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James Evens

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  1. James Evens

    Advice on trying to find a replacement LCD

    They are not all the same but there are compatible models and the pinout is just a cable which can be fixed and looked up before purchasing the laptop/panel.
  2. James Evens

    Advice on trying to find a replacement LCD

    LVDS vs. eDP and lanes are the most important figures.
  3. James Evens

    WARNING Do not rip off panel film

    google how a LCD works. It is the polarization layer.
  4. James Evens

    Is Lenovo known to make good laptops?

    Just like any other consumer device. They have laptops with flaws and descend ones.
  5. James Evens

    Show off your latest purchase!

    @valdyrgramr buying devilmaycry 5 is cheaper then a RX570 and selling the GPU?
  6. Never touch a running system.  🙄


    1. MEC-777
    2. James Evens

      James Evens

      @MEC-777 Ambilight. now each led represents one of the three color channels and my attempts to fix it failed.

  7. The government agency's will decommission them and sell them as one large lot to a company. These company's then offer them on ebay. The non government laptops/pc where rented by company's and returned after some years of use.
  8. James Evens

    How to clean my PC?

    IPA: isopropanol alcohol EtOH: ethanol aka. spiritus
  9. sry screwed up < and >. Also spend the last hours debugging my code to just find out i forgot how c++ handles float division. how you can skip the spaces? place a if before the for loop which adds a space to the output string or calls the for loop. If it needs to handle all inputs and don't need to be fast: ask if the letter is part of the alphabet and if it is not add it to the output. Otherwise call the loop.
  10. if (output_num > 25) { output_num = output_num - 26; } output = output + ALPHABET[output_num]; If you have output_num=25 it will afterwards -1 and it will crash your program. just noted it was > and not <. So it was it is fine. ...
  11. James Evens

    How to clean my PC?

    IPA? don't think so more EtOH.
  12. James Evens

    2 in 1 Laptop Recommendations

    Thinkpad X1 yoga. RAM is soldered on. M.2 SSD can be upgraded. Battery is screwed in.
  13. James Evens

    Fun project for the kids

    Still make a backup of the SD card before trying anything. Clean is a bit more work. Either you have luck and generic Rockchip .RK3188 android roms have enough similarities so most features/devices will work or you need the original stock ISO/ROM from the citaq support.
  14. James Evens

    Fun project for the kids

    yeah a SIM card which should be deactivated ... Now you have access to the usb (probably the "debuging port" they mention in the sales material) and the SD card they also mention. First step remove the SD card and make a ISO of it. In case anything goes wrong you could flash the ISO back to a SD card. Do you want to "clean" the OS or install a new one?
  15. James Evens

    Fun project for the kids

    fail ... on topic: Since it looks like you can close the app close it and enable ADB access and remove all the apps they installed on it. Otherwise ask the Citaq support if they can supply you the original image.