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  1. LGBT community

    Could translate that for us flatulent geriatrics who still speak traditional English?
  2. LGBT community

    Try these websites: https://oneiowa.org/hotlines-support/ https://uiowa.edu/ui-trans-resources/support-community This URL comes up a couple of times when I searched but the site appears to be down for now. It may be up later. It's supposed to be in Jefferson County. https://www.dovehousejc.org/peer-led-transgender-support-group.html
  3. LGBT community

    I did a quick search for trans support groups in central Iowa and got a lot of hits for the Des Moines area. I can't find anything specific without knowing exactly where you are so you'll have to search for yourself. Believe me, a support group will make coming out much, much easier.
  4. Where do you guys stand on Bagpipes?

    I love to crack bagpipe jokes but, when played right, they can be beautiful. I was at the Highland Games in Tucson once around 15-20 years ago when, at sunset, around 40 pipers took the field and began to play. Every bagpipe was perfectly tuned (yes, they can be tuned). They started playing in perfect unison, then broke into two part harmony (the only time I ever heard that done, let alone done well). That and the fact the sunset was one of the more spectacular ones AZ is famous for, made that one of the most beautiful experiences I ever had. Even though I love the pipes most people are familiar with (when played correctly), my favorite bagpipe (there are many kinds of bagpipes) is the Irish uilleann pipes. They have a haunting sound when played correctly. The uilleann pipes differ from other bag pipes in that they have a bellows strapped to the player who pumps it with an arm to inflate the bag instead blowing through a wind pipe and usually have only one, sometimes two, drones which can be keyed. I'll spare you all the bad jokes about Scottish pipes but my favorite (ok, only) joke about the uilleann pipes is that they are the safest instrument to play because they have an airbag and a seat belt.
  5. LGBT community

    That first time can be terrifying--it was for me--but it gets better with time. Are there any transgender support groups near where you live?
  6. Mouth-Operated Mouse!

    So what?
  7. Good way to backup files

    Curious. I see far more posts from people having problems using Windows backup than from other imaging programs. While imaging is essential for backing up System files (OS and programs), it is too time consuming and inefficient and wastes too much space for backing up data only. Folder/file syncing is far more efficent and is much faster.
  8. Good way to backup files

    I suggest using a folder/file syncing program, such as FreeFileSync, for backing up data only (Folder/file syncing is not suitable for backing up System files, such as the OS and programs). Folder/file syncing, when set to Mirror Mode (not the same as RAID 1), will compare the source drive with the destination drive, then it will copy any new or changed files that are on the source drive (but not on the destination drive) to the destination drive. Any files on the destination drive that are no longer on the source drive will be deleted from the destination drive (at no time will folders and files on the source drive be touched in any way). This will result in essentially a clone of the source drive on the destination drive. Since, after the initial sync, only files added, changed or deleted are affected, updating the destination drive (the backup) will take far less time than imaging or true cloning. One feature many folder/file syncing programs, including FreeFileSync, have is called Versioning. When enabled, which I strongly recommend, it will direct files deleted from the destination drive to a user designated versioning folder or drive. This protects data from accidental deletion.
  9. USB 3.1 Header

    Vendor marketing departments were't the ones that came up with the B.S. The USB standards were actually changed to include Type C in USB 3.0, then renamed USB 3.0 to USB 3.1 Gen 1 and renamed the existing USB 3.1 to USB 3.1 Gen 2. I would love to "meet" the addle pated morons who came up with this ludicrous lunacy! Shady manufacturers and vendors have been taking advantage of the confusion to pass off 5Gbps cables, etc. as 10Gbps.
  10. Are optical drives still relevant?

    I still use them, pretty much only for ripping movies and music. Many movies and music albums are available only on disc.
  11. Roisin Dearg (a Scratch Built "Modular" Case)

    I overdid it yesterday, going to the doctor, running (ok, driving and waddling) errands, then remounting the speaker mounts, and I paid for it this morning (I slept off most of the morning). I need to see a specialist about the trigger thumb I developed after my last CA trip. At least my blood work results were better than they have been in a long time, especially my blood sugar level (I'm stoked about that). I haven't heard back on my bone density test yet. I was still sorely tempted by the 6.5" JBL speakers since they have better frequency response that pretty much guarantees I wouldn't need a sub someday so I cut up some of the leftover foam I insulated the window with to make a mockup of the 5" speaker and the 6.5" speaker (I now wish I had used cardboard or scrap 1/4" plywood; cutting that stupid foam made one "mell of a hess" that took well over half an hour to clean up ). Here is the 5" mockup in the right channel mount (yeah, I know it isn't very pretty, to put it mildly...OK, it's butt ugly), but it doesn't need to be pretty for my purposes). There is plenty of room for it and it doesn't look too outrageously large. The crowded spot was on the left channel mount so I stuck the 6.5" speaker mockup there. It looks really huge in there but what really bothered me was the amount of front end overhang (yikes!). This lousy shot shws the difference between the two sizes. For excrement and merriment, I removed the 6.5" monstrosity and replaced it with the 5" mockup. The front overhang is considerably less and doesn't bother me any. Here is the long shot. That looks one "heckuva" lot better (someday, I'll learn to hold the camera level...maybe). I had some serious concerns about the added weight of the speakers, especially the 6.5" speakers. The 5" speakers are 10.5 lb. each and the 6.5" speakers are 13.5 lb. each. Keep in mind that the speakers are cantilevered off the wall around 18". The monitors, TV, and bulletin board are at least 100 lb., the monitor stand is around 30 lb., and the "bridge" is 75 lb. Since much of the weight is cantilevered off the wall, I'm guessing there essentially is the equivalent of at least 300 lb. of weight being held to the wall with fourteen 1/4" x 3" lag screws (I would have used more screws but I was concerned about splitting the two 2" x 4" studs they are screwed into (seven lag screws per stud; yes, I drilled pilot holes first). Between the extra 6 lb. of the 6.5" speakers and the lack of room for the left channel speaker, I've finally made up my feeble mind to get the 5" JBLs. I can order them from directly from JBL but I'm going to shop around to see if anyone else may have them on sale (with my luck, what will actually happen is someone will put them on sale two weeks after I pay full price for them ). I already have the cables on order. I tried to move the computer case the other day and couldn't handle the weight (I have good days and bad days). I'll have to get someone to help me move it to the bedroom later where I can finish putting it together and try to get it working (that last part has me as nervous as a squirrel in a dog park).
  12. Automated File Backup

    I do not recommend automated backups. The big problem with them is the backups have to be made to a drive that is connected to or installed in the computer at all times. If the computer should become infected with viruses or other malware, the backup will also become infected. If you accidentally delete data, the backup will also have the data delete (unless you have some kind of versioning in place). For a backup to be a true, reassonably safe backup, it must be on a drive that is kept disconnected from the computer and powered down at all time except whe updating the backup. It is also wise to keep more than one backup. This usually means one kept onsite and another one kept offsite. I can understand the desire to have frequent backups done automatically. One exception to what I said earlier would be to use a good, paid cloud backup service (not cloud storage, especially not the freebies; they are unsafe). I recommend Backblaze with Carbonite in second place. These services have antimalware systems in place that is far more robust than anything yiu will be likely to have to keep malware from infecting your data. They also have multiple backup generators, armed guards, etc. to protect your data.
  13. Roisin Dearg (a Scratch Built "Modular" Case)

    After seeing my doctor and running some errands today, I remounted the speaker mounts to allow for taller speakers. After removing the old mounting system, I bolted a vertical extrusion to the existing two top horizontal extrusions on each end. To be able to bolt the adapter plates to the new vertical extrusions, I had to drill and countersink a new mounting hole in each plate. I forgot to take a picture of the adapter plates being mounted to the vertical extrusions (sorry!). After mounting the adapter plates to the extrusions, I remounted the speaker mounts to the adapter plates. Besides lowering the mounts so taller speakers would fit without cutting big holes in the ceiling, this new configuration will allow me to adjust the height up and down as needed. I have some additional brackets on order to ensure the vertical extrusions won't slip under the weight of the new speakers (once I decide on which ones to get). I bought a new toy...er...tool today: an extra long pair of long nose pliers. I've lusted for something like this for some time but never really needed them. I recently tried to connect my new TV to my old speakers and had one heck of a time reaching the audio out port behind the TV. These pliers will make reaching it far easier. I found out the JBL LSR 305s have been discontinued (for some goofy reason, JBL still has them on their website). However, they have been replaced by the 305P MkII which are pretty much the same speaker. JBL also has a 6.5" speaker now, the 306P Mkll. The bigger one is tempting but, besides being a tight fit, it is heavier and I already have a lot of weight hanging off my wall. I'll sleep on it a night or two before deciding.
  14. Are you planning on having children?

    I voted no. I already have two children who are older than most of you all and have grandchildren.
  15. Transfering my hdd to a ssd

    I've cloned HDDs to SSDs many times using Macrium Reflect without any problems. The free version, Macrium Reflect Free, is plenty for most people.