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  1. What do you mean 2 fans = 1 fan?
  2. Best solution I have found and I will be doing this myself is to buy any massive twin heatsink - whichever is cheapest - and buy a pair of Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM's to go on them. Which is what I have done in the pic above except I am using an S12A PWM because I cheaped out when looking for an exhaust fan for my old build. Using Speedfan, at 40% without the LNA, it is completely silent in this 275Q case, cpu temp sitting ~45-50c at 4.2ghz on a not-delidded 3770k. Quite high because currently I don't have any intake fans working (thanks ASUS for selling boards with fake PWM sockets up until z97!!!!). Under full realistic load, ie Plex + gaming, it doesn't go above 80C, and I don't have to change it from 40%.
  3. I fit my MSI GAMING X 1060 6GB in it and there was tons of room left. Only issue I have found with this case so far is the fan hub's "PWM" cable that plugs into "case fan pwm" on my motherboard is not long enough. Can't see an alternate way of routing it, so gotta buy an extension, and I only need about 4cm more cable! Also my PSU cables are a mess and too thick to manage properly but that's cos I am cheap (frugal is smart yo) and don't want to spend £100+ for cablemods in a case with no window. So other than the case fans all running maximum and a loud PC it's all good. They are all getting replaced with A12x25 PWM's anyway in the future. Going to run 3x120mm intakes + 1x120mm exhaust + another A12x25 on the cooler.
  4. I just bought one to replace my aging carbide 400r. I wanted to know if you can remove the 3.5 cage but can't find that out so I figure I can dremel it out if need be. You can do 3x120mm fans in the front which is a bonus (more fans on lower speed = less noise) so I will at some point be buying 4 Noctua 12x25 PWM's for it.I have no idea if the corsair fans are quiet or not, because they don't list their model numbers. Well it arrived. First impressions is it is nice and small. Not sure if soundproofed, feels cheap compared to my carbide 400R which was around the same price but 5 years ago. Also it wobbled on any surface, seems the castors are not quite the same length. They should screw fully in and the front ones just go round forever Got to build into it shortly...fun times.
  5. Is that really necessary, and required? Surely just a delid would do?
  6. I think it's next to impossible to cash into FIAT ~3000 bitcoins at a peak anyway...or if you can, actually keep them and not get them taken by the IRS or whoever (Look what happened to Craig Wright the same day someone outed him as Satoshi...)
  7. I tried BOINC and it sat for 3 days with 0 projects available. Which is a shame because I would rather do SETI than F@H. Also boinc software is way, way, worse than F@H is.
  8. 400k+ finally... no overclock on the gpu or cpu. Considering my options now. I want to do a SFF pc build for my daily and lob this rig full of fans and gpu's was the idea, then put it in a corner of the less used room in the house, mine NERVA coin which is CPU only whilst folding on multiple GPU's. But it appears this MB is el cheapo so won't support multiple gpu's without slowing them down. Got to love ASUS in 2012 - make a V2 version of a board claiming improvements but cull the VRM's and the PCI-E ports to save them money aka more profit... So if I wanted to do that I would have to upgrade the board...trying to find a used Z77 fully loaded board that actually works in a tiny country in Europe... they are all selling for £300 which is ridiculous.
  9. Oh and the WU's appear to fail because I only fold flat out, and when I sleep, which is generally 4am to around 1pm. So I pause them when I wake up, and they time out.
  10. I think it was because I had the 1060 in a 2.0 x4 pci-e slot. I have since got it in a 3.0 x16 slot. I didn't actually know of the mistake until today, and i had to clear CMOS to get it working too.
  11. Dell Alienware AW3418DW 34" Curved UltraWide WQHD G-SYNC IPS Gaming Monitor Consensus seems to be, if you get one without BLB, it's the best you can get.
  12. Donor:thesmileyone Team LinusTechTips_Team Score 1,313,883 WUs 50 Date of last work unit 2018-12-14 12:19:28 Active clients (within 50 days) 3 Active clients (within 7 days) 2 Reeeeeeeee
  13. I had it running at 2250mhz for mining in xmrig-nvidia last year. May even have been 2300mhz stable, but core hz didn't give any mining increase. 550mhz on the ram did. I can't remember my settings however. Might try tweaking it at some point, I have no intake fans currently though.
  14. From what I understand, whenever F@H discovers a viable solution, big pharma, normally Pfzer, takes their work and makes a product out of it. Then they patent it and make billions. Are we, by doing F@H, essentially doing Pfzers research for them, for free (for them)??