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  1. I just want a gaming mouse with good enough sensor, bang for buck and useful in gaming lying between casual and professional ! The shape and weight feels alright. So is the G402 the right choice ? Also the price difference between G102 and G402 is mere 10$. So another question is that price to performance ratio is good on G402 or not?
  2. So I have not wasted my money on Hyperion Fury, right?
  3. I heard from my friend that the newer G102 has better sensor than G402 Hyperion Fury. Is it true? What mice should I go with? Budget not to be considered between these two.
  4. The price difference in some brands is not even 10$
  5. Specs: i5 4440S 2.8 GHz 2x4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM GTX 1660Ti Now I'm thinking to buy the 1660Ti for 1080p gaming...my question is what are the chances of CPU bottleneck and by how much? Games to be considered: Shadow of the tomb raider PUBG Crew 2 Rainbow Six Siege Anthem AC Unity and Odyssey
  6. So yeah Corsair vengeance pro RGB (3600Mhz) is the best option, right?
  7. Alright brother...thank you so much.. I'm gonna buy Corsair RGB ones (3200) kit
  8. So how high I can go with four modules and same memory config ?(100% accuracy)(no hit or miss thing) 3000? 3200?
  9. Didn't get you brother... could you say in a more simpler and elaborated way
  10. Is it possible to use 4x8 RAM ...all memory chips running at 4000 Mhz on an i7 9700k system ?
  11. Because there are special retail versions like XB271HUT for eye tracking built-in.
  12. I can't find a single video for Indian variant testing of eye tracking...so still confused.
  13. In India Acer predator XB271HU like product named XB1 is launched. On it's product webpage it says that the monitor supports eye tracking. Can I get a confirmation or proof that eye tracking thing is legit ? Also does the monitor come with built in eye tracking support ? Here's the product webpage: https://www.acer.com/ac/en/IN/content/predator-series/predatorxb1