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    Portrait Display Users...

    related help https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1036015-anyone-use-displays-that-physically-rotate-switch-between-horizontal-and-vertical-portrait-display-how-in-the-world-to-find-all-the-good-ones/
  2. 'Shortlist a selection by the panels that have the features you want.' i dont know how to find displays that physically rotate & switch between horizontal and vertical (portrait) display? does anyone know?
  3. first see this for helpful context, and to be able to recommend a good case looking for the best person on cases to recommend the best value case best value = benefits : cost these are just a few case options 1500 4.5 https://www.amazon.com/CORSAIR-CARBIDE-Micro-ATX-Mini-ITX-High-Airflow/dp/B00LA6WXEO/ 1000 4.4 https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Core-Computer-Chassis-CA-1B8-00S6WN-01/dp/B015UDUAKG/ low noise case https://nucblog.net/2018/11/akasa-newton-jc-fanless-case-for-gemini-lake-nucs/ Luna-Design DNK-H Intel NUC with external power supply PT13B Deskmini A300 what case is the best value, and why is that pick a better overall value than all the others? best value case is not limited to these options
  4. need to know eventually if the price scales well: "the price to 32 or 64 does not scale well. if you know of 32 / 64 ram that scales well, then would just go 32 / 64"
  5. 'motherboard's QVL list for the ram you want to buy. Ram not being on the QVL list doesn't necessarily mean it won't work with the board, but RAM being ON the QVL list means your motherboard maker specifically tested that RAM with your board at its stated XMP and it works/is stable' ok you're saying do mobo pick first, then ram, ok guess this cant be done yet then
  6. 'Lower CAS is best, the timing is listed as "CL14" for example on RAM specs. Speed, I recommend 3200MHz personally as A: it's usually cheap and performs extremely well & B: most website/YouTube reviews have found return on investment or performance for clock significantly lessens once you go above 3200MHz.' ok what's the best ram? ill take a look at link
  7. mobo option gigabyte B450 I Aorus Pro why does this have a better use value than everything else?
  8. ryzen 3300g 1. we gotta know how performant it is exactly, and how much better it is exactly than prior option with testing on real software that are commonly used 2. we gotta know if there is actually any benefit to the 'extra' stuff 3. we gotta know if there's any real value when it comes to using it value = when there's actual real verifiable benefits that comes from use this is the most basic + obvious thing in the whole world of computing and everything
  9. options GW2765HT No theres no button to mechanically rotate the display, you use your arms and hands. Yes its easy to rotate. LG 'just get a display with a nice stand, dell ultrasharp and HP EliteDisplay' what in the world is a 'nice stand'?
  10. win10user10

    if you know about youtube + chrome

    anyone know?