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  1. CollX742

    DSLR Buying Guide

    Yunno ebay has has holga lens for Nikon D1's an thats uptempo birdsongspace tech here!
  2. Getting some ethernet roumd sna too brocade silkworm ibm director for kilometer wifi boost and working aix,hpux into mac frenzy for linux entertainmemts ,rocks,rolls,centos,redhats,zfs,bsd,debianZzz..

    IBA - WIN_20170814_105145.JPG

  3. Have HP Micro1000 A600 wiv empty card cage ,an mussing module. Looking for 'dualcards'boards,which yunno used AMD29k but HP spent eons wiv instrumentation studying PDP so mansions werent then Mainframe as DEC boards builds &c get all into box on wheels that is even then 19inch rack box,right. See, cards got sold for twenty bucks wiv the module unknown as purchased what is then 'left', but choice can come into this as dualboards that effect different bus i\o ,disk or terminals,the. Reasons be why personally dont think good course would be too pdp or vax in dec typicals in this as leads too say motorolla or early mac like which,mips is not ,and is a mainframe,nothing against risc but again,eons of isolated unknown studies of computing behaviors created the AMD29k from what was HP 'L' series of processors made from 'silicone & saphhires' . Anyone know of any of this dualboards yunno yer not ever seen or known of such things but yes Im searching and no way am gonna pay near the 'origin'quoted 'price'of ten grand where is ebay at five hundred quid by raspberrypi type Eagle company pcb 'cad'runs,which is far out of my reach, but sure would like this show on the road for connects too other HP Visualize 3D and ibm serial console for NFS networking with houx,aix &linux to all things apple,and intel. Scrapyards is kinda colditz tunnelling thing fence work of witches cannobalizm projected towards ones own form if one tries even suggests of 'perch ease'?