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  1. It turns out, in my infinite wisdom, it was plugged in upside down, which I had ruled out as I didn't think it was possible...
  2. Hi, I've just rebuilt my system in a new case (Silverstone Fortress Ftz-01) and done a kind of soft upgrade. I've kept my old gigabyte motherboard which only has a usb 2.0 header. So I've bought an Alaska adapter so I can connect the front usb 3.0 cable. They'd only be running as usb 2.0 but that's better than nothing However, having installed the adapter, the front ports are not working. The PC (windows 10) recognises that things are plugged in but I get an error message of 'usb device not recognised' and devices are unusable. My best guess is it's a driver issue, but I'm not really sure where to start, there doesn't seem to be much information online as I'm guessing downgrading your front usb isn't commonly done. Any ideas/solutions greatly appreciated. Cheers !!
  3. Hey kids, After an experience with a rx590 that made an attempt to deafen me that left me scarred and deformed, I'm currently looking at doing a build for a capable gaming/productivity machine which is as efficient and quiet as possible. From what I've seen, the 1660ti is the best performance/watt card available right now and would get excellent framerates at 1080p which is exactly what I need. However, the number of different cards from different manufacturers is ridiculous - in the UK it ranges from tiny 1 fan designs to 3 fan beasts, with about a £120 difference in price between the cheapest and most expensive. Those of you who own 1660ti or have experience with them..... which cards are getting the best thermal/acoustic performance? I'm not too worried about factory overclock - the base speeds are more than good enough, I just want a card that will be as quiet and cool as possible under load in possibly quite a cramped SFF case. tl;dr - Which 1660ti design gets the best thermals and is quiet as a mouse? Thanks in advance for the help!
  4. Cheers for all the help! In the end I contacted the seller and they agreed to do a full refund. I think for now I'll stick to my ailing 750ti and look to upgrade when I can do it properly with a new case/psu/both
  5. Super helpful man, thankyou! Will be good to take a look at some actual buiilds
  6. Sorry man I should have been clearer - I was just wondering what sort of fan speeds it would be running at in a better optimised case. I could then force mine to run at those fan speeds using Wattman and see if the noise is acceptable. If that makes sense?
  7. Sadly without bending the laws of time and space I'm not sure I'm gonna get a 140mm anywhere near the GPU with the way my case is set up!
  8. Thanks, that's good to hear. I assume you've got a sapphire card at the moment, do you know what sort of fan speed it's running at under load?
  9. glad you've some experience with the case! And yeah it's the dual fan nitro+ model. I've done some tests artificially ramping the GPU fan up when not running any games and it does seem to be contributing a lot of the noise - however based on what you've said looks like it's only running on such high fan speeds because the case is not giving it enough air. Looks like it might be that I need to look at a different case (as I'm kind of stuck with the PSU it came with without some heavy modding) - as you've said the PSU is straining so the fan is going crazy, also the GPU is running at higher temps than necessary because the heat from the PSU is coming right beneath it.
  10. I recently took the plunge and upgraded my 750 ti which was beginning to chug horribly to the sapphire RX 590 Special Edition that I found an excellent deal on eBay for manufacturer refurbished.In terms of performance, it's fantastic, I'm getting great fps on ultra settings on 1080p on a lot of the games I play (Witcher 3, Doom etc.). However, when playing games, it is incredibly loud, to the point that there's no way I could play anything without noise cancelling headphones on; it sounds like there's an industrial AC unit on my desk. I've checked the fan curve, and the fans are at about the lowest they can be whilst still giving a sensible temperature under load. I've not overclocked it at all, it's just running at stock speeds.It's currently in a fairly small form factor case which puts it right above a hot PSU (EVGA Hadron Air), so I'm wondering whether getting a bigger case and giving it more room to breathe will bring temps and noise down or if it's just a really noisy card. Was just wondering if anyone has this card or a similar sapphire card in their set up as has found the same issues. Was considering upgrading my case anyway so if its worth it I'll do it, but if it's just a hot, noisy card no matter how much air it gets, it's gonna be going back on eBay real soon. Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated.Cheers!
  11. thanks for all the suggestions! In the end I managed to find a really good deal on a rx590 refurbished on eBay - having some issues with noise levels, but performance-wise it's perfect.
  12. I am probably being a bit over-cautious, PC part picker suggested it would be closer to 400w but admittedly that's probably unlikely to ever happen in real life. Other issue is that the PSU has the world's smallest fan so am slightly worried about noise and thermals if it's towards the higher end of it's wattage. You're probably right that it would be fine but I have been thinking about semi-upgrading for a while and this seems as good an excuse as any.
  13. I think I remember looking at the 250D when I was first looking for cases! You're right sadly, think it's gonna be hard to find now but might be able to find one on ebay. Thanks for the suggestion!
  14. Thanks for the in depth info!! I do like the silverstone console type cases but really not a fan of the way they look even with the LED off. I might need to think about what's actually most important to me though, especially as the RVz03 isn't that expensive. The cougars are pretty much exaclty what I'm looking for - look really similar to the Hadron but with a 'proper' PSU. Doesn't seem to be much availability at al in the UK but I might have a dig around ebay and see what I can find