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  1. Planning a new build, your thoughts?

    If you are not overclocking, get the i7 8700 and a cheaper board like a B360. Then use a H100i as Coffee Lake is very hot.
  2. Need opinions!!

    1080 will be faster and has more CUDA cores, meaning it will perform better. The 1070Ti is cheaper and is still a solid card for the price.
  3. Probably a used 750/80Ti.
  4. Chromebooks aren't really that good, as they are limited strictly to Google Drive and what Google decides to put on it. Instead, buy a refurbished laptop for around $300 on eBay. Better specs, and you get Windows 10.
  5. Shitty laptop

    A distro like Ubuntu or Fedora are lightweight and will work smoothly with your specs.
  6. Planning a new build, your thoughts?

    Yeah, that 212 evo isn't cooling that 8700K. H115i if you are going to overclock, not a budget air cooler.
  7. need suggestions on how to upgrade this pc

    Well, you can get a whole new system.
  8. Your waifu is SHIT

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    2. LordOTaco


      The only true waifu or rather best girl is Zero-Two

    3. aki adaki

      aki adaki

      Dame cosita

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  9. Learning Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, C# and C++

    If that is what you want to learn, sure!
  10. What is the response time on the TV. Some TV's have response times of 25ms+ or more.
  11. Price to build computer just to play league?

    I suggest either an i5 8400 with a B360 board, or a Ryzen 5 1600 with a B360 board.
  12. Price to build computer just to play league?

    Yes, this should be in - New Builds and Planning - Don't worry, a moderator will move it there. What is your budget and country? Are you going to use the 1070 for your build?
  13. ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-G GAMING Motherboard

    2400MHz will be a good balance. Only Ryzen favours fast ram speeds. Intel, not so much.
  14. Lost fps over some time

    Great. Let me know how it goes. Do you know what you are going to buy? The cheap paste - Comes with a free stick, if, your into that. More free sticks - More free sticks, if, your into that. The good quality sh*t - Gucci gang.
  15. I have been using PCPartPicker for a while to make build guides for people on the forum, and I noticed when I enter in a CPU, for example, the i7 8700, I get 2 choices. The normal CPU and an "OEM/Tray" CPU. What does this mean? I have read on TomsHardware that the OEM chips have shorter warranty periods, and don't have coolers supplied. That's fine and all, but if they have these drawbacks, why do they cost more?