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  1. Any one know which processor are under development? What will be after i9 9900k? And when? Maybe something new in this autumn?
  2. but why for example- asus apex XI has 2 8pin connector for powering the CPU- does them doing nothing for overclocing?
  3. how do you power you i9 9900k? how many pins? Also - what is LN2?
  4. but, it only have one CPU output, should i connect that cables to the PCIe . output? Or where should i connect the addition CPU cable? Also what is difference between Corsair Type 4 or Type 3 EPS12v? which is the best?
  5. so there is no way out to add that 4pin connector? no adapters for the rm750i?
  6. so i have rm750i i have z390 taichi ultimate - for CPU power on the motherboard i have one 4pin and one 8pin, but which cables from rm750i kit should i take for it? rm750i have only one 8pin CPU cable, should i take PCIe for another 4pin part for CPU powering? Also all PCIe does not have 4pin it only have 6pin+2pin but there are no cable with 4pin available to connect=( PLEASE HELP!
  7. Can you, please, mentions them, or provide some links to tier list or something?
  8. you meadn adobe photoshop? or what? lightroom? some photo editing tools? Maybe yes- camera raw etc... Workstation for awesome fast photo editing / video montage
  9. Hello, is there any CPU better then intel i9 9900k? Maybe some other from i9 series, that supports RAM quad channel? But which models?
  10. I also heard that people overclockng i9 9900k to 5Ghz with 2080 gpu and the do it on 650w psu. Maybe 650 is enaugh for overclocing?
  11. I think about corsair rm750i for now. I have one pc with aerocool project 7 650w and everything is great, also thinked about it. But spme people telling that aerocool is bad, i dont know why. Also i thinked about Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium 750W (SSR-750TR) but it has high price.
  12. Which power supply you have for it?
  13. Have ever changed the Thermal Compound Paste on CPU? What is recommended period for changin the paste? Maybe one year?
  14. Will noctua NH-D15 handle temperatures for i9 9900k? Anyone tryed it? What with temperatures without overclocking and what with overclocking?