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  1. Got a pair of these bitches home, hope you enjoy the video Bad quality YT video: https://youtu.be/iQIFF1OVic4
  2. Oh, yes sorry, ment 28 march, and thanks Combining it with a 3D printer would it be pretty mutch possible to fabricate any card. Would be nice to make some falso modern multi GPU cards one day now when Nvidia don't do such stuff anymore.
  3. The 5 false replica boards, software and recording where done in only 3 days. Was in really bad time because the company who should deliver the falso PCB (Wich is one giant aluminium plate printed on both sides) only did delliver it the 28 april cuz of some tecnical issues. So when i got it home 8PM the 28 april did i have to grind the 5 different boards out and glue SMD's on, beside making a program to simulate a false Windows 2000 OS running on a modern windows 10 machine. (Yes, it's not just a video playing) But had most of that ready from last years april fool. But still had to work day and night, just got about 20 hours sleep But i'm working with a lot of fakery of replicas of really rare cards to use in exhibitions. When printing on aluminium do you get both the feel and look of a real PCB and even when having the card in hand do you need to take a closer look to confirm it's fake. It's by far the most cheap way to make a replica.
  4. Some of you might remember 3dfx wich who ruled the graphics card industry back in the late 90's. Their latest chip the VSA100 had a max spec of 32 way SLI, thoe such setup have never ben seen, well not until now! The Voodoo5 9000 have 32 VSA100 chips clocked at 166mhz stacked together in greatest 3dfx style to be able to compete against Nvidias Geforce2 Ultra. The cards cooling is so perfectly dimensioned that it even makes a GeForce FX 5800 Ultra cry! The mastepiece supports the state of the art Glide3 and can screw your image up with all the alphabet's diffrent kinda buffers and blurs. Because of gobal warming concerns where this card never released to the public and this is the only replica not yet locked up at area 51. Let me present you - The Voodoo5 9000 !!!