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  1. James Evens

    Oneplus financing options?

    High end phones are just luxury items. Don't take credit for those things.
  2. James Evens

    Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 1 repair/mod

    @TacticalSquid The only thing which have hold me back is the price: 70€ + 50€ panel is equivalent to selling my notebook and buying a newer full hd latitude (downside the IPs pannel is not as good).
  3. James Evens

    Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 1 repair/mod

    It is possible. A adapter from LVDS to eDP cost 70€ and allows full-hd.
  4. James Evens

    YouTube Outage

    Just open your twitter app: it is global. But could be that APAC is not affected. Maybe linus unboxed a google data center^^
  5. Olympus Youtube has fallen.

  6. James Evens

    YouTube Outage

    more strange: with tor it worked (did not checked where the exit node was). without tor nothing.
  7. James Evens

    Laptop cooling solutions?

  8. James Evens

    PCIE Card Design

    Not sure about latency and datarates but did you already played with pcie SDRs? If you build your own wireless card you need to certify it and this is not cheap.
  9. You can't do this. Batterys are not charged with constant current. It is lowered if the battery is at higher charge. Also don't forgett the efficincy.
  10. James Evens

    windows keys

    does 14 bucks sounds wrong? If you buy from bestbuy or similar reputable reseller it is cheaper but still far away from $14. Most likely $100 home should be enough for you.
  11. Recognition ratio between 18.5-68.5%

    false positive (average per system😞 0.6%


    With 100'000 travelers per day (large train station) flagging over 600 people for crimes they never done with a recognition ratio of criminals between 68.5% and 18.5% is success like politicians say?

    Can't imagine how much fun this would be for polices to get over 600 alerts per day andsystem with just a few real criminals.

  12. James Evens


    Still need some help after you dried it. Disassembly or more solvents to remove ions.
  13. James Evens

    windows keys

    how about a legal source? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/b/windows?icid=CNavSoftwareWindows&activetab=tab%3ashopwindows10
  14. James Evens

    Is climate change real?

    Isn't is now common sense that there is climatic change but this is not generated/controllable by humans? Still a progress over there is no climatic change at all.