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  1. So I recently purchased a relatively cheap 2TB HDD from ebay as my 500Gb drives are starting to reach capacity, and when it arrived I discovered to my dismay that the drive had a sas connector rather than a sata. I figured this was just a physical connector issue though, and got one of these: (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/70cm-7-Pin-SATA-Serial-to-SAS-29-Pin-4-Pin-Connector-Power-Cable-Lead-Adapter/273240740347?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649) assuming it would be as simple as connecting it with this and going on my merry way. However on connecting it it won't appear in windows, despite seeming to power up. Having done some research it seems that even with the adapter only certain things may support it, though with my limited storage interface knowledge I don't entirely understand whether this could work. Anyone able to help out? Thanks in advance! (Motherboard - biostar h110mhv3 (jank and budget, I know))
  2. Cont3mplation

    Hard Drive spinning up then down repeatedly

    Might have been, or possibly the molex to data power adaptor I was using was loose as I reconnected that. Generally just swapping the slots and testing all the cables seemed the best way to go, for anyone else in future with this problem
  3. Cont3mplation

    Hard Drive spinning up then down repeatedly

    Much better idea yeah, plan to as soon as I have any disposable income However I also just plugged my third drive into the seemingly not working slot and it now works fine. Not sure if it was a loose connection or what but now it's all good so hey, my daily reminder that my pc runs on Jank and luck-based magic and that it needs some tlc
  4. Cont3mplation

    Hard Drive spinning up then down repeatedly

    Immediately after posting this I slapped myself for not trying it with a different sata slot. Tried this and the drive spins up perfectly. Apparently my crappy biostar motherboard is finally biting the dust, oh well, ddr4 is getting cheap now anyways XD
  5. Was playing some steam games on my pc last night, and just after closing out of one and starting some web browsing I hear one of my 3 hdd's start to spin up, then stop, then spin up etc, and became worried as they're reasonably old. I checked I could open each drive in file explorer then decided to restart. After windows update did it's thing it restarted, and the same noise occured but with a lot of clicking and I decided my drive must have died. I restarted it again later and it made the same spinning up and down sound, and after about 1 min it stopped and windows booted, however without the HDD visible. Ive tried this since and no luck, however no clicking since either. Is this a sign that my HDD is gone for good, or is there hope to getting anything back? Haven't found much about this issue elsewhere so any hp appreciated, thanks
  6. Cont3mplation

    Is there any chance this is as good as it seems?

    Okay, I guess it really is too good to be true, no huge surprise there. Welp, back to used gpu hunting I guess, thanks for the advice
  7. Found this while scrolling eBay trying to find a house that was both affordable and functional for a friend's birthday gift pc. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F173897787172 Came across this seemingly brilliant gem. From the item description it seems to be almost like a person/company selling off old stock or something, and it's coming from a specific place in the UK which Chinese sellers wouldn't normally use. However, they only accept PayPal transactions and something just feels... Off about it. Anyone care to give advice as to whether there's any chance this is worth the shot for the price?
  8. Cont3mplation

    Sodimm ddr3l and dimm adaptor

    Ah okay, so out of interest, I've been looking at getting an h110 ddr3 motherboard for a while now as have an old optiplex with an i5-6500 but a terrible power supply, so could that theoretically support the ddr3l ram?
  9. Cont3mplation

    Sodimm ddr3l and dimm adaptor

    Ah okay, out of curiosity what do you mean by single rank? Sorry somewhat new to pc building as a whole
  10. Cont3mplation

    Sodimm ddr3l and dimm adaptor

    Nope, just three or four smd resistors and a socket, that's it
  11. Cont3mplation

    Sodimm ddr3l and dimm adaptor

    Its an old Fujitsu d3041-a11 gs1 board I got from an old work pc someone no longer needed.
  12. Hi, I recently watched the ltt video on sodimm to dimm adaptors and had a revelation, realising I had 16Gb of ddr3l sodimm memory from an old laptop sat around, and I was working on a ddr3 pc so this was perfect to try. I had 2x8Gb sodimm sticks so to test I got one adaptor from eBay, a generic sodimm to dimm adaptor, and went to try it. Putting one of the 8Gb sticks in it and putting that as the only memory in the system. I tried to power it on but got a loud succession of three beeps (seemingly meaning no ram or something similar) and no post. I tried swapping the socket and also which 8Gb stick I used but to no avail. Confused, I then tried it in a low voltage only optiplex machine, and it works perfectly. I believed that the 1.35v ddr3l was also compatible with normal 1.5v sockets but is this not always the case? Any troubleshooting help for this would be much appreciated as would love to upgrade the main machine from 6Gb to 16Gb for that added performance, thanks in advance.