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  1. Has anyone tried setting this up with a desktop as the hub? Would a GPU help with video encoding, or if i had something like a ryzen 5 2600x, would that work alright as a hub?
  2. And thanks, @Elektra57 for putting together the Hotel list. I was just about to start searching for a place to stay, so i really appreciate it.
  3. Anyone look into flights yet? I was using google flights. Current price for Aug 6th - Aug 10th is about $300-350, but i was hoping for other websites to use, to check for the best price.
  4. Booths about OS's other than Mac and Windows would be interesting. I wasnt there last year, but i would be very interested in OS/2 and Linux booths where they talk about how to set stuff up, and customize it, and the experience of it.
  5. Id be down. I got a couple ideas.
  6. Too expensive to move that many employee's and do all the work in another countries
  7. Hey guys, Austin Here. Just joking. Its Ethan. I live in the bay area, and was hoping someone who's driving up to LTX has an open seat in their car, or private plane (if anyone has a private plane, and is flying to LTX out of San Jose, please respond). I can help chip in for gas money.
  8. At least its a learning experience for a potential LTX2020.
  9. Hey, waiting on an email back for being a volunteer, but any chance i could join, if i can be a volunteer? I live in the Bay Area.
  10. I need to find out if my volunteer application got accepted, but im interested, if i get accepted.
  11. Any chance i could possibly tag along on the ride to Canada? I live in the bay area, and can help pay for some of the gas.
  12. If any one ever goes to that site they should have all of their internets taken away. But what if you went there for the lols?
  13. I think i found the issue. The clips for the ram slot are blocking the graphic card to go down and fit snugly in the slot, so it probably isnt making full contact with the PCIe slot. Ill probably need to get a 970 Low Profile.