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    Az, SSA (Squabbling States of America)
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  1. Lady Fitzgerald

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Sibelius - Finlandia
  2. Lady Fitzgerald

    What did you get your degree in / are you getting your degree in?

    B.S. in Psychology, then spent most of my working career in warehousing (the money was better).
  3. Lady Fitzgerald

    Does DBAN just lifespan?

    If you are going to use an HDD yourself, there is no need to wipe it, especially with something as drastic as DBAN. A simple reformat will be adequate. If you are going to discard, sell, or give away the drive and it has data you would not want anyone else to access, then use a wiping program that allows you to use a single pass to wipe the drive. Before I got rid of all my HDDs and went all SSDs, I used CCleaner's wiping function, which uses a minimum of three passes (even three passes is overkill on modern HDDs but that was the lowest number CCleaner would do). Wiping will not measureably reduce the life of an HDD but anything more than a single pass is just a waste of time. SSDs, on the other hand, should never be wiped (i.e. witing ones and zeroes to obliterate data by overwrting it). Secure Erase will not noticably reduce write life. Most SSDs come with utiliies that will include Secure Erase or PartedMagic can be used.
  4. It's pretty sad when a company has to resort to what is essentially bribery to get people to use their services. Now here is a radical concept. Make services and products that are good enough that people will actually want to use them without being bribed, forced, or tricked into using them.
  5. Lady Fitzgerald

    What can I do with a bunch of old HDDs.

    If you no longer need them, donate them to a thrift store or drop them off for recycling (which is probably what the thrift store would do with them). Those drives are pretty much obsolete, especially the IDE. You will have a tough time finding anyone still using computers with IDE. The others are too small to be of much, if any, use to anyone. Heck, I don't even use HDDs anymore and I won't even buy a SATA SSD smaller than 2TB.
  6. Lady Fitzgerald

    What Annoyed You Today?

    First, when you partially quote me (or anyone else, for that matter), indicate it's a partial quote using ellipsises (if you don't know what they are or how to use them, look it up). Second, include enough of the quote to so it's clear what you are referring to. One word didn't cut it. Robo calls do not use random number generators. They just call every number in an area code or exchange in numerical order. In the SSA (Squabbling States of America), the more responsible robo callers (relatively speaking) will use filters to avoid calling cell phones (it is illegal to robo call cell phones) and/or exclude phone numbers on the DNC list (with some exceptions, it's illegal to call numbers on the DNC, period). Unfortunately, there are telemarketers that break the laws against phone abuse and get away with it because they use phone numbers assigned to the clients they represent which allows them to slip under the FFC's radar or they are calling from outside the country where the SSA can't prosecute. I agree that the telecoms could track them and shut them down if they were sufficiently motivated. Sadly, Ejit (sic) Pai doesn't appear to be interested in providing that motivation.
  7. Lady Fitzgerald

    Best disk cloning software?

    Another vote for Macrium Reflect Free. I've cloned drives even while still in use without any problems (other than the one time the source disk was corrupted).
  8. Lady Fitzgerald

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I get, maybe, one a month on my home phones. I eliminated most of the calls when I ditched the land line and replaced it with a cellular connection that's connected to the base station of my cordless phones. Robo calls to cell phones are illegal so that eliminated the vast majority of the calls I was getting before. I get the same thing. The few calls I get on my home phone number are spoofed to the same exchange as my phone number. Only three callers are involved: one claiming to be from a hotel chain they claimed I used (I didn't), one claiming I won a cruise (Yeah, right! Like, how many times can I win?), and the ubiquitous credit card scam. I'm very particular who gets my home phone number. for companies who think they need my phone number (but don't) and store discount cards that use a phone number for the ID, I give out my former land line number (which is still mine even though I'm not using it; the bundle discount is considerably more than the cost of the land line) with the exchange replaced with 555 (anyone stupid enough to call the number will just get directory assistance). I eliminated the problem of getting charged for spam scam calls on my mobile phone by disabling voice mail and texting (I don't text anyway; if someone wants to talk to me, they can talk to me). I also keep my mobile phone turned off unless I'm going to use it (saves on battery life). The scam calls and texts don't go through thus not running up my phone bill (I'm on a pay as you go plan that charges $1.99 per day on days I use the phone). I have caller ID out blocked and I don't give out the number to anyone since they can't call me anyway since the phone stays off unless I need to make a call (I got the phone mostly for emergencies).
  9. Lady Fitzgerald

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I just got a call from a *&^%$#@! phone number spoofing, robo calling telemarketer.
  10. Lady Fitzgerald

    What Annoyed You Today?

    Not just work (atually, in my case, not at work, period, since I'm retired). I carry important papers (a.k.a. a roll of TP) in my truck for such emergencies. Also, at my age, I act on the first suggestion I need to go since, often, that is all the warning I'll get. And I never pass up a perfectly good restroom without using it. I plan my trip routes and schedules based on the locations of potential pit stops.
  11. Lady Fitzgerald

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Rhapsodie Espagnole - Chabrier
  12. Lady Fitzgerald

    Backup Software for Windows

    I suggest using Macrium Reflect free to image your boot drive and FreeFileSync in Mirror mode to backup your data drives.
  13. Lady Fitzgerald

    Which movies brought you to tears?

    It's not a movie but last night's episode of Seal Team had me teared up for much of the hour.
  14. Lady Fitzgerald

    Whats Your Favorite Animal!?

    Cats are not domesticated. They domesticated humans. Dogs have human masters. Cats have human staff.
  15. Lady Fitzgerald

    Whats Your Favorite Animal!?

    Awww! Look at that face! I love German Shepherds!