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  1. so I got a replacement AMD RYZEN 3600 cpu and stuck it in my Asus TUF X570 board and the MSI board and still no change.. ASUS Board gets 520 read and 480 write and the MSI is in the 300s but the SATA SSD works perfectly fine with a I7 7700 laptop I get 560mbs read 520mbs write so im guessing its a AMD ryzen problem with WD drives or with it be a issue cross brand name with the x570
  2. yes I knew that I figured when I mentioned the speeds of the laptop are right but the x570 wasnt those are faulty speeds stated by WD the 400 and 300 and since 3600 cpus are back orderd till mid april due to shortages I cant exchange it yet.. so I was curious if other people where getting the the slow speeds I was getting in the first pic too. so I could narrow it down to a X570 issue a Asus X570, MSI X570 issue or if its a Ryzen 3600 issue
  3. also wd stated the drive has to be faulty as it should be operating in the 500+ range not the 400 or 300 mbps range when doing crystal disk reports but I only found that it is operating faster through a laptop I had kicking around and uses a hard drive caddy
  4. oh well I kinda mentioned it I said 1TB SSD WD but model is WDS100T2B0A-00SM50 well what I was showing is I get the Speeds 550mbs read 520 read on a ASUS LAPTOP CDdrive slot on a X570 with a ryzen 3600 I only get speeds in 400 or 300 where I should be getton 550 as you can see the Asus X570 doesn't get close reason I RMA'd it back to WD I mentioned and I find there is nothing wrong as it works perfectly fine as you seen NEW 1TB and OLD 1tB in the laptop in the 2nd pic so I trying to find out if anyone else is experiencing slow SSD speed in X570 board or if its the Ryzen 3600 issue MSI X570 board = 300-400mbps ASUS X570 board = 400-500 mbps ASUS GL750 laptop =520-550 mbps so I was just wondering why id be getting slower speeds as a slave drive.. all 3 tests I did are with the drive being a slave and the cables swapped
  5. so I trouble shooting my ASUS TUF BOARD I have a 1TB SSD that I was getting in the 400s and faster write speeds etc I delt with WD and they RMA'd it I tested the new 1tb ssd and still poor speeds I also swaped port cables and no change.. the newer SSD does get better speeds but not really and the 2nd row in Crystal Reports is faster then the first row I tested also in a MSI x570-A-Pro Board took the cpu out and put it in there... and I got sSd speeds in the 300s I also tested my Asus laptop as a slave drive in my cdrom port.. and I get the 550 speeds... can you guys tell me is it a X570s issue or a AMD cpu issue... I have a Ryzen 5 3600 I took bench mark pics the first is Left Side NEw 1tb SSD Right Side is OLD 1tb SSD Bottom Left and Bottom Right same Drive just swapped cables so cables the swamp ports just swapped the 2nd pic is the Laptop with Left Side New 1TB and the Right is Old SSD I also noticed the Laptop gets slower 2nd row speeds then the Desktop boards but I get the higher read write first row dunno if the 2nd rows are important I always base it on the first line.. maybe you guys have experience?? I also tried flashing new bios and older bios on the Asus TUF no change.. so I was thinking possible CPU issue..
  6. hi I thought I had a mobo issue and swapped to a different motherboard trying a MSI from Asus... but I wanna know maybe cpu is defective. Sceneria 1.. I have a NVM x4 Gen 3 1TB installed and a 1tb WD Sata SSD... well the SSD I normally get 540r/523w well right now I get 360r/406w.... do you loose SATA speeds using a NVME candy bar on the board? 2... the MSI X570-A Pro motherboard.. Im using a 3.0 External HD Enclosure now it works fine on my Laptops on a 3.1 or 3.0 port. on the MSI board.. it works under the NIC the 2 USB 3.2 Gen 2 Port.. the one next to it with the USB C the one above it Windows sees the HD gives a Drive letter but no file system... when you plug into the 2 3.2 Gen 1 above the HDMI makes windows sounds that your plugin in and out a USB sound and then windows pops up Malfunction USB device ….. and the UB 2.0 works fine just really slow is this a CPU issue? what causes this usb or SATA speed slow.. and here is a picture of the board https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07T4M4XPG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. ya nvme 1tb boots first... the external is a non bootable its 12TB drive holding music etc and if windows is booting and circle is spinning can be 5 min on a Fresh clean install on a 3500mbs ssd but when booting I pull the external hard drive usb cable then boom it works also trying to run Crystal disk report using USB C usb cable to the hard drive enclosure crashes the the program locks it up really on creating test file and shuts the drive off but I do get a Drive letter and files.. but using the USB to regular usb ports toe the 3.2Gen doesn't detect.. and I noticed this over 20 yrs of usb stuff and internal hard drives but never known 100%
  8. I experienced this in the past.. and he just did a video of him building a computer with his daughter using the Same motherboard I have the ASUS WS PRO X570-ACE I have 32gb XPG ram 1tb 3500/3000mbs XPG candybar and I have noticed the SATA ports are slow with a WD SSD 1tb you loose least 100mb/s but it also has issues with the USB and I wanted to know if there is a video I have an External STARTech 3.1 HD enclosure with 12TB drive in them.. if I plug it into the USB port windows will detect but never really activates... and if you try to shut down.. it will never shut down unless you unplug the USB cable. and when you boot up with it plugged in. Windows will either never boot up just the spinning circle.. or if it does it takes forever to get to the login .. and im using a x3 Adata 1tb 3500/3000 nvme so it runs slow and then.. its hogging the system resources I guess.. but if I run this External StarTech external enclosure it works fine for my Asus Laptops in either 3.0 or 3.1 ports so I wanted to know has he ever discussed this? or is there things you can do??? to fix this issue.. as I tried couple settings in the bios but that didn't fix this.. and I have noticed this in past on sata drives plugged in bad USB cables etc.. but I get 165mb/s write on crystal reports on a 12tb WD GOLD and Ultrastar drive on the laptops or does it come down to still usb cable issue?
  9. ah ok.. maybe like a closed loop... and how long do you find AIO or other ones last do they outlast the cpu mobo say every 5 yrs.. least now 1 cooler fits a range of sockets.. not back several years ago 2 or 3 different coolers for sockets.. now 1 size fits all and all you do change the hardware it comes with
  10. oh is it bad if they have a bubble? if it has air.. I seen those custom loops and the resivoir has air they don't totally seal it.. do they work slightly different then from a AIO
  11. ya I was just meaning was from what I read.. antifreeze eats your clear tubing.. but id go the rubber hose route.. and then I wanted 0 maintainace.. reason I was asking in here in the end as I wasn't 100% sure as my idea as I read regular car antifreeze has issues.. and its toxic they all said.. well no one has said anything about Nontoxic food grade RV plumbing antifreeze that was the route I was thinking.. but air cooling works too.. I was having the idea to try since no one has ever talked about RV antifreeze just Automotive grade and ya last part was just summing it up and what I doing.... id give water cooling with RV antifrees its good for -45 and you don't dilute at all just pour it straight in.. if anyone has ever done that throw your 2 cents in.. a question how often do you guys have to change your water in your coolers.. and those AIO are those sealed or can you change the water in them
  12. sorry dyslexia I have... sounded fine to me … what I was saying was 1.. id use Automotive Heater Hose instead of your clear tubing for your neon clear,green,red colored water and that I read antifreeze eats your plastic tub and I not going for fancy just get the job done. 2.. I said when water cooling was invented back in 90s early 2000s water cooling was horrible so many boards fried corrosons on the cpu leakage etc... so I never got into water cooling was too danagerois unless you have extra money to blow where I didn't.. 3.. I also mentioned I was going to do cryogentics cooling by cryotec at the time was a aircontioner hooked up to the cpu which was better then water cooling and fan.. but was too expensive at 500+ to do it.. 4.. I also was saying I didn't do water,, as I read in articles,, That you need to regularly change the water cleaning it so there is maintance and fan blow it out once a month and yur good to go.. so I never got into the water as I wanted to set it up and not bother to change it ever... 5.. I was saying that all my boards I have had were ROG asus with Auto Overclocking software... where as this Asus Workstation board you gotta do the overclocking in the Bios and I don't know the settings to pump it up... never dabbled with Voltages etc in 20 years back in day when no auto overclocking software exisits and you manually had to do it.. so I haven't dabbled since then... 6.. and I was saying I currently have a Computer outside i7-3820 with a 212 on it at -14C the cpu at idle I able to get it at 16 degrees. heck my hds run at about 15 degrees and ssd is at -1C sorry if I confused more. with dyslexia and my run on sentences you gotta try to put periods in... I always had this problem.. Sorry about that