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  1. Hello can anyone point me to a schematic for this board or tell me what is that orange-ish squere labeled PU3009 ? Because mine (2nd pic) looks 'cracked' or something and considering the board isnt working could that be it ?
  2. Frag1

    Decent gpu with low tdp ? <50w

    1050ti is also a good amount more expensive and 75w. if its down to 1050 2gb vs rx560 4gb ill take cheaper 560 external power limit ~200w
  3. Frag1

    Decent gpu with low tdp ? <50w

    I wouldnt consider any of those decent. 1030 is a joke and 1050 only has 2gb vram plus is more expensive around here.
  4. Hello, i know saphire makes 45w tdp version of rx560. Any other cards below 50w ? Thanks
  5. What im woried about is the alt overheats and dies. Is there temp protection ? the load is more like 80A and i figured 20A for the car with everything nonessential like lights radio ect turned off.
  6. Hello, i have a question about alternators. My car has 120A alt. Is that peak or continuous rating ? Can it run 100A load for 30 min safely ? Thanks
  7. Hello, i run my i5 750 overclocked to 4.0Ghz stable and it gets 475cb in cinebench R15. From what ive seen 4670 (nonK) gets like 520-560 so only 10-18% improvement. So i was thinking is it even worth upgrading ? Current specs: i5 750 @ 4.0Ghz 2x4GB ram 1600mhz cl10 R9 290 4GB pc is used for gaming only and lets say for arguments sake i already have 1150 mb
  8. Hello im not sure if i should put it here or in windows section but anyway long story short i have win 8.1 machine and i ended up testing four diferent amd cards: rx560 290 270x and 270. Obviously the rx series isnt suppored so i instaled win7 drivers to run it but it turned out all of the amd cards run better with those win7 drivers. Well at least they get way higher graphics score in firestrike (400+ points, definitely not statistical error). The combined score was the same though. I was like WTF is this ? Should i then expect better fps in games with the win7 drivers ? Is this someting well known ? Because i dont follow tech news much. You know one would expect the official drivers work best.
  9. Frag1

    What are your tech pet peeves for 2019?

    Youtube, i noticed in last few weeks when using the official app random videos have their titles autotranslated into my local language. Its anoying as hell and i havent seen any obvious way to turn it off. Ou and also RGB. I doesnt come blue out of the box
  10. Hello, i was wondering what is the most powerful gpu that still natively supports analog out ? I believe its gtx980ti on nvidia side, if so which version was fastest out of the box ? And what about amd? thanks
  11. We are way of topic anyway. Solved. Closed.
  12. I said they have them on amazon like 3 posts ago. Duh, thats where i found them. Obviously. If you think i remember the exact specific listing where ive seen them for the first time youre crazy
  13. Ah you mean HOW i found them. I just googled 'backward 90 degree sata' or something similar i dont remember exactly and then just scrolled through pictures on google and looked at the conectors and got lucky eventualy. Found a picture with corect looking cable that lead to amazon listing where i got the name for them.
  14. Just google left angle sata, theres lots of them on ebay and amazon. I havent looked anywhere else.
  15. Thanks everyone i found them. Apparently the are called left angle cables.