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  1. Monitor search is over and I ask my self why ROG cost so much more:

    - creaking noise when adjusting the tilt

    - no control option if you chose sRGB mode. Not even brightness control. Forcing me to use a noticeable worse preset for calibration.

    - 1 HDMI, 1 DP, 2 USB 3.0, 1 3.5 mm that's is. That's all you get on a 1k€ Monitor. Even the 380€ IIyama had more ports.

    - great cable routing until it get's to the stand. At this point there aren't any clips.

    - packaging is better on the dell

    - also minor touches like a fully assembled stand is missing

    - UI is partly not intuitive


    To be clear this is a comparison against Dell which aren't cheap but still cheaper then asus. All the other things are just as good: panel quality, etc. and other different are due to gaming/office audience. 


    btw. even 3.9m radius sucks. It ads (little) noticeable distortion without any added value.

  2. It is awesome but I still think the blue one is superior with recent generations.
  3. 4. the red nipple on think pads should be removed 5. 640 kB is enough
  4. If a display from different manufactures use the same panel does they share the same coating or is this up to the company ordering the panels?
  5. upgrading monitors is difficult:

    1. broken panel

    2. bad image quality/coating

    3. Samsung raised the price from 300 to over 400€

    3. missed a Dell U3415W by a few hours

    4. MSI MAG341CQ (100 Hz) sells for 400€ but is 1800R.

    5. don't know whats next

  6. Even the fake ones are good enough for 5V 2A but don't trust there raiting nor the chip they tell they use. If you need fixed voltage just buy a 5v version and not those adjustable boards.
  7. Apple is special. I also have come across a allen key for a display hinge in a older device. But for real notebooks there isn't a need for more then PH screw bits. Lately a heatgun and glue remover get's very important. For repairs also debugging and SMD soldering skills. I prefer multiple sheets. Each sheet is a layer and the screw is where it would be in the real device. Much better then labelling 20 or more different bins and remembering where everything goes.
  8. One Phillips screw drive is all you need for most desktop repair. For laptops things get complicated. Most of the time two smaller ph screw driver and a few old credit cards are enough.
  9. Why are highly automatised systems always critical? there isn't any human to catch errors or the human is supervised to follow the system regardless of common sends.

    Like mailing small Pentel HiPoly mines in a non sealed packages.


    Next problem these company's also have a strict organisation preventing customer feedback so they can't fix the issue with a software update since they aren't aware of it.


  10. You start noticing how bad displays are if you play around with the colorimeter.

    Dell U2515H holds up quite well but my notebooks are bad.

    thinkpad 12 is the worst of them:



    1. Bananasplit_00


      I'd love to test my laptop because it's panel is the worst thing I have seen. Cheapo old TN is way closer to true colour than this modern fairly high end buissness laptop HP made

  11. product description: 


    Monitor as good as new!

    Little dent in the frame.


  12. China is a copy cat. If you can find one part with the same part numer APA2068 then it is likely that all manufactures sell AB amplifier under this name with similar performance. The letters after APA2068 are just additional parameter specifying things like packaging, temperature range and so on.
  13. You don't buy it. You are gifted the chance to own a pro device.
  14. LCSC says AB: https://lcsc.com/product-detail/Audio-Power-OpAmps_Anpec-Elec-APA2068KAI-TRG_C11147.html
  15. Amazing even if you inform amazon about hacked seller accounts/scammer they are unable to spot it.


    Just another example which looks suspicious: https://www.amazon.de/s?me=A3AA2N4GZUV51&marketplaceID=A1PA6795UKMFR9

    A small pharmacy selling 400 pages with all kind of stuff.

    The other case was much clearer: googling the shop showed a shop trading health items and run from residential area, again 400 pages of all kind of stuff, 2/3 of the price of the competition, reviews showing they traded health related items in the past and amazon sad no problem this is legit and if not just use AZ warranty. Two days later it was gone. 

  16. Slowly I start hating Intel:

    spectra and meltdown started a software performance degradation into the double percentage region and now the N4200 has some durability issues.


  17. Nice promotion.


  18. besser als was ist letzte prise ka ob ich den typ direkt gelöscht habe
  19. Why does my IIyama XUB3490WQSU-B1 looks like shit and the Dell U2515H sharp?
    contrast is better and DPI is comparable? which number am I acutely looking for?

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    2. James Evens

      James Evens

      Sry for spamming your notifications.

      but what would you say to this:



    3. Origami Cactus

      Origami Cactus

      idk about that. I know that generally LG and DELL use high quality coating.

      I personally use tftcentral and rtings for monitor reviews.

    4. James Evens

      James Evens

      I can tell you that budget LG from five years ago are as bad as the one I had today. 

      If the coating is the problem then the curved ( :( ) Dell looks good.

      Guess I will be tomorrow again in Frankfurt without attending IAA to just take a look at the flat Samsung panel. 

  20. ESD grounded soldering tip don't heat them too much if they pop dry them in the oven last step would be using low temperature solderpaste if you use 0603 you need a PCB below. All my trys to make it work with just wires in between resulted in some cracked LEDs.
  21. Fast alle Nachrichten war ob das Windows Tablet mit Android läuft Bei der 2€ Aktion auf Ebay gestellt und zügig verkauft bekommen.
  22. What a great feeling if your purchase from a reputable seller is a gamble.

    option 1. they screwed up (again on the same item)

    option 2. it is a different one

  23. Share your enclosure. There are quite some 3d printer owner who don't know fusion.
  24. @dualkeyboards will still work. This more a measure to stop employees to take data easily away and not much of protection against somebody who desperately want the data. For the cloud you need to control the network environment. Trying to ensure employees will follow the guidelines is better protection as looking everything down. If they need to move data around and you block u drives and common cloud services they will start using other workarounds like mailing them the documents and so on.