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  1. Orel

    Alpha 550x can I fit?

    Yes I can that the front thick rad will defntliy fit You think a *slim* 420 will fit at the top (30mm)?
  2. Hi I’m planning to buy the Lian Li alpha 550 i searched for hours and I couldn’t understand can I fit a 360mm 54mm thick (77 include fan) in the front plus !! a 360mm 54mm thick (77 include fan) in the top? Or 420mm 30mm thick I know for almost certain that I can put the 360 in the front but can I put the 420 or 360 (I don’t care which) in the top as well (together with the front 360) I have vengeance rgb memory and I’m scared that they will interfere I also put a photo of the case
  3. I’v managed to overclock my 9900k to 5.2 ghz with liquid cool never go more then 75c (on full session gaming) and also in Aida 64 my only problem is that the voltage is -1.365 Is that ok? The cpu can run on those voltage 24/7 ? It won’t short his life significicly (I’m changing cpu each 3 years) In therms of temps, as I said in regular max 100% use never more then 75c (on hardcore it’s 85-90c, but it’s only on the avx test and no daily)
  4. Orel

    Why the rtx 2080 ti don’t crash

    Yeah but the software on the left sayes 2100 who should I believe?
  5. Orel

    Why the rtx 2080 ti don’t crash

    No even if I put 300 in the number it will go max 2125 sometimes 2150 for a split sec why it’s not stayin in the 2150 and back to 2100 every time? Can I do something
  6. Orel

    Why the rtx 2080 ti don’t crash

    I tested all games possible for hours its 250/1400 memory and it won’t crash Can I try to push more the this 2100/8400 or its can harm the card?
  7. I have the palit rtx 2080 ti and the card won’t crash on oc i put 250/1400 and the card overclocked to 2100/8400 oc without crashing ! Even if I put like 1600 on memory zero artifacts or problem temps are below 60 ( its liquid with g12 kraken) Can it be that I got a faulty card without power limit? I didn’t tuch anything im scar that I’m taking the oc to much further.. And how is the score in heaven? Is it connect with the numbers I overclcok ? (Maybe the card is throttle and I only think it’s oc)
  8. Orel

    Water boiling with h55!!!

    A friend of mine gave me a ek varder i imiditlay went down from 70c to 62 max! i want to add another fan, do a push pull, it will require a lot of work, is it worth it? You think I can squize more?
  9. I have the h55 120mm on the rtx 2080 ti using the g12 braket the temps after oc to 2000/7500 in one hour test are 66-69c Its is almost like the stock coller i can tuch the pipes or the radiator and fell them almost to worm to tuch, like the water almost boiling! What can I do? I can’t replace the h55 it’s to late, and I don’t have room for 240mm rad here is a picture of it, it is the SP120 fan. any seggustion?
  10. Orel

    Will a240 is good for me?

    i will trade mine with a fried for a founders edition and get this a240g kit but can i reach with founders with water cool and oc to a better results then a aftermarket one lik strix with air only and oc ??
  11. Orel

    Will a240 is good for me?

    so every card that i buy if im into watercooling only i shuld alwyes choose refernce ? cause the only diffrent betwen the refernce to the other cards like strix or aurus is the cooler and if im water coolin its solve this problem, and the performance are the same am i right ?
  12. Orel

    Will a240 is good for me?

    So that gpu can’t be watercoled at all ?! what tha fuck
  13. Orel

    Will a240 is good for me?

    Can an I find all in one kit like this to cool gpu and cpu that made out from copper or something else? Or myabe a list of thing that someone already wrothe for beginners the only problem is that my budget is only 400$ and it’s have to be from ek site
  14. Orel

    Will a240 is good for me?

    no overclock, just loking for low 40-50 c temps and quit on both cpu and gpu so the card is compitable or no ? cant belive they did it only for refernce design ? its stupid.. if its not compitable with my gigabyte card can i do something to make it compitable ? maybe just buy another water block for the card ? (although i dont know if there is aluminium block to this card
  15. I’m looking to liquid cool my gpu and cpu, and have very limited budget (250-400$ max) im loking for something that will be quit and simple to buy (all in one kit is the best for me) and will lower my pc temps i saw this a240g from EK , I know it’s aluminum but the temps it produce looks good for me and also it’s cheap. And pretty simple https://www.ekfluidgaming.com/ek-kit-a240g My system is i7 6700k gigabyte gtx 1080 Ti gaming oc (white) 16gb ram ddr4 NZXT h440 case will it be good for me? I need to check another thing before order? thanks