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  1. Can you, please, mentions them, or provide some links to tier list or something?
  2. you meadn adobe photoshop? or what? lightroom? some photo editing tools? Maybe yes- camera raw etc... Workstation for awesome fast photo editing / video montage
  3. Hello, is there any CPU better then intel i9 9900k? Maybe some other from i9 series, that supports RAM quad channel? But which models?
  4. keizo

    Will noctua nh-d15 be good for i9 9900k?

    I also heard that people overclockng i9 9900k to 5Ghz with 2080 gpu and the do it on 650w psu. Maybe 650 is enaugh for overclocing?
  5. keizo

    Will noctua nh-d15 be good for i9 9900k?

    I think about corsair rm750i for now. I have one pc with aerocool project 7 650w and everything is great, also thinked about it. But spme people telling that aerocool is bad, i dont know why. Also i thinked about Seasonic Prime Ultra Titanium 750W (SSR-750TR) but it has high price.
  6. keizo

    Will noctua nh-d15 be good for i9 9900k?

    Which power supply you have for it?
  7. keizo

    Will noctua nh-d15 be good for i9 9900k?

    Have ever changed the Thermal Compound Paste on CPU? What is recommended period for changin the paste? Maybe one year?
  8. Will noctua NH-D15 handle temperatures for i9 9900k? Anyone tryed it? What with temperatures without overclocking and what with overclocking?
  9. keizo

    i9 9900K Cooling

    When i think about liquid cooler, i think about should to change the water in a liquid cooler? How long the liquid cooler will be working without service/maintenance ( adding water, some checks). Now i am going to build system with i9 9900k and i think about noctua nh-d15, i also wander will it fit the temperatures
  10. keizo

    NEW PSU Tier List

    what to pick aerocool project 7 750w, corsair rm750i , or some seasonic or something else? Why some people tell that aerocool project 7 is bad PSU ?
  11. I think С14 is better then C16, but why you ask this?
  12. Can you confirm that g-skill-ripjaws-v-32gb-ddr4-k2 will go on gigabyte aorus master on its values ? Because there is no F4-3200C14D-32GVK ( the RAM ) on QVL mb_memory_z390-aorus-master_20190214 list z390_aorus_master#support-doc
  13. Can you tell why gigabyte-z390-aorus-master has less price then asrock-z390-taichi-ultimate ?
  14. What do you mean with 'value proposition' ? What does blue color on top mean? From this table seems that asus apex is batter then taichi ultimate- or i don t understand something?
  15. AeroCool Project 7 80 Plus Platinum 650 Watt is this suitable for overlocking CPU , RAM GPU on z390 taichi ultimate + i9 9900k + palit 2080 ti rtx + g.skill 3200mzh 32gb (2x16gb) cl14 ripjaws + noctua d15, some case fans, and other periphery like keyboard mose sound system etc... How many fans i can install ? Whay if i will not overlocking and the power supply will not be such loaded ? Will it be bad? aerocool-project-7-80-plus-platinum aerocool-p7-650w-80-plus-platinum also anyone can tell what is difference between this two slots ?