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  1. Hey guys welcome back. I just bought a raspberry pie 3b+ and its super cool.If anyone interested in that should leave a message below.

  2. HI guys 

     I am posting my new blog about the gtx 1080 how the price are going down because of the bitcoin price e going down. When the gtx 080 release in the market the price was about 800 dollars but when the bitcoin came in the market the price went up upto 1200 dollars. After the 2017 en the price of the bitcoin start going down and the gtx 1080 went to 700 dollars this determine that the price went up and then came down at its acullal pire

    1. Theguywhobea


      I hope you write better on your blog than you do here.

    2. dp380013


      thx for telling me i will try my best next time


  3. dp380013

    pc built

    hi guys I am deep. I love giving advise to the people abort the PC. So if anyone need help advise for the PC can ask me. I wont be available every time but i will get update when it get chance. Since this is my first blog i have nothing to say. so thats it for this blog. Oh by the way i am not good at giving advise for the liquid coiling but i will be OK with the air coiling PC. By deep