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    United States
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    Electrical engineering major, Taekwondo teacher, PC builder


  • CPU
    core i7-8086k @ 4.6GHz
  • Motherboard
    EVGA Z370 Classified K
  • RAM
    16GB@3200 G.Skill Trident Z RGB
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1070 ACX 3.0
  • Case
    corsair vengeance series (black)
  • Storage
    corsair force mp500 128GB + 3.5TB misc storage
  • PSU
    650W EVGA G2
  • Display(s)
    LG 25" ultrawide + sony multiscan HG + misc asus
  • Cooling
    coolermaster hyper 212 evo
  • Keyboard
    razer blackwidow
  • Mouse
    Havit Magic Eagle
  • Sound
    Logitech Z130
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  1. fasauceome

    ASUS X99-E ram detection issues

    That's what we did first.
  2. fasauceome

    ASUS X99-E ram detection issues

    Unfortunately since I can't stress the memory controller to cause some sort of crash, I'd need some way of testing to be sure. I don't have any X99 CPUs lying around unfortunately.
  3. fasauceome

    ASUS X99-E ram detection issues

    One stick works, 2 sticks work. Any more does not work.
  4. fasauceome

    ASUS X99-E ram detection issues

    The ram all works and the PC posts, but we can only get A1 and B1 to work, so we're at dual channel 16GB instead of quad channel 32GB
  5. fasauceome

    Monitor or tv?

    Depends on what TV or what monitor. Also, TVs lie about resolution a lot, and cut the edges off of the pixels to save money. A monitor would be better.
  6. fasauceome

    Looking for help on a new build

    If you want a tiny build I'll kindly refer you to my bio.
  7. Pretty sure my friend's motherboard is FUBAR (possibly due to immebse dust build up), but if there's something I haven't tried I'd love to hear it. Of 4 dominator platinum dimms, only 2 can be used. This is we've tried: Standard configuration (which was working not long ago) Dimms in only A1 and B1 Dimms on only C1 and D1 2 dimms on one side of the CPU and one dimm on the other D1 and A1 only A2 through D2 Dual channel in A1 through B2 As you can see, we've tried every combination. Every dimm works, but here are the results: When C1 and/or D1 are populated, nothing in A1 or B1 will be detected. System will work. When A1 through B2 dual channel is active, it will be detected in the BIOS but freeze the OS a few seconds after loading. Ram will run at full 2400MHz speed in any configuration without changing behavior. It would be kinda nice if his motherboard could use all 32GB of ram, because he really does use it all. If it's screwed though, I probably get to build him a Ryzen system, so that could be fun. Interestingly enough, after diagnosing this ram issue, I overclocked his 5960X again and it's at 4.3GHz with 1.15V, so it seems only the ram is damaged.
  8. fasauceome

    i7 7700 for $200 USD, not bad

    If that were legit I'd have one already. The only cheap CPUs I'm willing to wager on from china are old server bits, although it's probably worth looking into because my brother needs an upgrade from his i5 7400.
  9. fasauceome

    i7 7700 for $200 USD, not bad

    A 7700 still games better than Ryzen, $200 is an improvement over coffee lake as well that's for sure.
  10. fasauceome

    i7 7700 for $200 USD, not bad

    In the related listings? Not sure, I bet it changes per location because of local availability at a given Fry's.
  11. fasauceome

    i7 7700 for $200 USD, not bad

    Wow, it sold out while I had the webpage open. Damn. Deal too
  12. fasauceome

    i7 7700 for $200 USD, not bad

    https://express.google.com/u/0/product/7390618817007988478_1057514404560237218_6136318?utm_source=google_shopping&utm_medium=tu_prop&utm_content=eid-lsjeuxoeqt&gtim=CMyz5snc9buBowEQpPHxxJeuscuCARjwta5fIgNVU0QooIbc4AUw_sP2Ag&utm_campaign=6136318&gclid=Cj0KCQiAxs3gBRDGARIsAO4tqq0kg8Hi7CVVgNxafscLkejPmrdKWHX3F5R0QLoj4CvaATet2IAvjmgaAoqsEALw_wcB Finally a reason to get a 7700 over an i5 8400. Grab a cheap B250 to make it worthwhile.
  13. Lucky you, there are those of us who have foregone the right to complain about our money going to waste
  14. Just finished troubleshooting my friend's PC. Lost 2 dimm channels, so he's down to dual channel on his 5960X. Add that to his busted PCIe x16 slot and he's shaping up for a Ryzen upgrade quick.

    1. fasauceome


      Part 2:

      I got it at 4.0GHz at 1.16 volts so it is actually probably gonna be here to stay. I reckon I can get this thing at 4.4 with 1.2V max.

  15. fasauceome

    Vega II trademark revealed (and cool logo as well)

    Vega do what Nvidon't