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  1. ok so I'm overclocked i9-10980xe is 4.7ghz core voltage is 1.176 cpu temperature 30c to 35c gaming only gpu rtx 2080 ti x2 2115 mhz x2 41c 38c 39c fluctuations gaming only the issue is I'm not worried too much about the cpu it's great temperature I'm only focused on gpu temps when I hit 34c to 35c they start to downclock from my 2030 mhz oc to 2115 mhz to 2100 mhz to 2085 mhz and finally 2070 mhz lots of random fluctuations in mhz I want to try to keep the oc no fluctuations at the least at best so my plane is to do what Jay two cents did with the 4 radiators in the aluminum frame side by side and the home depot box fan along with the cardboard to direct all cold air to the radiators and a 10,000 btu portable ac unit I won't be spending on the ac unit because I already have it from years ago I'm trying to see if my results are the same as his and if true would fix my issue just obsessed with this and I don't plan on quitting until I achieve the 30c to 35c maybe 36c I noticed that Jay was able to get his test system to 20c and 18c under 100% load on the gpu my games hit 98% to 80 something % what do you think ? I want to hold the 2030 2115 mhz oc on both gpu that's why I'm doing it lol as crazy as it might sound @porina
  2. just was googling around for answers about a chiller for my pc but I couldn't find any one that owns one that could give me a heads up on it untill I fount your old post the question really is if I purchase a chiller like the Alphacool 2000 Chiller capable of cooling 1500 watts would it be able to keep my i9-10980xe cpu vrm rtx 2080 ti x 2 all parts are overclocked at 30c to 35c all the time no fluctuations ? @porina
  3. Hey bro do you have a system that you are currently using a chiller on 24/7 in other words that you use daily ? @porina
  4. I know a good bit about pc and certain things but I'm not sure about what you mentioned maybe if you explain it to me a little better I might learn something lol @For Science!
  5. You completely lost me with your tech talk lol I don't know exactly what you are referring to when you say Are you sure you know whether the hardware being stressed and the ID assignement are the same for the monitorong program ? @For Science!
  6. ah ok I understand basically since it's the last card to be cooled even if it's being stressed less than the other it's getting hotter because it's receiving all the dumped hot liquid from both cpu and gpu above it @AngryBeaver
  7. Hey bro one last question for you why is it that one of my gpu is at the same temperature as my cpu under load while my other gpu is the one getting less percentage of usage is getting higher temps I don't understand it's totally backwards how is the gpu that is being stressed less hotter than the one that is being stressed more it goes like this cpu 42c to 43c gpu 42c 43c gpu being stressed less 47c to 50c ? @AngryBeaver
  8. ok I guess I'll just try the ac idea first and give up after that lol thank you bro I highly appreciate you for sticking around to answer my questions much love much respect @AngryBeaver
  9. I Also have a powerful blower house fan on the pc blowing fast with lots of pressure so much pressure I have a hard time at first taking off the front filter lol @AngryBeaver
  10. my case is completely open no doors or air filters at the moment to get the best ventilation possible @AngryBeaver
  11. I'm going to see what's up later today I'm planning on keeping my pc case with doors and front side air filters open like in the picture so hot air can escape easily when it comes off the radiators @AngryBeaver
  12. yeah both the front and bottom radiators are intake the front is in push pull except the very top only one fan in front on the front top section of the front rad and the top is intake as well @AngryBeaver
  13. yeah I see i don't know if it's a room or ambient temperature thing that I'm experiencing but I can't even hold 2077 mhz little alone 2085 mhz 2100 mhz the worst I'm getting some air conditioning ducts today along with adapters to fit inside my ac outlet and run it directly to my pc radiators to see if the cold ac air will help bring down my temperatures even more I'll update you today hop fully soon lol @AngryBeaver