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  1. I have only heard that it is really good i didn't relise about lose of data n all i remember i use to have it then i stuffed it up, If you do it and it works correctly can it stuff up randomly? And if not storemi is there any other programs that are better or so?
  2. Hello i have a samsung 500gb m.2 960 evo and a 4tb hdd and awhile ago i wanted to combine them but at the time you couldn't if it was above 2tb all up when you used storemi but recently i was reading and people were doing it with 4tb hdds and all and i was wanting to do that. My m.2 is my primary drive with windows on it and so i want to combine them without formatting the 4tb hdd but i don't mind formatting my m.2,if there is any program that i have to use or anything or even how to do it using storemi i don't mind just as long as i can combine it i'll be laughing thanks. Specs gtx 1060 6gb corsair vengence 8x4 ddr4 2666mhz ram asus prime x470-pro motherboard ryzen 7 2700x 8 core 4tb hdd samsung 500gb 960evo m.2 rm1000x 1000watt psu hope that helps
  3. Hello i bought a Hyperx Cloud II Headset awhile back aand it came with dolby atmos and i recently reset my pc and now i am trying to get my dolby atmos back because my surround soound is absolutely garbage and i was wondering how would i get it back please help thanks
  4. i can notice the diff in frames easy af personally
  5. learning to oc my 1060 6gb rn for better performance til i get a new card
  6. competitively cs, apex, rainbow and just whatever shooters tbh but cs i get roughly 260 fps
  7. good was thinking of upgrading that to a rtx 2080ti soon anyway
  8. what do i need to upgrade if my computer isnt ready for 240hz?
  9. i got a ryzen 7 2700x and a gtx 1060 6gb want it for competitive gaming interested in a 27inch rn
  10. I am looking to get a 240hz monitor and was wondering how much inchs to get i want a big monitor but heard some inchs dont work well its weird please help
  11. one of my friends called me up and they have a issue apparently there laptop screen wont turn on but keyboard does and the screen only turns on when the laptop is about to die any ideas? please help
  12. sorry i was tired when i write it hopefully that makes it easier for you, I used DDU and reinstalled my drivers and i have reinstalled ghost recon twice one on each drive once on m.2 and other time on 4tb hdd, I will reinstall it tonight because i noticed black flag was running much better all asudden running better so i am going to reinstall ghost recon tonight and give it a third try, case is pretty clean i built it myself roughly 5 months ago and i open it up alot to work on it so dust wise is fine and looking at the temperatures using hwmonitor says everything is a solid fine 60-80, i have noticed recently sometimes my computer randomly lags and looking at task manager just then when it happened said it is using 5,047.1mbs power usage very high and at the bottom left after clicked it says restart not end task at this rate i am starting to think i might need to do a full reset or something and when ghost recon downloads give it another run, with the windows event viewer i have critical, error and warnings posting screenshot.
  13. issue 1: I noticed recently my computer randomly freezes for a sec in certain things i first noticed it in bios it freezes for about a second or 2 and assassins creed black flag does it aswell just for a quick second instead. issue 2: I dont know if this is related but ghost recon wildlands gpu usage goes from 10% to 90% usage rapidly per second. issue 3: My windows is installed on a 500gb 960 evo m.2 and got storemi on my 4tb hdd for 4gb cache only and when i open it it says number of fuzedrive = 1 in the system exceeds the license maximum number of tdrives = 0 dont know if thats related to anything either plz help. My pc specs are. gtx 1060 6gb, asus prime x470, ryzen 7 2700x, 500gb 960 evo m.2, 4x8gb 2666 (oc to 3200) ddr4 ram and 4tb hdd.
  14. Hello i was interested in getting a M.2 SSD with a adapter for it but i have read up on places some motherboards might not support it so would my M3910 work with it? help please thank you.