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  1. Jarryd

    What to buy now

    i didnt mention Nvidia cards coz they are overpriced where i live and i can get the 590 for cheaper than a 1660
  2. Jarryd

    What to buy now

    RX 590*
  3. Jarryd

    What to buy now

    I am coming into money soon and was wondering do i buy the rx 580 now or wait for the new navi lineup from amd
  4. Been wantint to upgrade my pc but dont have a lot of money as i am a student so i was wondering if this would be a good upgrade or if i would need to gop with something a little more powerful my pc specs are as follows Ryzen 3 1300X 8GB RAM RX 460 2GB B350 motherboard 500W PSU
  5. Jarryd

    My board won't post

    its ok i got it to post i dont think i reset the cmos properly thanks though
  6. I wanted to install a clean windows so I erased all my drives and changed my boot order and now my PC won't boot I've tried resetting the CMOS and I have scoured the forums and I cannot find anything that helps I have a b350m gaming pro mobo with ryzen 3 1300x I do not have money to be replacing any components Please any help is greatly appreciated