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  1. Really guys, appreciate the help this is due on Friday and I’ve been working on another assessment which involves video editing and it’s kinda tedious. Thanks.
  2. Holy, thanks I’d need to use a modem though right? And which is better for commercial use, CAT5 or CAT6?
  3. Hey guys so I'm currently doing an IST assignment and i was wondering if you guys could give me a list of hardware/ software which will be essential for networking supoermarket. I would prefer if you can get the products/ components from Australian based stores. This is the specifications for the supermarket. Scenario 4: Supermarket Employees: 1 store manager, 1 assistant manager, 4 register operators, 3 customer service staff, 1 stores/dock manager, 5 stores/prep workers Specific requirements: complete wifi access across the store to assist in management and immediate/direct customer service connecting to stores and stock information, a server (separate to all other terminals/workstations), a private connection to their suppliers Considerations: please consider the emphasis on customer service and ‘at the finger tips’ information availability, and theft of stock Thank you guys for your time, I would really appreciate if you guys can help me with this