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  1. That polish review is awesome, thanks! Quite the little beast, it seems. Odd that it never got reviewed by more prominent sites.
  2. Speaking about limited data - Eisbaer 120 is in the list but I only found this review: https://www.hardwareasylum.com/reviews/cooling/alphacool_eisbaer-120/page4.aspx Do you recall any other sources? Because that seems like a very interesting product (copper radiator and would theoretically get rid of as much heat with just one relatively low throughput fan where others in the same tier usually require 2 or higher throughput ones) but I'm not all that confident because of the lack of data.
  3. So... Linus Tech Tips' own benchmark here: Is a case of an outlier? Because here, a Tier 4 cooler is declared superior to a Tier 1 cooler. (I'm not just being snarky but am looking into buying a new cooler and all the conflicting info is driving me nuts )