far. I don't really want to reinstall windows because all of my data will be lost and I don't have anyway to save it ... These are the specs: i7-2600 4 core 8 thread 3.40GHz Zotac GeForce GTX 750 ti 2GB 7GB DDR3 1600MHz ram
  5. FinishGamer86

    I need help with this problem

    No sir, doesn't help either.
  6. FinishGamer86

    I need help with this problem

    It's not a good idea to re-install windows because I can't save my files on a External HDD because I don't have one (and probably I won't have one for a while). And no, I haven't restarted between driver installs.
  7. FinishGamer86

    I need help with this problem

    Yes, I did . I still get the same error. Probably because I have installed the same drivers (link you sent me)
  8. FinishGamer86

    I need help with this problem

    Yea, man that doesn't work either.
  9. FinishGamer86

    I need help with this problem

    A zotac geforce 750 ti 1 fan 2gb card
  10. FinishGamer86

    I need help with this problem

    Nope, I tried that.. I restarted the pc and still I cant start the game
  11. FinishGamer86

    I need help with this problem

    When I try to start Xenoverse 2 , I get this error. I have searched online and tried to troubleshoot the problem but it still appears. I have installed every single drive there is for my GPU. I tried to re-install the game... I tried to change the config_ini file I tried to run as an administrator. Nothing so far.. Any suggestions?
  12. FinishGamer86


    I got a refund on Paypal on a purchase a week ago because the seller has some issues with his account. We talked a little bit and I tried to pay him via " Send money to friends and family" , but my card didn't work... so he sent me a request to send money to him , that didn't work so it was cancelled and I paid nothing. I called an operator to ask if there was anything wrong with my card and he said that I don't have enough money to make the transaction. Which is complete nonsense cause I received a refund and I should have enough money to send it to the seller. Why is there no money on my card then?
  13. FinishGamer86

    Very High CPU Temperatures

    In general you should consider 60 degrees Celcius the absolute maximum for long periods, but aim for 45-50 degrees to be safe
  14. FinishGamer86

    Very High CPU Temperatures

    from 27 to 30 it's really good. I saw a few new cpu's run at 100°C without a problem... If you still think that these temps are not good, maybe switch to liquid cooling or nitrogen cooling.
  15. First off thanks for the answer. Second there are two main problems. The first is that the PSU doesn't have any connectors for a GPU. My current Graphics Card is powered by the motherboard. And the second problem is about space, the CPU cooler is just too big for let's say a dual fan gtx 1050 ti. I mean a single fan would definitely fit , but a dual fan seems impossible.