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  1. I love Inventor.



  2. They adjusted the "flatrates" this week (Telefonica): 1€ = $1.11


    Nice to get more data but makes me wonder what Vodafone and Telekom is doing.


    Telekom including LTE access (sic.!!!).






    Might be time to move away from Telefonica to a Telco which doesn't save the password in clear text and provide support access to the first four letters of your password.

    Don't like Telekom (Drosselkom and against glass fiber if it means competition to there old copper technology) but they still have the best reception which wouldn't allow browsing  in the train but at least the messenger (whatsapp, threema, signal) would work.


    Completely unrelated but a problem which raised in the last two years: roaming

    iOS and Android  allow you to turn roaming on and off but don't give you the control to activate/deactivate it for some country's. Why does it matter? EU roaming but Swiss isn't EU and there is for example a highway in Austria running right next to the border.

    1. Levent


      You guys are also getting straight up boned with these prices. I guess this is a euro thing. (I am also getting fucked by my ISP and we got no roaming for free whatsoever.)

    2. James Evens

      James Evens

      These are already the discounter prices and not those they offer directly. Thankfully it slowly moves into the right direction.

      The EU forced them to include roaming. I still have a handful of sim cards laying around from the time before this got real.


  3. Microsoft promise 4x the performance of the Xbox one for Scarlett.

    XBox one GPU: 1.3 Tflops

    Scarlett: 5.2 TFlops?

    Sure 120 fps titles and 8k will work ...

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    2. Ryan_Vickers


      Frame interpolation already exists and is built into most TVs already, and doesn't require any AI.  It's great for turning 24 or 30 fps into 60 or higher when you're watching content, but it adds input lag so it's not good for interactive things like games.  I doubt they would add something like that to the console directly, but it would be interesting.

    3. James Evens

      James Evens

      Just look at past frames and make a educated guess on what will change in the next frame. No latency added this way.

      If the changes are shuttle enough this works. With cutscene or flashes it completely failed and even pronounced that the input is low frame rate (at least my code). To be honest it was just doubling the led data from 30 fps to 60 fps and not working on full frames.

      I expect the R&D cost for a good implementation would be high for such a system but the production could be cheap as a ASIC might be integrated into the processor silicon.


    4. Ryan_Vickers


      Ah I see.  Yeah that is different to how it's currently done where you have to have two frames and then compute what would have come between them.  I'm not sure how well that would work.  I suspect it would create an atrocious amount of artifacts and stuttering as inaccurate predictions are made.

  4. and the magic smoke escapes I guess the 2A are for the button. LED should be somewhere around 10 mA. No. Now you reversed polarity. How about adding some transistors or logic chips?
  5. Sounds to little. R=U/I U=12V-LED voltage I= led current What does that mean Mobo: +12V RGB minus your button: common minus separate +Vss LED
  6. Add resistors to it. Also you need to swap somehow common annode/kathode.
  7. You can avoid them if you setup a account with them so they can directly withdraw the tax from your bank account.
  8. Some what disappointing. Maybe HyperV will utilise the Ryzen 7 2700 better then Virtual Box.


    A raspberry pi 3 has amazing 0.11.

  9. LTT: we grabbed this, this and just this random mobo

    real publications: we fielded around with x mainboards and n bios settings to drop the power to somewhere below 10 Watt in idle ...

    1. lewdicrous


      One is meant to spread information, while the other is meant to be entertaining.

  10. Everything is fine. Just a random thought about how aqua regia would react with 3d-printer filament.

  11. What is the Arctic P12 equivalent for 40mm or slim 60 mm (10mm)  fans?

    don't break the bank but perform well without emitting to much noise (no connector needed)


    Don't see myself spending 30€ on two noctua a4x20. For example the SUN HA40201V4-1 would cost 2.6€ per fan.

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    2. Jurrunio


      Bigger fan is definitely better, considering how much larger the area of pushing air is. Even if the overall design isnt as efficient, size can solve that.

    3. James Evens

      James Evens


      The gap in between CPU and GPU is exactly 10 mm and the space below the CPU cooler is 40 mm in height.

      So a 60mm/50 fan would be partly blocked by the heat stink and the lower half would go into the duct.

    4. MEC-777


      Fractal Design makes a slim 40mm fan, but they are junk. I had 2 and one was groaning in a few months (worn out bearing) and the other was on it's way.

  12. My cooling doesn't like the current OC settings :(

    Prime95 just cooks the VRM at just 250W. 

    Anyway the two A12X25 at 1000 RPM aren't great but not to bad.



    So time to tweak the voltage and maybe add a little fan or at least a fan duct to the VRM cooler and hope it is enough.


    Also funny that the VRM runs hotter then the CPU even under normal loads.



  13. Depends. I would estimate for those cheap Chinese ones 10 years real usage given multiple failures per year. For the higher priced brand ones like Phillip, Osram, etc. I haven't had more then one failure in total sofar.