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    Maverick262001 reacted to Hiya! in Logitech G102 vs G402 Hyperion Fury   
    If you didnt get bothered by the sensor then yep.. I use G402 as my daily driver 
  2. Agree
    Maverick262001 reacted to rice guru in Logitech G102 vs G402 Hyperion Fury   
    Ita fine. Price to performance on nice is not as clean cut as price to performance on any other kind of hardware. If you feel personally that it's good enough then it's good enough.
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    Maverick262001 reacted to xAcid9 in GTX 1660Ti paired with i5 4440S   
    It will in some games@1080p. By how much? I don't really know. 
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    Maverick262001 got a reaction from deadpoolio in System didn't start   
    Try rechecking every led connection to your motherboard and your pc case. Further check this video out to get your doubts cleared
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    Maverick262001 reacted to AayushSharma64 in System didn't start   
    Got it to work. Thanks. It was the power switch connector that was connected wrongly. Thought I broke my motherboard. Thanks though. 
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    Maverick262001 reacted to dizmo in Comparing two PCs for gaming   
    I'd go with the first one. The more powerful GPU will have more weight than the better CPU in the second build.
    You can also upgrade it for drastically less than the other system; DDR3 can generally be found quite cheap, and an i7 from that era should be quite cheap as well. Really, if you're playing at 1080p60, the first build is likely going to give you a better experience.
    Welcome to the forum!
    8GB of RAM is fine. It only becomes an issue if he is streaming while gaming and has a bunch of other apps open at the same time, which honestly if he's looking to buy those systems is unlikely.
    Eh, they're about the same....or, you can upgrade to a 4690k, 4790k, etc for much less than it'd cost to upgrade a newer CPU.
    The performance is about the same with a one or two generation gap once you factor in overclocking.