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  1. jmanflooppy

    Self powering computer?!

    no need to be rude, it was just an idea that crossed my mind
  2. jmanflooppy

    Self powering computer?!

    what do you mean?
  3. So i was watching the "CPU cooling with boiling liquid" video and when linus showed the cooler at 3:30, it got me thinking, would it possible for a liquid cooler system that could generate steam and drive a small fan that would in turn generate power. Let me explain the thought process. The cooler looks like a very small nuclear reactor, and if you are familiar with how a nuclear reactor power station works you would know that the boiling water in the reactor makes the steam that drives the turbine that generates the power. So what if you applied that same process to a cpu cooler, You have a tank of water that sits on top of the cpu, the heat from the cpu boils the water in turn making steam then that steam is pushed through a fan that would act as the turbine and generate power. Now obviously this doesn't take into account that you need power to get the cpu to heat up or the fact you would need an endless supply of water to the tank that sits on the cpu, but its still fun to think about. Let me know what you guys think.
  4. jmanflooppy

    ROG Rig Reboot 2?

  5. jmanflooppy

    ROG Rig Reboot 2?

    Hello, i was wondering if there will be another ROG rig-reboot and if so when and how do we enter?