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  1. datboi8192

    Windows Search problems

    This might be a shit answer, but I like to enable WSL (linux for windows) and use mlocate in bash to find stuff quickly. To build an index you do "updatedb" than search with "mlocate -i *thing.stuff*" Heres my favorite command to narrow things down (sed used to change the slashes make it look nice). This example finds all things ending with .iso and grep refines it for things with win in the name: mlocate -i *.iso | sed 's~/mnt/~~g' | sed 's~/~\\~g' | sed 's~.~:\\~2' | grep -i "win" The index might take some time, but its so much better than the frustrating slow windows search crap thing.
  2. datboi8192

    Copy MS Access data to a Word document

    I dont want to sound negative, but is this something new that has potential to grow in the future? Access has a great UI but it can turn into a beast if its adopted and used by multiple people.
  3. datboi8192

    Network Drive Outside Of Network

    Install the free OpenVPN or SoftEther on a machine/VM at home or anywhere else that you want to run a VPN on. I use softether all the time for remote access.
  4. datboi8192

    Best program to transcode movies

    IF your talking about dvds / bluerays that you own then MakeMkv is pretty easy. If its not a movie disk then ffmpeg is the bees-knees
  5. datboi8192

    Mass imaging/ Deepfreeze

    Since MDT is free. You could do something janky with it like create a task sequence that has no interactive prompts then run a script on the machines to set the boot order to PXE boot first so they reboot, and start the task. Maybe have a last step in the task to set the PXE boot to last when it finishes. Then you could even hide the task when not needed if you want to make sure people dont get wipped if they manage to PXE boot.
  6. datboi8192

    ESXi trial ending

    Theres always the free KVM (virt-manager / proxmox) and Xen too
  7. datboi8192

    Windows 10 Make driver installation faster

    Use Double Driver software to back and restore drives quickly. You can inject drives via DISM for what you want, but its harder. than just making a cloned image.
  8. datboi8192

    Compiling MySQL server

    I dont use mysql, and dont know bash scripting but this worked on my ubuntu machine as Gardening pointed out with that how-to link wget https://dev.mysql.com/get/Downloads/MySQL-8.0/mysql-8.0.15.tar.gz tar xvzf mysql-8.0.15.tar.gz mkdir mysql-8.0.15/bld cd mysql-8.0.15/bld apt install libssl-dev apt install libncurses5-dev cmake .. -DDOWNLOAD_BOOST=1 -DWITH_BOOST=../cmake
  9. datboi8192

    school‘s wifi not allow use steam,how to solve?

    Use your phones shared data with your own laptop
  10. It was super easy with the "resource override" chrome extension (After some quick googling). Not sure if it can be trusted, but it was ez.. (keep in mind that the discord button is dymically rendered via discord magic to show the numbers online; so you replacing it this way wont show the dynamic content without alot of effort) If you want complete control, and dont trust extensions; then you can run just this site though something like your own squid proxy server and 'MIM' it with your own trusted root cert to keep https. Then use a regular expression to find and replace the image string manually. But dymaically loaded content that is generated after the page loads will require some kind of extension... some people have even made thier own extensions to replace HTML elemts via regular expressions... looks like it would take some time to figure out though.
  11. datboi8192

    reborn card or esxi?

    For just one computer? I would rather do periodic backups to a NAS or HDD; although the restore is slower. Other hypervisors include, Xen Server, KVM + virt-manager, and Hyper-v. Ive played with KVM, and it seems nice. Its also one of the few ones that let you pass though many types of hardware to the guest without paying for that functionality.
  12. datboi8192

    Can't sync time in home network

    If you know it has outbound port 123 access, then check the Windows Time service and run w32tm /resync
  13. datboi8192

    HELP Hard drive image Restore

    Quote: "A windows system restore point only captures the application and hardware configuration state of your computer - Personal files and folders are not included. When you go back to the previous restore point, only application and configuration changes will be reverted."
  14. datboi8192

    File/Folder Permissions gone wild.

    Looks normal. Maybe your account is not a member of the Administrators group (thus only read, and not write)???