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  1. Question: I've always heard "RAID ISNT A BACKUP!" So, how do you backup a beast like this?
  2. https://www.thechronicleherald.ca/business/local-business/198-employees-told-webcom-is-closing-down-its-yarmouth-location-after-18-years-in-community-384321/ Web.com group, Inc, of Jacksonville FL, is closing it's office in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. They are sending those jobs to the Philippines, as well as the jobs of nearly 90 people in Hazleton, PA. This takes a large amount of the support staff, and gives it to overseas agents.
  3. I’m planning on building a/multiple server(s), depending on what you guys say here. heres what I want to do: first, I want to host a website. WordPress site, nothing too big, and really not much traffic. Just a family blog. second, I want to host my own email server. Not really certain as to what platform yet. Not much email traffic again. It’s going to share the same domain as the website, third, I want to run a media server. Software will be Plex. It’s only going to be internal facing. can I run these all on the same physical server, or do I need to have separate systems. What minimum specs should I have? (I plan on going over the minimum, but don’t want to go outrageous if I don’t need to) and what OS should I use? I was thinking Windows Server, just because that’s what I know. I’ve just never worked on something this complex before. thnak you