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  1. Hi i was thinking of how bitcoin has been going up recently and it been mostly impossible to make 1 btc in 1 day but my thinking noogen ding and i may found the best way and it this doesn't work then nothing will so here the specs use the latest xeon or server processor up to 56 cores get 8 yes i mean 8 nvidia Tesla card and have the miner run the 52 core on the cpu so the 4 core is able to run windows and the 8 tesla card to the max now here the big challenge thay have to mine it for 30 days if the bitcoin reaches 30 or more then my plan worked and linus has to send me 4 btc for the idea and the success of the project not if it less then 30 btc it failed and no 4 btc and i will donate 100$ to linus so if you get this linus do you accept my challenge and to be the best bitcoin miner of all the land
  2. takuminightcore

    MSI afterburner underclocking itself

    Right now it's running on AC adapter but the laptop can handle about 330 amps of power and since it is a very old laptop it is not crashing it is not powering down or thermal throttling whatsoever
  3. takuminightcore

    MSI afterburner underclocking itself

    It is a very powerful laptop so I'm not worried about power commit if they can hold within a good 920 megahertz then really that's not the issue and thermal is not even near 90° C
  4. takuminightcore

    MSI afterburner underclocking itself

    I have a Sony Vaio vgn AR 850 E Series and I am having trouble with overclocking my graphics card it does have the capability to overclock but each time the MSI afterburner on a matically goes to 690 megahertz and core clock speed and 920 with memory clock speed But after when it hits 70 degrees C it automatically under clocks my system to 275 megahertz of core clock speed and 175 for memory speed I tried everything I could think of to fix it but it's still giving out the same issue I even remove the drivers that Sony provided me and recoat it to run on official Nvidia retail drivers if anybody can help me figure out how can I tell the system to not underclock itself to not usable speeds that be great my spec is a Core 2 Duo 2.4 gigahertz dual-core with Nvidia 8600 MGT and 4 gigabytes of ddr2 633 megahertz 5200 PC Ram and the temperature of the CPU and the GPU stay at a good stable during High load to 60 to 70 degrees C which I still have plenty of room before it becomes completely unstable to 90° C or higher
  5. takuminightcore

    pci backwards compatibale

    hi I'm new to this forum dude to one reason I'm having a confusion between the difference between the 3 gens for a example if I install a gtx 1080ti on a pcie 2.0x16 slot will it work or will it not or is jut a waste of money and if so what solution to fix it like the best pci-e 2.0 gpu of the pcie 2.0 in the market please help because I'm trying to get the best power out of my mac pro 2012 here a link https://support.apple.com/kb/SP652?locale=en_US and if so what is the gpu for this model thanks