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  1. rushtontj

    Budget 120 mm RGB fan?

    I currently run Nanoxia Deep Silence 120mm's
  2. rushtontj

    Budget 120 mm RGB fan?

    Hello all, Can anyone recommend a cheap fan that has both outer ring as well as hub / fan blade illumination please? I can see lots with either / or but am struggling to find one with both! bonus points if they're quiet as well Many thanks in advance!
  3. rushtontj

    Need help choosing a 24" 1080p 144Hz panel

    Hows that for timing! Looks like I'm holding off until after the 15th then to see how the various freesync monitors handle G-Sync.
  4. rushtontj

    Help regarding monitors

    I'm deep into researching a new monitor as well. Everything I've seen about the VG248QE states that it is a very nice panel for the price....... however it is a very old model released in 2013 I believe. https://www.monitornerds.com/asus-vg248qe-best-144hz-1080p-monitor-2017/ I'm considering the LG 24GM79G-B
  5. Hello All, Been doing lots of research and need some help deciding between the following please, or if anyone has a better recommendation then that would be welcome also! LG 24GM79G-B - This is my favourite option, looks like it has decent image quality (after modifying some settings) while still having the response time of a TN https://www.reddit.com/r/Monitors/comments/87684s/bad_reviews_for_lg_24gm79gb/ VG248QE - Looks to be a decent option and is recommended over the above by a few places, however it's quite an old model, my intuition tells me that something better must be available! The following two also appear to be worth considering: XG2402 G2460PF Many thanks in advance!
  6. rushtontj

    Monitor upgrade from S23B50

    Hello All, Feel a bit jack joining and asking for advice straight away, hopefully I can help some other people out going forward I'm currently rocking a S23B50 (23" TN panel with a 3 ms response time) powered by a GTX 1060 6 GB and a Ryzen 3 1300X. It's getting a bit long in the tooth and I'm looking to upgrade but am stuck in the conundrum of response time vs image/colour quality as I enjoy a lot of R6 Siege but also single player games like Fallout and Mass Effect. My current monitor seems fine in Rainbow Six for responsiveness but in Fallout etc when I compare to friends rigs with similar specs who game on living room TV's their picture is noticeably better than mine. I'm happy enough with the size , although want to go to 24" this time. Also happy sticking at 1080p with its associated FPS buffs, I upgraded from a FX-4300 so I'm actually living in the future at this point! My budget is approx £200 I was tempted by a LG 24MP59G which lists a response time of 1ms and is also IPS which should solve my quality problem, however I think that I'd only get 1ms with their 'blur reduction' turned on? This seems to have a very unpleasant strobing effect which I'm not willing to put up with: Is this right and if so how playable would siege be with it turned off? It's specs are confusing to say the least with multiple times listed! Response Time_Typ. (on/off): 14ms(Typ) (GTG): 5ms (Virtual 1ms with MBR) Other than that I considered a straight upgrade to the Samsung S24D330H, detailed reviews are a bit thin on the ground though, will this have pretty much the same image quality issues as my current monitor or will it be much better being newer? My third thought was to go dual monitor, keeping my current screen for Rainbow Six etc and buying an IPS panel for single player games? What are peoples thoughts? Are there any other suggestions for screens that fit the bill? Many Thanks in advance for any help!