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  1. camocamo

    MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD but Memtest86 no errors

    As I said, BIOS is already up to date... I installed new ram sticks (100% compatible from QVL) and we will see...
  2. camocamo

    MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD but Memtest86 no errors

    Here's the dmp file. Thank you! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FlhVkFIhxEA8G6ZwIcmp_eh5kXR-XkRc/view?usp=sharing
  3. camocamo

    MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD but Memtest86 no errors

    Nvm, I tried with overclocking but still not stable. In the last days I got some BSODs, Windows 10 Boot is extremely SLOW and PC take tons of time for loading programs... PLEASE HELP ME This is the last BSOD error screen: In the next days I will try new RAM sticks...
  4. camocamo

    MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD but Memtest86 no errors

    I overclocked my CPU to 4Ghz and everything seems stable right now...what the fuck?
  5. camocamo

    MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD but Memtest86 no errors

    One more crash 7 minutes ago, here's the screen from BlueScreenView. BTW I ordered a pair of compatible QVL ram and should arrive this week, I will update you!
  6. camocamo

    MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSOD but Memtest86 no errors

    I cannot try other sticks right now but the RAM is actually read at 3200Mhz by Windows and CPU-Z too. I just activated the XMP profile and never overclocked anything. BIOS and drivers are up to date. Here is the dump file if it can help: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FlhVkFIhxEA8G6ZwIcmp_eh5kXR-XkRc/view?usp=sharing Thanks!
  7. Hello guys! I decided to finally join the Forum because I can not really find a solution!About a week ago I installed the new configuration and in the last period I find myself with a strange problem.It usually happens that while I'm streaming Fortnite on Twitch via OBS Studio, I get this BSOD with MEMORY_MANAGEMENT ntoskrnl.exe error.In addition to Fortnite and OBS, while I stream I usually keep opened Google Chrome (with two tabs), Nightbot, Streamlabels and sometimes Teamspeak or Discord. That said, however, today for example, when the streaming ended with OBS turned off and the game in Lobby the same problem came up. ERROR -> MEMORY_MANAGEMENT And I discovered from BlueScreenView is caused by ntoskrnl.exe+1637d0 Bug Check Code: 0x0000001aThis is my actual config:PSU - Thermaltake Smart SE 530wCPU - Ryzen 5 1600xGPU - MSI nVidia GTX 1050TIRAM - 2x8gb 3200Mhz G.Skill Ripjaws K2 F4-3200C15D-16GVK MOBO - Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 SSD - Crucial 512GB M550HDD - 2x1TB WD 7200 64MB SATA3 Now let's move on to what I have done. As soon as the MOBO arrived and I mounted it, I successfully flashed twice, updating to the latest BIOS version available on the manufacturer's website. For the RAM, I only set the recommended XMP profile to reach 3200Mhz in the BIOS, no overclocking and set the Windows Boot Loader as unique and only #1 Boot Source. The sfc / scannow did not report any problems. I formatted twice, trying to recreate the Windows bootable key by downloading the 64-bit image from the Microsoft site. Then I made the various checks to the RAM, starting from the Windows Diagnostics tool that did not find errors, (8 hours, 4 full passes) test with Memtest86+, which again, did not report any kind of error. A while ago I tried to reverse the banks, move the ram from slot A2 to B2 and vice versa and perform a CMOS reset. I'm desperate, I can not afford these continuous crashes with a newly assembled pc! In the hope that some angel can help me, I am attaching here also the log of BlueScreenView. How should I move? Should I request the RMA of RAM? MOBO? (I'm a bit tilted because I did not encountered problems in the tests, and RAM are regularly read at 3200Mhz also from CPU-Z). Thanks in advance, Camo