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  1. think of the 9700k v 8700k like an 8600k v a 7700k its basically the same performance gap for the other CPUs so how ever much the difference is from the 8600k and the 7700k its probably very close to the difference between the 8700k and 9700k
  2. well the clock speed of those cores and threads comes into this as well so this doesnt really give us all the info we need
  3. are you asking if it will be a good quality PSU? because... yeah...
  4. i bought a new motherboard the gigabyte aorus gaming pro wifi B450, and it worked just fine in that board, it also looks nicer than the MSI board i had
  5. I have an MSI B450 gaming pro and it does the same with 2 ryzen 3 2200g I've gotten
  6. Yes you should only need the 8pin CPU power the extra 4pin isn't really necessary, otherwise what else can you tell me that's not enough information
  7. Yes, I even RTFM to make sure Just gonna try a new board, and if that doesn't work a new CPU too, at least it's all under warranty and return policy still
  8. Standoffs 9 to be exact And it's not shorting because it turns on stays on, just nothing happens, screens black like I never plugged it in, keyboard dark and not lighting up, same for the mouse, the motherboard LEDs turn on and stay on until I turn the system off by the power button or switch either work
  9. Meh I'll just return it to Amazon and have them send me a replacement, be faster anyways Okay so I have an run 7979 GHz that isn't in the system I've been plugged into the motherboard for first boot ( like always) and it turns on then, the debug LED immidietly turns red next to the CPU lable, and the PSU is Corsair cx600 that I used from an old build I've checked the board and CPU for physical defects couldn't see anything wrong
  10. It's Corsair vengeance LPX 2400 but I've had this kit running in my Intel system overclocked at 3000mhz PSU is Corsair CX600 GPU is an r7 7970 GHZ ( not using right now because I wanted to see how the Vega gpu did, and I've tested it again on my Intel system ) a 256gb SSD from Kingston And a WiFi card, also not in the system right now
  11. It's an MSI b450 gaming pro " with ryzen 2nd gen support" on the box and I never said my CPU was used in multiple boards no idea where that guy found that info And on the back of the box it explicitly lists the ryzen APUs
  12. I had this PSU running an overclocks i7 and 1080 it's not the PSU, if anything it's the board or the CPU, and since you can only install a ryzen processor in one direction and having now gone through 2 CPU I think it's the board but I wanted to ask you people first What? Are you suggesting that AMDs QA killed the CPU and they just shipped it anyways? What are you even saying? I just bought this brand new off amazon, twice not refurbished, they fact that it's been quality assurance tested isn't going to risk killing the CPU
  13. Yes I even went out of my way to use the instructions just to make sure unless AMDs video has bad instructions , also it's two triangles it's not hard
  14. So I wanted to build my brother a PC for Christmas and I went with a ryzen 3 2200g and a B450 motherboard from MSI, long story short the first R3 I got the motherboard debug LEDs said CPU error, so I returned it and got a new one and the board still shows CPU error, I've tried using the bios flash button and everything checked all the cables, it turns on, but no output, my keyboard doesn't light up and the monitor displays no signal Any got any ideas what the fuck is wrong here? This is like I said the 2nd ryzen CPU I've tried with this board both gave me the same error, do I just need a different board? I thought all the b450 and x470 boards are ryzen 2 ready out of the box???
  15. Agreed, but don't always assume the highest W/mK is better because each company that produces thermal paste tests their W/mK differently so it's hard to compare them directly
  16. Take my anecdotal evidence that those pads are everything they're cracked up to be, I bought the 40x40 for my Intel CPU and cut it to 30x30 when I realized it was too big, but either way I've remounted my cooler atleast 20 or more times with this same pad under it, at one point I had kapton tape on the edge to hold it in place and I would not recommend that for a couple reasons one you don't need to do it, and two it will remove material from the graphite pad, but over all highly impressed with the pads
  17. I didn't think people bought aeronaugt from some things I heard
  18. What one? I listed kyro and hydronaugt and liquid metal
  19. Nogghan


    Well the only reason I'd use a 120mm AIO is for converting a GPU to liquid cokling, but still probably get a 240 if you can spare the room, I just usually see people who add an AIO to their GPUs usually place the 120 rad as exhaust
  20. Just curious what kind is the most popular, I listed some of the more popular pastes I've heard of. If it's not on the list please comment below what paste you use You can also choose more than one
  21. Came with a motherboard I'm not gonna use it I've already got custom cables so if anyone else wants it here it is first come first serve only one
  22. there are apparently more problems than just the lack of ray tracing, the 20 series cards seem to have a myriad of issues from driver install BSODs to actually dead cards
  23. you either need more thermal paste, need to reseat the cooler and ensure its not blocked on something, or you might need to delid it because it might have thermalpaste issues on the DIE
  24. *update* as far as i can tell this most recent patch has fixed the issue, thanks to everyone who replied