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  1. Alright, thank you for your help!
  2. Hello, I'm currently looking for a laptop to buy, and I stumbled across this one (in Costco of all places). I was wondering if it's a good deal? Are there any estimates on how much batter life I could get out of it? I plan on using it for gaming (such as Sea of Thieves at medium settings etc) and schoolwork. I'm probably just not searching correctly but reviews on this laptop seem pretty scarce https://www.costco.com/Lenovo-LEGION-Y545-Gaming-Laptop---Intel-Core-i7---GeForce-GTX-1660Ti---1080p.product.100492301.html Thanks
  3. What’s funny is that they posted this two days before
  4. Forgive me if I’ve misinterpreted what you’ve written; this is only if you meant the anti-Chinese sentiment as a whole, buthow does this alone justify anti-Chinese sentiment? Sure, it’s different but if we were to attack things only because their different I doubt humans would get very far.
  5. I’m a fourteen year old that can’t afford a phone or the pc my parents funded. I use both to learn about things and I think it’s quite handy to have a phone for an emergency. If you are with your friends for example, unless you want you’re parents to take time out of work that supports the family in order to hover over you while you talk with your friends then you wouldn’t have a handy phone to call someone in an emergency. The key is to educate kids about the devices the year are using, not to ban it because it has some possible negative effects.
  6. I lived in “mainland” China for about six years before, the majority of people there are not what you have described, and I have never seen any odd conditioning to obsess over expensive brands. Maybe your friends’ obsession over fancy brands could stem from a different reason? Your wording leads me to believe that you haven’t really seen what most people in “mainland” China are like. If you live outside of China (I guess that includes people from Hong Kong and Taiwan but that isn’t the limit) then perhaps your friends’ behavior stems from having more money? Like a lot of other people maybe they obsess over these brands because they can afford it? Again I have never seen a majority of people act like the way you have said they do. Only a very, very small monority. There’s no point in saying that you’re not generalizing just because you are of Chinese ethnicity, because DNA shouldn’t impact thought process like that. Maybe you don’t think you’re generalizing, maybe you really aren’t. But the wording sure makes it sound like that. I apologize if I sound aggressive and insulting, that is not my intent. I just want to point out a few things. Back to the original topic, that sucks. I feel sorry for the man though I wonder what reason he had at the time to do that for some Apple products?
  7. Yeah, I agree that going online isn’t a complete (or healthy if it is only that) substitute.
  8. Really? Because I was under the impression that people play games to have a good time as well. If not why would they play? I’m not talking about the games you play alone with no other players, I’m talking about the ones you interact with other players. Those players are real, and so whatever their interactions must be real. You are interacting with real people just differently. I think we are talking about different parts of something here. I’m not saying anything other than the effects of someone cyberbullying online could transcend into real life and make those effects harder to avoid. If cyberbullying affeting people in real life is just bullying we should just say that there is no true cyber bullying since any response to cyberbullying would mean you have been affected in real life. In the end it’s all bullying and saying that it is easy to avoid is applicable to a few things but not all.
  9. I think you would still be interacting with people. You are chatting with them and even if they controlled elements, they are still controlled by people and you would be interacting with that. If not knowing someone automatically makes something not social, would going to a party by yourself and meeting a bunch of new people not social? I do agree that the chances of meeting people you play with games irl are pretty low, but I think in many cases that doesn’t mean you don’t socialize with them. Most people who I play Sea of Thieves with have never met with me in real life, but we banter and chat whenever we play the game together. If we are not socializing what are we doing? As I said it isn’t what people would typically classify as social but it still can be (though I would like to add on to what I said and say that different situations may be more social than others). Cyberbullying is bullying. It doesn’t just become bullying at a certain point. My point is that cyberbullying can affect people in real life as well as around the web, making the effects of it hard to ignore in some cases. I’m not saying that someone should not stand up and all that.
  10. You’re still interacting with people though. It may not be what people typically classify as social but I think it still is being social in its own way. Also cyberbullying can be real hard to avoid as well. Especially if it can affect someone’s life offline (school, that kind of stuff). I don’t get why people hate fortnite; I’ve played the game before and although it is not my type I don’t see anything that is really wrong with it. People seem to be using their opinion objectively, and so if the game is not their type it is classified as terrible etc. It isn’t a game for everyone, but people shouldn’t just automatically think it is bad just because of that.
  11. No no, I do agree it is smart to see how something turns out but my point is that someone should not just refuse a product because it is not natural.
  12. I disagree. Just saying something is not natural and thus should not be eaten doesn’t seem like a good way to go about things, if you specify more about what you mean as not natural then that would help. Otherwise, I’ll say that our current way of getting meat is unnatural. I’m not saying it’s a good idea to eat it with no precaution, but I do not believe it is okay to absolutely refuse to eat something because it is unconventional and nothing more. If we went by that logic then vaccines shouldn’t be used, and we would have to take a look by all plants influenced by people because they didn’t “naturally” develop. We we need to try things out in order to improve, if we didn’t we probably would have died out a long time ago. As I said before, I’m talking about people who are absolutely unwilling to try something out just because it was made differently and no other reason.
  13. Ignoring everything else (as in, not saying other arguments are false or true and only focusing on this argument), I don’t get the “natural” argument. What exactly is natural? When we talk about something being natural should we be talking about all things that have had human influences? Is that banana or corn natural if it has been selectively bred by humans? If humans are natural then wouldn’t everything we do and make be natural? The word natural seems very fluid. If it passes the requirements to be meat then I feel it is meat. It being natural or not should not affect it. It’s like saying if a cell divides outside of its usual environment it should not be considered real. I’m not in any way saying we shouldn’t be cautious, I’m sure problems will be caused because of lab grown meat, and if you don’t want to eat lab grown meat it’s fine but people seem to be treating this like there is no time to transition from our current ways to the future (apologies if I’m wrong) and not even willing to give it a chance.
  14. It'd be nice to buy used but my parents are kind of fishy of it.
  15. Hello! I was just wondering if anyone thinks that there would be any good deals with the RTX 2070 on Black Friday/Cyber Monday (More specifically the XC Ultra)? And with said card, can a 550 watt PSU suffice? Thanks for your time.