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  1. Upgrade is beside the point. It crashes both with w10 and memtest usbs. However trying to run w10 yielded one usefull infromation: kernel security check failure. Makes sence, read that in can be caused by ram issues, i probably fcked the slot last time i yanked the stick out sideways. Its just odd it didnt happen right away. Oh well... Its christmas soon anyway.
  2. Ill try it tomorrow but it doesnt really solve the problem.
  3. Hello, I have a problem with my old system, two days ago windows 7 stopped working, it would just hang on the 'starting windows screen'. Thing is i tried repairing/reinstalling using a known-good usb stick and it wont let me, it hangs in exactly the same way. The screen is stuck on starting windows, the mouse backlight goes dark, the numlock light turns off. Now at this point im thinking it might be hw related ? Any advice ? Thanks. system specs: gigabyte H55M S2H, i3 530, 8GB ddr3, gtx 970, W7 x64 HP i can try replacing ram and gpu right away, cpu in 2 weeks.
  4. Bent / broken cpu pins, scematic says 'DMI to PCH input / output. There are 8 pins total, half of them are gone, i just dont have time to test it right now.
  5. Hello, wiki wasnt very helpful, i have this board, can you tell me what exactly does the PCH control on this borad ? What im gonna lose if its broken ? Thanks.
  6. Im not that worried about the 2700x being used or the shorter warranty, i dont expect any of them to go bad, procesors rarelly do. So is the 3600 performance worth 40€ / 25% extra cost ?
  7. Hi, help me decide which of these two shoud i buy. Its purely for gaming, no streaming no nothing. 1) brand-new R5 3600 with 3 year warranty = 190€ 2) used R7 2700X still with 18 month warranty = 150€ Thanks
  8. Ok problem solved, updating the board bios helped. But ist still interesting that msi worked and gigabyte didnt.
  9. Hello i have an interesting problem here. I have three Gigabyte 980ti G1 Gaming cards and one MSI 980ti Gaming card. Individualy they all work perfect in my test rig, in both pcie slots. But if i put any two of those gigabytes in at the same time the system wont recognize them at all. And i mean at all. The video output switches to onborad intel, the device manager doesnt see them, nvidia drivers wont see them, its as if i had nothing pluged in at all. Funnily enough, and this baffles me the most, i tried putting that msi card in slot one and left one of the gigabytes in the second slot and guess what everything just works. Ill get sli, everything. Full specs of the system: Asrock Z97 extreme 4 (only board i have right now with sli), i7-4790k, 16gb kingston ddr3, 1000w psu
  10. Back of the board looks fine, im thinking the leg was partially ripped from the cap itself when it was bent ? And i still want to know what it is actually for ?
  11. Hello i have the above montioned board, i noticed one of the caps might be damaged. Its one of the 3 above cpu socket. Board runs fine though. What is that cap for ? Vcore ? Igpu ?
  12. Thanks guys i kinda suspected its gonna be the right pins since short cards plug in left ones. I just wanted to confirm it. Turns out the first slot (single card) only runs at x8 due to broken pins, though x8 x8 sli still works for what thats worth.
  13. Thank you. Also where can i see in windows if the gpu is running at x16 or x8 ? (i have a few broken pins on the right side)
  14. Maybe it wasnt clear. The lanes are alocated 16/0/0 8/8/0 8/4/4 thats not what im asking. im asking what lanes (pins) in the socket are disabled ?
  15. Man so not helpful. Its naive to think they put that in the manual. I still think its gonna be the back pins, makes sense.