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  1. i got this case practically 100% diffrent. it has a bigger rad holder and it now holds a EATX mobo insted of a ATX. so allot of work with my dremel. btw here it is cleaned and with teh 140mm fan on the side pulling hot air from the gpu my next project is to cover the psu cables cus they look just ah......gonna make a shroud out of either painted plastic or metal. need to see what shape ill do it first tho.
  2. ahh for me i got 2 high rpm fans pushing air up so less dust and for me i just LOVE the look of this case. allways did. this is btw NOT cheap case...its actually pretty rare to find from what i researched. i got lucky to get it wan i did this days i cant find anything about it anywhere. so yea. not so cheap
  3. im a man child wan it gets to that. maybe its because my first case ever was this chine's Lamborghini case it was a plastic shit but i loved it. same here. i donnu i love that style allot. it also had 5 hdd holders at teh bottom so i like that i can keep the top clean from those cables and hdd's.
  4. so i have a pretty old discontinued case from raidmax named "agusta" i love this case because of its vary old look. and almost auto-bot feeling and it with abit of modding fitted a 360mm AIO that holds my 1920x at a nice 75c under pressure. so all is well. 1 thing i hated was the side is mostly closed but the whole for the fan and i decided to make a window my self. so here are the results. got a black tinted acrylic i think its called cut it to the right shape so i can still put my fan and here are the results! i might get some better 2 sided tape because it feels flimsy. and might need abit of moving around but it fits perfect! so id love your thoughts here is a link to all pictures from the process.and i put a picture of how it looks originally because i forget to take a before picture
  5. yea and well its for sure not the caps cus the keys that get pressed at the saem time are a few keys apart so fuck it i ordered it and will see
  6. all good i did a test of the keyboard wan its out of the laptop same problem guess the keyboard itself is broken?....i can allways just get a new1 there like 13$ on ALI...
  7. hi so a update i indeed opened it up and it seem the keyboard got a big metal cover behind it and im not sure what to isolate really.
  8. well its worth a try ill try dis assembeling the thing wan im home and doing that its a fresh install of windows so id guess thats not it sadly. and well will see soon i guess thx tho i truly hope me repluging the eyboard and adding is gafa tape to its back will help XD if not i might just look online for a repllacment keyboard. its allready a free laptop so costing me even 20$ isnt allot if i fix it. thx anyhow!
  9. so i got a preety cool laptop not too long ago its old but it was free from family so u dont say no to that its a lenovo yoga 500 s14 i bellive its decent and i like it but it has a major issue if i press "r" it will type "r5" same as if ill just press 5 it will write the same thing same thing is with "i" if i press it it will write "i=" i tried installing drivers for it thinking maybe its a keyboard software issue but nope. it wasent used for a long time and my family member didnt use it allot so he dosent know why could do it. could that be a hardware issue? but in that case how does = is pressed all the way from "i""??? this is really confusing as i need to use a outside key board to type and if lets say i will press and hold "R" i will just get this: r5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 thats from holding R......really wierd. anyways thx to any helpers.
  10. Yhap just noticed it also think the cpu is 128c so im gonna say goodbye to it
  11. As i wrote allready...lastest bios
  12. i made a topic on that way back but i got massive updates on teh issue and im confused. so i had a old h77 mobo and a 3570k laying around so i build a pc and got a r9 290 to go with it a preety solid pair if u ask me thing is everything was wierd....the gpu will work perfectly UNTIL u install drivers. after u do it and reboot there will be no video. the pc will boot and sounds will go. but u gotta move he hdmi to the mobo (igpu) to get video. and the pc will stop recognising the r9 290 at start i was sure the gpu is fucked cus i got a random gtx 650 i had to work perfectly on this mobo. but i had a freind give me a old z68 mobo he had. and the r9 290 works flawlessly on it! same cpu! the windows is a fresh install and lastest bios i even tried punting a i7 3770 in there and same issue! SO WHY does it work on 1 mobo and not the other! hell there is a 730w rosewell psu in there that should be WAY over what the r9 needs. any1 knows what can do it? id understand "the mobo is broken" but why will some gpu's work perfectly and that r9 only works first boot and isnt recognised after a reboot. id hate to know that mobo is just bad cus its a h77 and id love it more then the z68 but ah.... thx for any help and excuse me for the english.
  13. Ok lets start with holy fukin shit im a big fan! Im fuking gigaling like a school girl right now And yea. At the end of the day i work from this pc and dont mind westing money on it. I feel ill wait for a new gpu im intrested in and just go for it And hell i built my pc and changing it all the time....i feel like it will be the great next step THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERY 1! For the feed back. I think Alex said what i wanted to hear Now ill start researching rads and all of that. I got good time to learn it until navi comes out to see if its worth it Ill just go for a 360mm to replace my aio i think
  14. he does have a point tho...i mean i doubt my thin ass rad can do beter then those 3 times thicker rads i saw on some custom loop rads... XD
  15. 1920x and yea. i do wait for 3rd gen TR tho if that wont do i might move to am4