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  1. I'm a Spanish product designer and I'm currently working on a solution for lighting our workshops. This data is very important for the project so thank you very much for expending your time for filling out the survey <removed> or <link removed>
  2. Ah...Computers... the more I know about them, the more they shit over me... Well, let's start. So my sister's boyfriend birthday was 2 weeks ago and he has a 7 years old shitty laptop that I don't even know the times I told him to throw it away... and I give him an 8Gb ram as a gift, and then, I noticed that he have a 32bit SO. So, I told my sister to get him a sata SSD for his bday, and so she did. The guy doesn't like win 10 so I got a bootable of win 7 on both dvd and usb, I started the system from the usb and got freed on "starting windows" I said "Okay, maybe is a security option for booting from USB" tried cd *same results*. Okay, maybe is the SSD *Swap it to my sister's computer and installed windows without a problem* "well, I'll swap again the drive to your laptop and everything should work, now windows is installed" yeah, no. I had the exact same problem it freezes at starting windows. After loosing like more than 10 hours with this I found that this computer has a built-in software called samsung recovery solution, so installed that software on the SSD using the other pc. Still the same problem... I don't know what to do, please help
  3. Hello everyone! This is my first post in which I'm not asking for technical help so hope you like it! Disclaimer: Furry trash ahead! So I had this ORICO two bay HDD enclosure lying around the house and I didn't want to use it because I was black and everything else in my set-up is white and purple So I decided to disassemble, sand and paint it the way I like And finally added a graphic of my fursona because that is how I want all of my things this is the result: I'll probably make a video about it soon! You can follow me on Instagram if you want ^^ @furtographer_
  4. It's not like a serious BackUP... I painted an ORICO 2 bay Hard drive enclosure and I want it working without spending on a new hard drive, that's why I use only 1Tb drives about the warranty... this drive may have 4 years now Anyway guys, thanks a lot
  5. Hi Everyone! So I'm trying to rescue a 1TB hard drive I had lying around of the house in order to used as a BackUp drive in raid 1. The drive was apparently dead so I took a closer look at the PCB and noticed that one of the chips was clearly fried. So I ordered one PCB and swapped the BIOS, and now it does spin and makes some clicking noises I recorded: To be honest, I accidentally lose one resistor near the BIOS... two times so I swapped it with one of the same board (Not from the donor one cause I lose it too) and because I forgot to do the measure, I don't even know if the resistor has the same ohms I have opened and recorded drive working: So I need to know if this problem is because of that resistor or because something else is wrong The PCB serial is: 2060-701640-002 REV A and the resistor I lost was the one placed at R61 Thank you very much in advance! Disco duro mal.mp3
  6. Sorry, is this what you need? I'll be trying CS GO again, thanks!
  7. Not really, I just took it from an external hard drive (But the drive is exactly the same as WD sells separately)
  8. Okay, I Didn't knew about this program, but I think this is what you asked for. Thank you very very much for helping with this!
  9. That will be a pain in the ass on this build... but I have to try
  10. That could be, but S.M.A.R.T test says its perfect, and everything works fine but games...
  11. Sorry, I'm not a native English speaker, what does coil whine mean? I have an SFX Silverstone SX500 (500W) you may think that's not enough but I calculated the power supply before building and I have only 210w maximum draw, If I'm correct with how this thing works that means I have my power supply at half it capacity
  12. Well, I'm not sure because this happens to me one time playing CS GO Competitive and got banned because the game crashed, then I installed the game on my SSD m.2, played competi again and crashed again (Blue screen this time), but when the computer restarted I was playing casual (because banned) and everything worked just fine... I'll check right now again