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  1. Spartan256

    LMG Office Tour - 2:30pm

    Hey Who else is going to the 2:30pm office tour? I'm staying not too far away from the convention centre and wondered if people want to meet up before and head down to the offices together? My initial plan is to take public transport but if anyone has a rental or wants to share a taxi etc then we can split the cost.
  2. Spartan256

    LTX 19 From United Kingdom

    Good enough for me When are you heading over?
  3. Spartan256

    LTX 19 From United Kingdom

    I already have my tickets but it will be great to meet up with other uk people heading over. Just let me know when and where you want to meet up. I'm flying over on the 24th from Gatwick and heading back on the 31st
  4. Spartan256

    USB 3.0 Ports keep disconnecting devices

    Will try that out. Thanks for your help.
  5. Spartan256

    USB 3.0 Ports keep disconnecting devices

    Should I disable "USB selective suspend setting"?
  6. Spartan256

    USB 3.0 Ports keep disconnecting devices

    It was a fresh install from a USB, was quite a while a go.
  7. Hello everyone I am currently having problem with my USB 3.0 ports. They keep disconnecting my devices randomly for a couple of seconds then reconnecting. This is happening to the ports on the motherboard and on a USB 3.0 PCIe card. I have tried reinstalling my chipset drivers but this had no effect. I am on Windows 10. PC details are in my signature.
  8. Spartan256

    Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway

    Hmm so what makes me interested in the Zbox? Well maybe because its really awesome
  9. Spartan256

    Suggestions for new headset

    I did have a look at the Clouds but they dont have what I want. The I may wait for the Corsair Void headset as they have what I want.
  10. Can you get in to safe mode to clear some of the malware.
  11. Spartan256

    Suggestions for new headset

    Hi guys I would like some help with finding a new headset, which has good sound quality and decent mic. My budget is £100 may go a little bit over if required. Would prefer if the volume control and mute was on the ear cup of the headset as I prefer this setup than a dongle on the cord. Also due to my current setup, it would be best if it was USB. Thanks Peter
  12. Spartan256

    LTT Org Membership Data.

    Hey I would like to update mine. I now have a vanguard aswell Starcitizen name: peteyboy
  13. Hey guys I have a Plantronics 780 headset.The headset no longer plays audio when I have it plugged into a USB 3 hub from a USB 3 port, it used to work fine until today. Windows detects the headset and I can still adjust volume via the headset and enable/disable surround sound on the headset. When I check the playback devices in sound settings it shows sound is going to the headset but just cant hear anything. Everything is fine when I plugged them directly into a USB port. Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. Spartan256

    Software to record video from webcam

    Thanks guy, have changed settings and its much better. I will be using OBS for recordings. Keep up the good work everyone
  15. Spartan256

    Software to record video from webcam

    Forgot Movie maker exists but I will try that later and compare it with OBS.