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  1. I can’t wait for the GTX 2020, I hope it comes outs in 2020 with the president elects on different ones and they base who wins off what GPU has more sales 

  2. Yes you can use a RAS but most people will mount the rad inside the oil unless there is no room in the case and they just have it outside but that’s lame. And yeah I guess you can put fish in it in a separate container as long as you can still access to feed them and no oil seeps into the bowl and as long as they don’t get too hot but idk if that will be an issue. Im pretty sure I’ve seen a person put fish in a pc before like what you want to do but I can’t recall where this memory is from or if I’m mixing two different memories together
  3. I’d rather get a real job work for a week then quit and be able to buy like 10 games on a steam sale. Rather then have my pc die sooner while I wait a month for a game
  4. Use mineral oil, wires and any plastic tubing may become stiff after it’s in the oil for a long time so make sure it’s all set how you want it, but remember any failure even a fan going out will be 100000 times more difficult to fix
  5. Can’t really read it due to the text, but you want a mineral oil submerged cooled pc like linus made
  6. He would ask for it. It’s linus what doesn’t he ask for.
  7. Where is the broken heat one then? And the crying and whatever would be opposite the informative button.
  8. CPUs already exist that have more cores then you need to game. they have for years lol, but personally I don't like split screen it always bothered me even as a kid playing golden eye split screen was a head ache. anyways there are tvs and stuff that exist that have a setting to show two inputs at a time so you can both play and together split screen on CO OP games like that but you need two systems. and wouldn't you need two systems anyways? most games unless they have built in split screen you cant have two people play the same game at the same time you need two instances of the game running and im not sure how that will work unless you both own the game and have it running on diffrent systems. unless you did like linus a 7 gamer 1 CPU where you have two gpus running the game sepratly but the same CPU powering it all. but i didnt watch how it worked.
  9. ayy way to comment on a 3 year old post, on a new profile, how did you even end up in posts from 2015?
  10. 1 yes it can but you use a CPU that youll use everyday as this is only for comp overclocking and is not viable in a real setting 2 umm no? unless you mean it dies then it can function lol 3 and you just pour it on in small layers and before its all gone pour more. it will die if you get too much condensation from it heating and cooling so drastically if you dont keep LN on it the whole time
  11. very detailed question please wait while I take 4 hours to write a response as detailed, but in all sensuousness once you updated with question ill try to answer best I can
  12. wait so the Hebrew bible mentions a sea monster and people believe in religion still? 

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    2. RoyalGamer1


      Well thats even worse if you plan to kill someone thays like major mental health issues compared to a random anger flash that ends up a killing.


      and for what you said to that dr dude, if religion is the ONLY reason you have a moral compass well I’m pretty sure that’s a mental heath issue too but you may just be be lower on the scale of it to the point that you think about killing people or you don’t care if you  did but you don’t want to because of hell. Those are the people that have the random killings. Or one random killing that starts a whole series of killings. 


      I could also say if your bad a monster will come from the woods and eat you and people used to do that to scare kids into being good. But your just seen as a bad parent if you did that now.

    3. RoyalGamer1


      Your not even helping your point or laying supporting detail on why we are wrong or why you don’t agrees with us 

    4. dizmo


      For a vast majority of people it is. I never said it was for me. You complain about people reading things improperly, yet your reading comprehension isn't that great yourself ;)


      I'm not writing a paper. I don't really care if you agree with what I say or not, or even if you believe it or not. I have no desire to back up what I say, or sway what you think.


      Also, it's you're.

  13. maybe im late here but what is GPP and the "goal" and why is everyone happy it is gone?
  14. if the problem is your chair get a new chair, problem solved, or don't sit for that long, stand or go outside and get some sun on the skin. also how does a chair being leaned back cause back pain? i lean mine back when my back hurts so I can lay more on back when im sitting to help relieve pain. in 20 years when your on meds for backpain and more meds from the issues with the pain meds you will look back and wish you listened