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  1. So I need help with this. Should I try and do tubing? Or is their a fitting that might work with this?
  2. Hello Everyone, So this is a really simple question. I really can't make up my mind on a PC Case. I am battling between the Inwin 925 or the Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL. (White Version) if you guys could give me your opinion on which case, I think it would help me a lot. The system will be water-cooled. Thanks Again!
  3. thanks guys this helped a lot!.
  4. Hello everyone. My friend and I want to start recording our gameplay. last night we used Geforce recording software. we recorded about an HR worth of gameplay. which took about 29GB. the Game was Beat Saber. so the TV the PC is connected to is 4K. Now I don't think it was recording in 4K. is someone can explain how I can check, that would be great. We want to start recording in 1080p because of file sizes. at least we think that would be better. So my main question is, what recording software do yawl recommend? is the Geforce recording software good enough for now? or should we look into something else. we want to start streaming. and uploading our gameplay. another concern we have is when we record, the gameplay is saved on the gaming PC. we need to move the file to her PC so she can edit. do we compress the file? will 29 GB take to long? we thought about just getting an external hard drive to save the files in. It would make the files portable. Any advice is welcomed. we are both open to ideas. any videos on how to's that you guys think would help us is great! Thank you all for your time!
  5. Alrighty! That makes me feel better. Cause. I tested everything before watercooling it. And I guess I just never noticed the code or display. I’ll try the bios . Thank you for the fast responses.
  6. Hi everyone. So I just finished building my PC. I am using the motherboard mention in the title. So is it normal to get a code 30 & memory detect memory on the display of the motherboard. It only happens when I wake my computer from sleep. If I reboot it disappears. This my first one time using a Asus motherboard. Usually I’ve always used EVGA. any feedback would be great. I did contact ASUS. I’m just waiting for an answer. I thought someone in here might know or have an idea what could be causing this
  7. I tried that and it’s still the same. Below are my settings
  8. The render is 2293x960 21:9. There is another option but that one is smaller. I’ll try it though. I tried turning of dlss but that didn’t do anything. I can’t seem to find an answer. Not really sure what to search for.
  9. Hello, i have a question. If you look at the picture you’ll see the shades of black not run smooth. Is that normal or can I fix that? I also included my settings. any help or explanation would be great. my monitor supports HDR thank you!
  10. Hello, I couldn’t see an answer to this. I’m be asking a really dumb question. So does it matter where you plug in your headset? I recently bought a Asus board that comes with supremeFX. front of case or back on motherboard is a what I’m asking. oh and is I wanted speakers. Is optical better or your traditional green plug-in sorry for asking. Just trying to learn more. And I couldn’t really find an answer.
  11. This is for the Lian li case o11 dynamic xl. I’ll have the bottom as intake.
  12. Hello soo... I know you normally have too as exhausting and bottom as intake, Rear as exhaust and side as intake. (Option #1) (Option #2) But if I were to do top and bottom intake and the side as exhaust? If I get better functionality from option 1. Than that’s what I will do. If it really doesn’t matter then I’ll do option 2 let me know what you guys recommend?
  13. ekyona

    X34 or x35

    Hello, wanting to get other opinions on this. Sonacer is is coming out with a new ultra wide called x35 but as of right now the x34 is on sale 700.00 should I wait? The new x35 will have HDR but I don’t know how strong it will be or if it will be a big difference. Let me know your opinions.
  14. Okay so I finally got my optane memory. It’s is a intel 32GB. I have it installed NVMe socket 3 on my EVGA Z370. I was told I need to enable the socket than download the Intel RTS driver. And hopefully it does it thing? But online it just seems a lot more complicated. Let me know if I am understanding it correctly.
  15. I'm trying to do an optane set up. do I downloan the Setup or the MupDup? I'm pretty sure its the setup but I just want to make sure. and if any know what the difference is I'd like to know. I might have more questions regarding this. my setup is 8700k GTX 1080ti Evga z370 I have windows on a M.2 Samsung. I just need more room so I bought a 4tb hdd. Just want to try this optane thing. any help welcomed. let me know if you need more information! thank you again everyone.