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  1. Actually, it depends on the MOBO on whether it makes a difference or not wicch ports you use. Not all SATA ports run off the CPU. Some will run off the chipset or even additional chips on the MOBO 9the latter may not allow drive utilites to "see" a drive connected to it or may have a size limit). Also, especially older boards, not all ports are the same speed; some with be 6.0Gbps while others would be 3.0Gbps (it makes a difference if using an SSD). Also, sometimes SATA ports are shared with PCIe slots, m.2 ports, etc. The only way to know for sure is to check the manual for the MOBO.
  2. Lady Fitzgerald

    Ford's New Electric Truck!

    I was talking about babying a truck. You can use a truck like a truck without beating it up if you're just a little careful. I put a bed liner inside the bed of my truck shortly after I got it so I didn't have to worry about dinging up the bed with stuff I hauled in there. I'm careful not to bounce it off trees and rocks (not to mention other vehicles, streetlight pole bases, small children, etc.). But I use it like the truck it is. I plan on installing some Thule tracks on top of the bed cap (which has tool boxes on the side instead of windows) and the cab of the truck so I can put removable cargo bars on top whenever I have something long to haul so I don't have to worry about scratching up the top paint and finding a place to tie the load down to. The last long load I had was 9' long and I had to haul it by sticking it through the rear window of the cab and the front window of the cap, which was a bit of a nuisance (it's not the first time I did that, either, but I would like it to be the last).
  3. Lady Fitzgerald

    Show off your latest purchase!

    I was disappointed to find out that Ryobi discontinued the 5 1/2" 18v saw. I (and my old body) love it's considerably lighter weight. I did find one of the remaining 5 1/2" saws from a vendor on eBay (who turned out to be an Amazon Fulfilled vendor advertising on eBay, may he roast) that I bought as a spare while I still could get one. It's the latest model that has a few more features than my antique. I'm going to use the new one on wood and keep an old carbide blade in the old one to use for cutting sheet metal. The 6 1/2" saw doesn't make much sense since it's only 3/4" smaller than the 7 1/4" saw and hardly weighs any less. I have been drooling over the 36v (uses two 18v batteries) 10" miter saw, though, but I'm holding off until I have a project I really need it for. Ryobi keeps inproving their 18v tools (while keeping them compatible with the older batteries) so it's usually better to wait until one needs a specific tool instead of buying right away and letting it set for a year or more before using it. You just have to watch that they don't discontinue a good one, like they did the 5 1/2" circular saw.
  4. Lady Fitzgerald

    WARNING Do not rip off panel film

    That guy was painful to listen to. Why people don't write out a script before making their videos is beyond me.
  5. Lady Fitzgerald

    Ford's New Electric Truck!

    The "monsters" you are describing are actually a minority of truck owners. Granted, a very noticeable minority but a minority nonetheless. While I understand what you mean by abuse (you sound a bit like my Daddy putting down people who wouldn't use their trucks for trucks because they were afraid to scratch them), considering I paid more for my truck, which was gently used (7200 miles on it) when I got it, than I ever paid for anything else in my life, including a three bedroom house, I use it for a truck (heck, that's what I got it for) but I still do my level best to keep it nice looking (and have done so quite well).
  6. Lady Fitzgerald

    LGBT community

    if nothing else, that gets points for geekiness! My cameras are limited to a small point and shoot, a larger point and shoot that thinks it's a DSLR, and the camera in my fliphone that makes a potato camera look good compared to it.
  7. Lady Fitzgerald

    Ford's New Electric Truck!

    There's enough produced in Washington, D.C to run the world. Excuse me? Many, if not most, people with pickups have them for very practical reasons, especially those with families. Just because you frequently see pickups with only a driver doesn't mean that is the only way they get used. One reason I have an F150 Supercrew is so I can haul passengers around comfortably and still be able to haul a load. I remember back when I had a little Ford Ranger (mini-pickup), anytime I needed to haul more than a couple of passengers, I had to rent a car. If I had a large load, I had to pay for delivery. I graduated from the Ranger to an Isuzu Rodeo to get more passenger room but missed the cargo space I could put anything into, no matter how nasty. Since no one made a practical 4 door mini-truck at the time (or since), I got the F150 and do not regret it. I can haul up to five people comfortably and safely (six, if one has short legs) and haul a load in the back. I may not need all that capacity all the time but, when I do need it, I need it. Having two vehicles--one for short commutes and one for large loads--is not cost effective or practical so I have the F150 for both. Added to that, larger vehicles are usually safer than smaller ones. My F150 got sideswiped on a freeway a little over a year ago. The damage to the truck was mostly cosmetic ($2500 worth, fortunately covered by insurance) and the damage to me was just jangled nerves. After dealing with the gendarmes, I was able to drive the truck away (abeit carefully because the driver's sideview mirror got knocked to Kingdom come). Had I been in a small car, it probably would have been totaled, not to mention undriveable, and my carcass probably would have had far more damage than just jangled nerves, assuming I wasn't totalled.
  8. Lady Fitzgerald

    Show off your setup & hardware!

    I loved the How to Train your Dragon movies!
  9. Lady Fitzgerald

    Show off your latest purchase!

    The Ryobi 18v jig saw (saber saw for those of us old enough to remember when they were called that) I got 20 or so years ago has a chuck that won't hold blades in it straight unless they are Ryobi blades, something that hasn't been sold for quite a few years. I can cut a straight line by holding the saw roughly 20-30 degrees crooked but I can't use a fence to make a straight cut. I tried getting a newer design replacement a couple of years ago and took it back the same day becasue it still couldn't hold a blade straight. Ryobi came out with a newer version with a different chuck, as well as being brushless, so I decided to try it. This is the little beast: It's completely tool free and actually holds a blade about as straight as one can expect. I like the speed control on it. It has a separate lever from the trigger switch making it a lot easier to keep a steady speed, useful when cutting aluminum and the speed has to be kept low to avoid loading up the blade teeth, something that is tricky with a trigger speed control. It also has extra circuitry to allow the saw to take advantage of the extra power available from the 6AH and 9AH batteries. I also bought a ten CD box set of music claiming to be (it wasn't) the complete works of Thomas Tallis (16th century composer). Inside the box, each CD was in a cardboard sleeve. It also had a CD ROM inside that replaces the booklets that would have been included with each CD had they been packed in separate, plastic jewel boxes. I've ripped all the music CDs using Exact Audio Copy (a great program once you figure out how to use it; Youtube is very helpful). I also cut apart the cardboard sleeve for each CD so I could run them through my ADF scanner and scanned the CD itself, using my flatbed scanner, combining the scans into a single PDF, using PDF Studio Pro 12 (I've had it with Adobe), and included the PDF in the folder for each CD. The CD ROM had a PDF of all the metadata on it besides an HTML menu, etc. I put a copy of that PDF in each CD folder. I also made an .ISO of the CD so I have a digital copy I can run using a virtual ODD. The CDs themselves are now in a 300 CD storage box with all my other ripped CDs (they will eventually be destroyed but I'm keeping them all for now in case I ever need to prove I actually own the CDs and didn't pirate them; I have 585 CDs, some of them decades old).
  10. Lady Fitzgerald

    Ford's New Electric Truck!

    With 4x4, you also have the front end CV u-joints, the front axle lube, and the transfer case lube that needs maintenance. Keeping the tank too low also increases the amount of condensation that can add water into the tank. The more fuel in the tank, the less water can get in. The in-tank pickup sock will keep sludge from being sucked up into the fuel line. Air in the fuel lines usually isn't a problem unless the engine is a diesel; then the injectors can lose their prime and repriming them is a pain.
  11. That is a lovely bird. I'm surprised your at 788, I feel like I've seen bird all over the forum. 🤔 

    1. Lady Fitzgerald
    2. Xanthe_2871


      Posts! 788 posts on the forums.

    3. Lady Fitzgerald

      Lady Fitzgerald

      Well, I've only been here since April, last yearr.

  12. Lady Fitzgerald

    Cases with 3.1 gen 1 type C front connector?

    No kidding! I would love to "meet" the miserable, misbegotten, moronic, mental midgets who were responsible for that insane name change! Stupid or, more often, dishonest manufacturers and vendors have been accidentally or deliberately using the confusion from the name change to defraud consumers.
  13. Lady Fitzgerald

    Adding drives to OEM case - P310

    Go online and look up HDD cages and HDD brackets. There are dozens out there that could be easily added to your case.
  14. Lady Fitzgerald

    Ford's New Electric Truck!

    Actually, the newer vehicles have been far more reliable for me. They can go far longer before needing routine maintenance and usually don't break down as soon. They also get better gas mileage.